Tuesday, June 2, 2009



Hi there ladies!! Quick post for you tonight! Sorry I am just now getting this up for you and sorry I am SO lame!! The twins are sick and Kali is being, well..... EXTRA fussy today! Neither of them really got a nap. So...here we are; here we are with NO creation for you! I wanted to post this FANTASTIC challenge for you though! As you know, today is TWINKLING TUESDAY!!! Now..this week we have a TEMPORARY TWINKLER and he is none other than our AWESOME, BONNIE's son, JAMESON!! This was a VERY unique challenge and it is SO wonderful, the thought Jameson put into this!! Thanks SO much Jameson!! If you all have time, make sure to visit the Madelynn's Twinkling Tuesday blog and the rest of the Twinkle Team!! You can find the TWINKLETTES links on my sidebar! Hope you'll play along and if you do? Make sure to label your creation MTTSC25, so we can take a peek!! Have a GREAT night and I hope you get MORE sleep than I will. That is, if last night was ANY indication!! Thank you for stopping by, it means SO much to me!! I will TRY to come back with my version of the challenge!! ENJOY LIFE!!

Here is a synopsis of Suki’s Kimono

Suki is a young Japanese-Canadian girl who loves learning about her heritage from her grandmother. Her grandmother gave her a kimono and her first time wearing it was to a summer street festival where they ate traditional food, listened to music and performed a graceful circle dance with other dancers. When school starts in the fall, Suki insists on wearing her favourite thing the first day, her kimono and Japanese wooden clogs called geta, despite her sisters who say she will look weird, insist she needs something cool to wear and walk ahead of her all the way to school. The other children make fun of her too, calling her clothes funny and saying her beautiful, full sleeves make her look like a bat! When the first-grade teacher asks the children to introduce themselves and explain what they did that summer, not only does Suki tell the other kids about her kimono, geta and the festival, she even shows them the dance. The kids start out teasing her but as they watch her dance, they become quiet and even clap after she is done.
Since I noticed on a couple of blogs last time that our previous inspiration challenge was a bit too challenging (Mickey and Minnie), I thought I might give a few ideas this time. 1. Watercolour (like the illustrations) 2. Anything Asian, especially Japanese 3. Use the colours from her kimono, her grandmother’s kimono or any of the illustrations as inspiration 4. The relationship between an older person and a child 5. Any card that shows one element standing out as different from the rest of the card. I’ve seen cards with several circle punchies, all the same with a single bright-coloured/patterned one; all circles/squares with one flower or butterfly; all uncoloured flowers with a single one coloured in, etc. 6. Dancing 7. Colour a girl stamp to look like Suki 8. Paper piece a kimono on a girl stamp. I hope that helps.
Rebecca (and Jameson)


Randi said...

Very cool challenge!

Rebecca Ednie said...

SOrry your kids were sick and you couldn't play. But Jameson understands. thanks for posting the challenge. You don't have to fix it or anything but Bonnie's kids are all grown up I think! Lol

Heather Schlatter said...


I am so sorry you have not been feeling well lately!!! Taking care of sick kiddo's and then having a sick Mommy too!!! That is the worst, and unfortunetly us Mommies do not get any sick days!!! What is wrong with that it should be written into our contract or somthing like that!!! LOL!!!