Friday, June 26, 2009


Howdy Partner!!! How y'all doin?? Alright, as promised, I am back with a creation!! I'll betcha' you didn't know that later was THIS late!! Haha!! Well, it is after midnight here, not sure how late it is where you are!! Hope you are still awake!! Or, maybe, as luck would have are just waking up!! Haha!! I wanted to share with you all, the creation I made, with the Weiman Wranglers!! I know you are ALL looking at it and thinking......this is a girl card?? Why yes!! Yes it is!! I know that all the WONDERFUL creations I have seen, with this set, were made in GIRLY colors!! However, in my house?? My girls wear a LOT of blues, to match their PRETTY eyes!! So......although this card is in honor of Ethan and his family?? It was also made with my girls in mind!! And....when I think of them? I think blue!! Besides....This is the paper I had out, when I started coloring this image!! However, again!! Haha! You should see the paper I received today!! Man-O-Man!!! Are you going to LOVE it!! I promise!! If I hadn't already started this little gal? I would have changed direction!! I will have to share it with you!! Alrighty....I hope you went and purchased this AWESOME Digi set!! The proceeds DO go to such a GREAT cause!! If you haven't gotten yours? What are you waiting for!! GO!! Enjoy my card and ENJOY LIFE!!! 'Till next time.....Thanks for stopping by and y'all come back now...ya hear???? Sorry, couldn't resist!!


Diane Duda said...

Hi Jacquie! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.
Yes, I am from just outside of Pittsburgh...Home to the World Champion Pittsburgh Penguins and Steelers! :0
As you may know, I'm brand new to this whole stamping world, but it looks like you really know the ropes. haha! It's a great card and I think the blue is just perfect!!!


Brandi said...

Jacquie this is adorable! I love all the blues. Have a Fabulous Friday!



Valerie said...

Hello Jacquie!

I'm doing great! thanks for always leaving me love on my blog..your so sweet!

Love your card with the little cowgirl!