Wednesday, September 30, 2009



Ok......I just had to stop in quick and share this with you!!! I was just SO excited!! I made this bag with my NEW Cricut and my NEW Pink Cat Studio Digi Stamp!! This is Bitty Betty Witch! Isn't she CUTE? read that right!!! PCS has gone DIGI!! Well.....somewhat! Haha!! Although they will still have their AWESOME grey rubber stamps, they now have a NEW Digi Store!!!! WOOHOO!! I just LOVE the Digi's!! How can you not!! Instant gratification!! Anyway, I am getting off the subject!! I just wanted to share the bag I made with my Cricut!! Oh....did I mention I WON this image in the Pink Cat Studio Blinkie Contest? I did!! Again, how AWESOME!! Alright, have to stop blabbering!! see ya all later tonight!! Have a GREAT evening, until then!!! ENJOY LIFE!

Hey there! How are you? SO sorry I didn't make it back here yesterday!! Or....was it the other day? Haha!! I was having ISSUES with my internet service!! ARGH!! Hate when that happens! Anyway, stopping by today to share my Whimsical Wednesday creation with you!!! I am VERY pleased with how it turned out!! I used the NEW, soon to be released, KNITTING NANCY!!! She is a NEW Digi, from SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS, coming to you on October 1st!!! AND? She fit PERFECTLY with this week's sketch! This week's Sketch is brought to you by JACK!!! SON of the AWESOME Jess!! He had a GOOD one for us this week!!! I am tellin' ya, these Diedrich Dare's are WAY fun!!!! Guess what? Next week? We will have a SURPRISE for you!!! How about a prize!! WOOHOO!!! So, this week you should play along.........for practice even!! Haha!! Heck...this sketch ROCKS!! Do it for the fun of it!! When you upload your pic? Label it DDSC4, so we can find it!! Go ahead I DARE you!! Ok......don't forget to check out the rest of the Daredevils!!! I have listed our participants below!!! Have an AWESOME Wednesday!! I have another one for you and will be back later, I promise, with a VERY special creation!! Thanks for visiting!!!
The Daredevils!
Jessica Diedrich
Cassie Larson
Darla Wilson
Heather Schlatter
Kim Ross
Lisa Slusser
Rebecca Ednie
Taylor Usry
Lisa Hjulberg

Monday, September 28, 2009

WITH SYMPATHY......................

Happy Monday Morning to you all!! How was your weekend? I actually have a VERVE creation for you today! I REALLY like using their sentiments, but, today I actually used 2 different sets and my WHOLE creation is VERVE!! YAY!! I LOVE how beautiful their sayings are and their images! I must go to work today, so sorry this is brief! I made this LOVELY card for the Doctor I work for. She had a death in the family and I thought this would be PERFECT, for letting her know my prayers were with her! I will see you this evening, after Brownies!! Haha!! This is our first meeting, for the school year!! Kyah is SO excited!! So....I will see you later tonight for some SASSINESS!!! I have an AWESOME sneak for you!!! Wait 'till you see!! WOOHOO!! Ok.....have an AWESOME day and thanks SO much for stopping by!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Well, at least in our part of the world! Haha! I know some of you may not have the same, "FALL" as we do. Here we get the true meaning of it!! The changing leaves , the fall- smelling air, and the crisp mornings! Now, are you all laughing at me, about the Fall-smelling air? Some people laugh at me and say....."What are you talking about"?, "The smell of the air"? Really?.............REALLY!!! I LOVE it!!! it has that distinct smell, that's Fall!!! School is here! Get ready for the hay rides!! Ever since I was a kid, I could smell that change of seasons, in the air!! AWESOME!! Try it sometime, you will see what I mean!! Kinda like, stop and smell the coffee? Well.......stop and smell the air!!! Haha!!
Ok.......since we are talking about Fall? I wanted to share a sneaky peek with you!! This creation was made using a NEW image from SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!!! The image is called, Falling Leaves, and is due out October 1st!!! WOW, October already! Hey...that is QUICKLY approaching!! As ALWAYS, Lindsay has out done herself!! The AWESOMENESS of these Sassy images is AMAZING!!!! I know, I know...that was a mouth full!! What can I is SO true!!! Lindsay has LOTS of new ones in store for you!!! So.......hope you will join us for the upcoming SNEAKS and for this release!! I will have more deets to come, stay-tuned!!!! Alrighty, off to clean up a bit!! Gee, my favorite thing!!! Ok.....NOT! See you tomorrow, for another SNEAK!!! Don't forget to visit the rest of the SASSY 7!! You know they have some SASSINESS for you!!! have a FABULOUS day and ENJOY LIFE!!!
****What do you think? I tried to change up the colors on ya!! Haha!! I was stuck on those Oranges!! I LOVE these colors!! I used a NEW DCWV paper stack, called Latte!!! Hope you like!!

The SASSY 7!

Valerie Urtiaga
Deb Kapsiotis
Cassie Knox
Lelia Pierce
Margie Cortina
Piali Biswas

***OMGosh!! I almost forgot!! If you have been following me, you have read my last several posts! Did you guess what gadget I got? You guessed it!! I got a Cricut!!! WOOHOO!!! Almost forgot to share that with you!!! K......I'm done!!! Haha!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hey all!! How are ya ? I have my man Ian for ya today!! I just LOVE this set! It is THE best!! Imagine how many "GUY" cards you could make with this set!! AWESOME!!! AND? I think I am stuck on these colors gals! I am definitely in fall mode!! I got to use the My Mind's Eye, Complete Boy, paper pad!! If you have guys in your life? Wait....what am I saying? You have guys in your life!! Whether you have a Brother, Father, Nephew, or Son? This set ROCKS!! You will SO be able to use it!! SO fun to color these guys too!! On that note, I have a bit of SAD news to share with you all!! I mean TOTALLY bummin' news!! Today is my last and final post on the CLUB ANYA blog!! My DT term will be finished, at the end of this month, for CLUB ANYA and THE GREETING FARM! Which is coming FAST!! BOOHOO!!! *sniffle-sniffle*! I'll tell ya', what an HONOR to be a part of that team!! EACH and every one of those girls are SO super talented!! Not to mention, SO super nice too!!! Encouraging? NO question! AND? Marie? Forget about it!! She is The Cat's Meow!! For certain!! WHo can honestly get to say they play with THE coolest stamps.....EVER??!! She is AMAZINGLY talented! Then there is JESS!! Uh...HELLO? Words cannot describe how SPECIAL, ONE OF A KIND, AWESOMATED she is!! Then?.........Let's not forget........ALL of you!! The ANYA fans!! You guys.....well?........You guys ROCK!!! Now........I know I am getting carried away and I know I have a couple more days left, but,......HEY!....what can I say!!?? .......................................How about........THANK YOU!!
Enough said!! Have a FABULOUS day and I will see you tomorrow!! I have a SASSY Sneak for you!!! Oh......did you guess what gadget I got?? I'll tell ya tomorrow!! I promise!! I like to keep you guessing! LOTS to do today.....see ya!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!


You know what they apple a day!! Haha!! How appropriate, huh? Just wanted to say, again, THANK YOU so much for your get well wishes!!! They TRULY meant ALOT!!! Hope you all are well!! Make sure to eat your apples and drink plenty of OJ!! Haha!! You don't want to end up, off the map, like I was!!
OK, as I had mentioned yesterday, I got a NEW gadget!!! One that I NEVER thought I would get! Since I went back to work, Eric asked if I had wanted anything with my FIRST paycheck. I said not really, then I saw the ad!!!! It was ALL over! So.......I told Eric....THIS is what I want! Figuring that it would NOT be in the budget! Guess what ladies??! He said.......OK!! BUT......that's is for big items, for back in that stamp area!!!! We DO need to be practical!! Haha!!! SO.......that was Saturday night; the ad started on Sunday! Guess who got up early and was at the store, SICK and all, 5 minutes after they opened???? Yepper, yours truly!!! Haha!! If my husband says, get it? We?........GET IT!!!! Stuffy head or no stuffy head!! You are THERE!! WOOHOO!!! My husband SO rocks!! Granted......I earned the money? BUT.....let's face today's economy? With 3 kids?? Hello? Big ticket items are NOT in the budget!!!! Let alone an option! My paycheck is meant to help out!!! Next one, he said!! YAY!!!!
I leave you with this FALL creation!! I got to try out my NEW toy and play with my NEW Miss Candy Apple image, from SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!! Isn't she GREAT? She will also go GREAT with Carmel Apple card scent, from SASSY STUDIOS!!! YAY!!! I have to go and get Kyah off to school!! Thanks SO much for visiting with me today!! I believe tomorrow I will be ready to post a schedule again!! Have an AWESOME day!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

**Hey, I almost forgot, can you guess what NEW gadget I got??
**Don't forget about the Farmer's Market, going on over at The Greeting Farm, today's the day!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Do you DARE?? Haha! Hey!! I am here!! YAY!! I have missed you guys!! Although I am NOT 100%, I was able to create a little bit!! Thank goodness, since it it WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY!!! I just LOVE these challenges!! The Diedrich gang, sure can come up with some GREAT ones!! Madelynn is SO creative!! FIRST, I would like to give a shout out to our newest DAREDEVIL, Lisa Hjulberg!! We are SO excited to have her and her talent, join our team!! Welcome, Lisa!! OK, I hope you can play along this week! See, ........if I can get up enough energy? You can too!!! I KNOW it!! DOn't forget to visit the WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAYS blog!! There you can visit with our featured stamper, Heather, and link your creation!! We want to be able to find it!! This week you will want to use the label, DDSC3!!! Our challenge this week, is a color challenge!! See? ..... I told you, you could do it!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!! Now, I was able to create another for you, but, I will share that tomorrow!! Remember I hinted at a NEW gadget? WOOHOO!! The creation, I have for tomorrow, incorporates this NEW gadget!! Can't wait to share it with you!!! Thanks SO much for stopping by and NOT forgetting about me, while I was off the map!!! I also want to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH, for all the well wishes!!!! It really made my day to see them!!! Have a FABULOUS Wednesday!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!

**I just LOVE this 80's Anya, from THE GREETING FARM!!! Don't you? If you didn't get yours, hurry over there, she is a LIMITED EDITION!!! OK, now.........go visit the rest of the DAREDEVILS!!!


Monday, September 21, 2009

OUT OF SORTS..........

That has been me, for the past few days!! I apologize for not having anything for you, as scheduled!! As you can see, I have taken the dates off the schedule for now!!! I SO hate to disappoint, ya know? To have it scheduled and not follow thru? Is SO not me!! Therefore, you will not see a schedule until I am back to 100%!! Deal? I am going to TRY and create a bit this evening, we will see how that goes!! I get to my desk? AND? Instead of my paper and such going on the desk? My HEAD does!! Haha!! I would really LOVE to make something, so we shall see!! I haven't had much energy lately and would become DRAINED,a t the drop of a sippy cup!!! Haha!! It seems, as luck would have it, my LOVELY children decided to share there cold with me!! Although, I do believe it is a cross between the sicky's and allergies, for sure!! I always have a TAD more energy mid-day, then as evening comes, I peter out!!! I have GRAND aspirations, of what I am going to make and it never comes to pass!!! I get SO bummed!!! I have a few NEW images to share, a few NEW DP's, and biggest of all? A NEW toy to share with you all!! I am SO excited!! Be on the lookout!! I will make sure to share that FIRST!!! Thank you SO much for stopping by to visit !! I THANK YOU for your ANNIVERSARY wishes, they TRULY meant a GREAT deal!! Ok, I must get my LOVELY children fed, so I can rest a bit!! You guys are THE BEST!!! Hope you and your families are well!!! I will hope to see you tonight!! Can't wait to get around and see what all of you have been up to!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

CHILL OUT.........

Well, I believe that is what we are doing here!! It is starting to feel a BIT like fall!! What's it like where you are? So.....any BIG plans for the weekend? I actually DO!! Haha!! Doesn't happen VERY often anymore, but, this weekend? We do!! Today is our anniversary, mine and my hubby's!! WOOHOO!!! Today is 10 yrs that we have been married and 16 yrs that we have been together!! WOW!!! Funny how time sneaks up on you like that, isn't it? I would have never imagined!! So.......Eric is taking me out to dinner and a movie!! YAY!! Although, there really weren't a whole lot of choices it seemed! What would you see? Any recommendations? are you? I didn't ask that yet!! My Kali seems to be getting this croup thing full boar now! She is more congested and is laying here on the kitchen floor! Not like her! that I am typing? She is singing! Haha!! Maybe she is just tired!! I was able to give some of my stamping stuff a NEW home and in return? I was able to get some NEW Copics!!! YAY!! Gotta LOVE that!! I ordered some fallish colors, or what I thought might be some. They aren't exactly? However, when you blend them with some others? They will work out, just fine!! I decided to color, Back To School Brittany, from SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!! I think Lindsay's images are AWESOME!! She is SO super talented!! PLUS? These images are yours, INSTANTLY!!! No waiting on the mail lady or UPS dude!!! THAT? You gotta LOVE, for sure!! I hope you all have a FABULOUS day!! I will be back tomorrow! I listed the JAVABLU SCHEDULE, for the next few days!! Hope you will check it out!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!
**PS. I LOVE this paper, from Basic Grey, and would LOVE to find more of it!! I cannot find any, for it is from last year!! BOOHOO!! *sniffle* So, if you know where I might find some? I would LOVE to know!! You know me and DP!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


AND THE WINNER IS...................................

NUMBER 7!!! (per

Blogger Scrap2day said...

This card rocks! Awesome image and awesome design! I love the new release!

September 15, 2009 9:06 AM

Please email me at so I can get your image to you!!

** Thank you to everyone, who left a comment!! Glad you enjoyed the hop!!


Good Morning to you all!!! Thank you SO much for stopping by!! Sorry this is a TAD late getting up here for you!! It seems I have a SICK child!!!! My 2 1/2 yr old, Kali, has a BIT if croup!!! Well.....if you are familiar with this, as I am sure you are, You know she can get up randomly thru the night!!! Choking and coughing that is!!! So.....we took many a trip imto the HOT steamy bathroom!! Haha!! Thank goodness, I have been thru this with my 7yr old, Kyah, or I would be one big PANIC ball!!! Haha!! SCARY!!!! For sure!! didn't come her to hear all that, huh?? Did ya?
It is WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY!!!! Woohoo!! That means it is time for the DIEDRICH DARE!! Wait until you see this one!! Madelynn had a GOOD one for us this week!!! Now, I must apologize to Madelynn, I do NOT have the tools to make a SHAPED card!!! Therefore? I followed it as CLOSE as I could!! Hope she likes it!!! Hope all of you do too!! AND? I hope you will play along!!! Make sure to label your creations DDSC2, when you upload them, so we can find them!! will want to link it to the Whimsical Wednesdays Blog too!! AND? When you are there? Leave some LOVE for our FEATURED DAREDEVIL, Sandra McLean!! She is SO talented, she is DA BOMB!!! I am sure she has a shaped card!! Haha!! I can't wait to see what you create!! Speaking of create? You will want to check out the rest of the Daredevils creations!! Major talent there ladies!! Alrighty......Kali is up and off I go!!! Thanks for visiting with me and have an AWESOME WEDNESDAY!!! I will be back tomorrow, with another creations to share and a NEW SCHEDULE!!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!
**YAY!! I finally got to use my Unity Tree!!! I just LOVE it!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hey there Sassy Sisters!! How are you? is the day!!! WOOHOO!!! It's the Halloween release, over at SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!!!! YAY!! These images are AWESOME!! I LOVE them!!! I am sure you will find something that catches your eye too!! Since I LOVE kitty's? This is my FAVE!!! Although....there are a few, VERY close seconds!!! Haha!! Lindsay really makes it hard to choose!!!!

SO, if you came here, Trick or Treating??? I have a TRICK for you!!! YAY!!! My TRICK for you, is to WIN one of these SASSY, Miss Kitty Digi's!!! How spooktacular is that? All you have to do, is leave me a comment!! You have until midnight!!! I will draw a random winner, using, and post it tomorrow!!! I just LOVE sharing!!! AND?? I just LOVE Trick or Treaters!!!

Well, I hope you all can join us for our Halloween Party!!! Halloween release party, that is!! We will be partying it up, over at the SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS, PCP page!!! Don't miss it, we will be there at 4pm PST!!! We are going to have a BLAST!!! Now, make sure to continue your TRICK or TREATING route and visit the rest of the Sassy Girls, including Miss Lindsay herself!! You never know what you will get, while visiting them!! Will it be a TRICK? or......Will it be a TREAT???? You never know, until you go! Have fun!!! NEED to make a stop at the SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS blog too, for you will be in for a huge TREAT!!!! Wonder what it is?? Hmmmm! See you later today!!! Have an AWESOME Tuesday!!! Thanks so much for coming by!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

**Don't forget your collector's blinkie!!!!


Sassy Studio Designs
Lindsay Dyer
Valerie Urtiaga
Cassie Knox
Lelia Pierce
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Sunday, September 13, 2009



Hey there ladies!! Back again, with a TREAT for you!! I have another SASSY creation to share with you!! I am just on a roll!! WOOHOO!! I LOVE coloring these Digi's!! You may have seen her before, but, this is the EVIL SORCERESS!! She was created by the AWESOMATED Lindsay, of SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!! Is this image NOT, fabulous?? I ask you!! Wait until you see the rest of the NEW releases!! You will be in LOVE, for sure!!! When I made this creation, I used the Halloween K&CO paper pad I have!! These DP's are GREAT for halloween!! AND? I had been just dying to use that pumpkin strip I got!!! I was SO thrilled, when I found it!!! Only a DOLLAR too!! Gotta LOVE that!! Just like you GOTTA love these images!! These DIGI'S? ROCK!!! Instant gratification!! How can you go wrong with that?? Don't forget, these Digi's will be available on the 15th, at SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!! Oh....and make sure to check out the SSD blog for ALL the details, on our release party!! You know we ALWAYS have specials lined up for you!! OK........I will be back with more, maybe a late night post for you!! Haha!! Thanks for stopping by, again!! Have an AWESOME day!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

Valerie Urtiaga
Deb Kapsiotis
Jen Young
Lelia Pierce
Margie Cortina
Piali Biswas


You TOTALLY are NOT serious!! Yes, yes we are!! Haha!! Happy Sunday all!! Thanks for stopping in!! I REALLY appreciate it!! Like....Totally!! So....what are you thinking right now? Do any of those words, bring back memories? Really? You aren't sure? Here, let me give you a bit more to ponder! Think....HUGE shoulder pads! Think......BRIGHT blue eyeshadow! Think.......HUMONGOUS bangs! about...ET or Guns and Roses? Anything? Not even....Miami Vice? OK...let me help you out with this!!

I present to you...the TOTALLY awesome.......80's Anya!! WOOHOO!!! Another RAD one, by The Greeting Farm!! AND? You can pick her up, in the Valley, on the 15th! Get it? Valley girl? Alright...I'll stop!!! You just gotta LOVE this girl, Anya, that is STUCK in the 80's!! As I like to put it!! You know that saying don't you? I feel like i use that a LOT!! There are SO many of us who are! Ya know? I'd like to think I have moved on! My husbands x-wife? Not so much!! Haha!! Ok...that wasn't nice Jacquie!! BUT...seriously! She is a very nice person!! I guess not everyone can have spiked, messed up hair like mine!! Right? Maybe some would say that, I have NOT grown up? All depends on how you look at it!! Haha!! Anyway, I LOVE that saying...."Stuck in the 80's"! And...that my friends? Is where This Anya is!!! Alright, I just had to share that with you!! Hope you like my creation and I hope you will visit the rest of TEAM ANYA, for some more TOTALLY RAD eye candy!!! You know they have some for you!! Have an AWESOME day and I will see you later with some SASSINESS!!! ENJOY LIFE!!

Jessica Diedrich, Club VP/DT Coordinator
Janna Hull
Kristine Moldenhauer Biseth
Traci Porter
Rosette Camilleri

**PS. If you have a moment, check out my KITTY, below!!

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Here Kitty, Kitty!! Haha!! I am baaaaack!!! As you ALL should know, I LOVE cats!! I have 3 of them, after all!! Not to mention the countless strays I feed!! Haha!! Well, this NEW image, could NOT be any more appropriate for me!! Without a doubt!! You are SO going to LOVE this next release, from SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!! WOOHOO!! SO many AWESOME Halloween DIGI'S!! You won't know how to decide!! Then again.....with how reasonable they are? Why decide?? You just might have to get them ALL!!! Haha!! Alright........without further babble? I give you.................


Isn't she GREAT!! Talk about a SASSY Kitty!!! She can be yours, on the 15th!! Thanks for stopping back and make sure to stop in tomorrow! I will have LOTS more to share!! Have an AWESOME evening!! ENJOY LIFE!!

***Don't forget to visit the rest of the SASSY 7!!!
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MY GUY!!!!

My Guy Ian that is!! WOOHOO!! How are you this rainy Saturday?? Well.....hopefully it is sunny where you are!!! What's new?? Anything? Huh,.....I have something NEW for you!!! It is MY GUY IAN!!! Brought to you by, CLUB ANYA and THE GREETING FARM!! YAY!! You all asked for it!! Now Miss Anya has a friend!!! A MALE friend, for that matter!! How exciting!! Haha!! And you thought Ian was cute!! Check out Mr. Ian, would you!! This set is a MUST have for sure!! If you haven't visited the Club Anya blog, here is my creation to share!! I LOVE how this turned out!! Will you check out the coloring?? Again I say, YAY!! I have SO been practicing and I SO LOVE to color, I must say!! Hehe!! DOn't forget to check out the rest of TEAM ANYA for some more AWESOME coloring!!! Let me tell you....those ladies?? Now...THEY can color!!! WOW!! OK....I am off to feed some kids. Then? Color some more!! haha!! So glad you stopped by for a visit and I hope to see you later!! I would LOVE to hear what you think!! I will be back later today, with not one, but TWO Sassy creations!!! I mean....I DO have to make up for yesterday!!! Right??.......RIGHT!!! Haha!! Until later?? ENJOY LIFE!!!!



Jessica Diedrich, Club VP/DT Coordinator
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Kristine Moldenhauer Biseth
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Friday, September 11, 2009

IT'S AN HONOR..................

To be sharing this SNEAK, with you!! It has been such an honor to be a part of the FIRST ever, TEAM ANYA!!! Marie and Jess are such AWESOME girls to work with, along with the rest of my team!!! The images we have had to work with??? Hello? Can we say.......AMAZING!!! Oh my....and Marie just keeps them coming!! How could ANYONE possibly decide which ones they want? Heck......I HAVE to have them ALL!!! Haha!! Anyway......I just wanted to say THANK YOU for including me, on your team!!! I am SO sad that this is my LAST release party with you all!!! Ok........I am tearing up here ladies!!! AND??? Babbling again!!! Imagine that!!! Alright! The set I am previewing for you today, due out on the 15th, has to be one of my ALL time FAVES!!! Seriously!!! Here is why!
A few years ago, when I got back into stamping again, I learned that SU had put out a Girl Scout set. Now......I know I should NOT be mentioning another company here, but, you HAVE to understand, just HOW excited I truly am!! OK, By the time I had gotten back into the groove, it had been retired for some time!! Well, when my daughter went into Kindergarten, I became a Girl Scout leader and knew I NEEDED this set!! Let's put it this way, IF you could find it?? You could NOT afford it!!!!!!! Those lucky women who were fortunate enough to have it? Wanted 75$ or more for it!!! Hello?? I ask you......WHO has that kind of money to spend on ONE stamp set???? Let alone, when you have kids!! want this stamp set, because you HAVE a daughter. However, because you have a GS daughter (and other kids), you can't afford to spend that. At least JUSTIFY spending that!! Haha!! Needless to say.......I did NOT get the Girl Scout set!!!!!
Sooooooo, imagine my HUGE surprise, when I saw this set!!!! OMWord!!! This set is 10000000, trillion times CUTER than the other set!!! WAY BETTER!! Not to mention, it incorporates Girl Scouts AND Boy Scouts!! YAY!! Now that I have a boy too?? PERFECT!!! I just have to give a GINORMOUS shout out to Marie for this!!!! THANK YOU MARIE!!! I LOVE this set!! Hehe!! Ok.......I am done!! I babbled again, didn't I!! What can I say?? It had to be done!!!
Without further is my preview of The Cute Troop!!! Brought to you, as if you hadn't figured out by now, Club Anya and The Greeting Farm!!! Haha! Hope you like my creation!! I'll see you back here later this evening for another Sassy post!!! Thank you SO much for reading my LITTLE story and for stopping by!!! Have an AWESOME day!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!**Now make sure to check out the rest of the team for more AWESOMATED Sneaks!!!


Jessica Diedrich, Club VP/DT Coordinator
Janna Hull
Kristine Moldenhauer Biseth
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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hey there Sassy Sisters!! How are you? Hope all is well in your part of town!!! I wanted to stop by and share a challenge with you! If you haven't stopped by the Sassy Studio Designs blog, you will want to!! We are having a Halloween Color challenge!! As I am sure you have already guessed, the challenge is to use the colors Black, Orange, Green, and Purple with ANY Sassy image!! You can do that right?? There are SO many AWESOME ones to choose from! What fun!!! The lucky winner of this challenge will win any 2 digi images of their choice! You will have until Sept. 16th at midnight PST to play. Make sure to visit the Sassy Blog, to link your creation and find out ALL the deets!!! I just can't wait to see what you all come up with!! Halloween cards are THE BEST!!, I have updated the schedule, along my left hand sidebar!! YAY!! Hope you can come back for a visit!! Thanks SO much for stopping by and I REALLY look forward to your comments!! Have an AWESOME day!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

**Check out this EVIL SOCERESS!!! Isn't she WICKED?? I LOVE her!!! You HAVE to visit the rest of the SASSY 7!! They will be sure to have some creations to share, as well!!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


To play along, that is!! Hey!!! How are you all? Long time no see, huh? Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! So.....I bet you are wondering what the DARE is all about! Well......if you will take notice, along the left hand sidebar? The, "Twinkling Tuesdays", badge is missing! AND?? Here is the deal!!
You all should know who Jess is, right? She is The Whimsical Butterfly? Anyway, her daughter Madelynn was our sketch artist, for Madelynn's Twinkling Tuesdays? Hence.....the name. Well.......every now and then, her brothers would be our GUEST sketch artists. I should also point out, that we took the summer off. While we were off for the summer, the boys decided they wanted to be in on the fun. Thus? Whimsical Wednesdays: The Diedrich Dare, was born!! WOOHOO!! How AWESOME is that? SOOOOOOOO, we are back and better than ever!!! Complete with a NEW name and a NEW badge!!! I hope you will join us today and in the weeks to come!! These Diedrich kids can come up with some doozies!! Let me tell you!! I have the FIRST sketch challenge, from the Diedrich Dare!!! I hope you are able to play along!! When you do? Make sure to label your creation DDSC1, when you upload to any online galleries!! We would LOVE to find it!! WAIT a minute......You are going to want us to find it, for sure!! Because???
Along with our NEW blog and challenges? We will be having SPONSORS!!! YAY!!! Once a month you will have a chance to win!! You will want to play along!! You never know when you could win!! This week's FIRST challenge, is being sponsored by the AWESOMATED Marie!! Oh...sorry...Marie from The Greeting Farm!! She and Jess are offering the NEW Whimsical Wishes stamp set. You will have to visit the NEW Whimsical Wednesdays blog, for ALL the deets!! WOOHOO, thanks Marie and JEss!! What fun!!
Ok...a little lengthy, I know!! Just SO much to share and explain!! Check out the rest of The Daredevils, below!! They will have LOTS more for you to see!!
Thanks for stopping by and reading my WHOLE post!! Haha!! I will see you tomorrow, with a SASSY SNEAK!! I will also have a NEW schedule for you!!! Take care!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

**Our Sketch!

**My Daredevil creation!!!****The Daredevils!!!

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Thursday, September 3, 2009


Hey! I'm baaaaack!! How was your day? Hope it was FANTABULOUS!!! Haha!! I have a quick one for you this time!! AND? Hey.....I'm awake!!! I had SO much fun, last week, playing the Little Paper Shop Challenge! That I had to play again!! This one was JUST as fun!! I used their CUTE little Ewe image!! It is a Digi, which means it is ALL yours, right away!!! Can't beat that, now can ya?! The label, for this week's challenge, is LPSC31. Hope you have time to play along!! You can visit the LITTLE PAPER SHOP, by clicking on their name!! OK, so I told you this was quick!!! Haha!! I am going to clean up this mess, I have here, and then I will be back with ONE more for you!!! Hope you will have a chance to stop back!!! If not? Then I appreciate your kind words and hope you have an AWESOME evening!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!