Friday, June 12, 2009


**I can't believe my babies are TWO today!! WOW!!! I never would have guessed that I would have twins, let alone that they would be TWO already!!**


Alright, sorry about that!! Had to get that out of my system! I am STILL in shock that they are 2! Haha! Hey there gals!! How are you this morning?? Quick shout out to all the MSB Sugars!! Thanks for an AWESOME night of chatting and bingo!! is FINALLY here!!! The SNEAKS have begun!!! Can you believe it?? Club Anya and The Greeting Farm have some SUPER cuties for you this month!!! I swear, Marie just keeps them coming!! She is SO talented!! You are going to LOVE them!! FOR SURE!!! Today is the first and I will be sharing them with you for the next few days!! WOOHOO!! The last SNEAK will be on Sunday; ending with some partying fun over at the Club Anya PCP page!!! Wait 'till you see what we have in store for you!! Hope to see you there!! SUNDAY, JUNE 14th @ 8pm CST!! Check out the CLUB ANYA blog for ALL the deets!! Besides, while you are over there? You will get even more eye candy to peek at!!! Haha!! Gotta LOVE that, right?? So....without further babbling, "huh" you know me!! Here is my little SNEAKAROO!! Now, make sure to visit the rest of my AWESOMATED Teammates, for some more!! I am SO glad you stopped by today!! Hope you will visit tomorrow!! I appreciate you all!! Have a FANTASTIC day!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

***My AWESOMATED Teammates!!!


WickedPixie said...

OMGosh! Your twins are adorable! Love your card, too! And your post reminded me I forgot to link to the other DT members! I don't know where my brain is! Off to fix that now! You've helped me so much the last few days! Thanks! :-) Traci

~*Joni said...

I do believe that your twins should be on the cover of many magazines Jacquie! Oh my word, they are sooooo gorgeous. They have the sweetest faces and most mesmerizing eyes! Happy Birthday babies!!
I wish I could have stayed longer at Bingo last night, it was so nice to see you over there, those girls are a blast, Crystal is a hoot and she does the most incredible coloring with pencils. :D
I love your card, she is so pretty and summery. Have a wonderful day celebrating their big milestone Jacquie and an even better weekend. I'll see you at the party on Sunday!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous card! Happy birthday to your twins...they are so adorable!

Crystal said...

Love the anya with the shades.....She rocks, and so do you!!!

Congrats on winning last night. Cant wait to see what you do with the new line....

Your babies are adorable...I always wanted twins...NOT NOW, too old for that, I'll just love on my grands and send 'em home!!!! LOL

When they leave I joke and tell them I want to see tail lights and hands....dont want any left behind!!! Bwahahahahahaha

Danni said...

OMG!! those are the CUTEST kiddos!! Thank you for sharing their photos, made me smile!!
Cute card!!!

Randi said...

Your twins are so adorable!!!!

LOVE the sneak!!! So summery! Those DP details are awesome!! You always have amazing DPs!

Have a wonderful weekend Jacquie!

Susie M. said...

Hey girl! I had fun chatting with you at the MSB bingo last night. Your girls are beautiful!!! Happy Birthday to them!! Your blog is lovely as well!

Shesjetlagd said...
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Shesjetlagd said...

Jacquie, your girls are sooooooo adorable!! What big, beautiful smiles they have... and those eyes!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Twins!!

Debbie Lee