Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hi there everyone!! How are you? I hope you are well!! Just a quick morning post for you, because we are off to the park today!!! Per Kyah's request!! So, I wanted to stop by here first, before we left!! I want to thank ALL of you for ALL of your kind words and support!! It means SO much to Kyah and I!!! I plugged the numbers in to and came up with a winner!!


Georgia Ehrmann said...
Hey Jacquie!What a darling pic of Kyah on her blog! And her card is equally cute! I love pink! I think I just became her first follower! My granddaughter and I will check in on her often to see what she is creating. I also became your follower... I don't know why I wasn't as I have you listed under my fav blogs to visit...Mistake rectified!I will place a little info on my blog so hopefully others will check out her blog and leave her some cool messages.Hugs,Georgia
June 21, 2009 3:10 PM

Thanks again EVERYONE!!! You guys are THE BEST!! Georgia, please email me your Digi Stamp choice, from The Greeting Farm!!! The Email is and I will get your Digi to you!!

Ok, last thing quick!! I had wanted to post this before now!! I am sure you have seen by now, that Melissa @ Pink Cat Studio, has put out some ADORABLE Digi stamps!!! These stamps were designed in honor of a little boy named Ethan Weiman and his family!! ALL, not some, ......ALL of the proceeds will go to the Make A Wish foundation!! Isn't that incredible?? There are also some girls that have put together a giveaway too, to encourage you all to purchase this set!! Now, since they are Digi, you know they are VERY reasonable in price!!! What an AWESOME way to help out! All you have to do is purchase this set by Pink Cat Studio!! And come on....who doesn't LOVE PINK CAT?!!!! Here are the deets, as listed on Pink Cat Studio's blog!! I hope you will visit there and I hope you will contribute!! I did!!! I went to the families journal site and read some of their story!! I couldn't read all, because I honestly couldn't see thru my tears!! I truly ADMIRE this family!!! As a mother, I can't imagine living thru what they have lived thru!! Although it is true that Ethan is in a better place now and no longer suffering, it is heart wrenching all the same!! I feel that this story should teach us all, to appreciate EVERYTHING!!!! And....LOVE each and every day!!! Everyone and everything!! Ethan was a REMARKABLE little boy, to endure SO much!! HIs family? Also remarkable, to stand right there with him! Oh my, I can't even begin to put into words, how their story has touched me! You know I could babble on and on!! All I know is I thank God every day for my life and EVERYONE in it!! I thank God for giving me that SPECIAL gift of being a Mother!! That in itself is truly REMARKABLE too!! Ok.......sorry enough of my goings on!! Like I said.....I just can't put it into words!! Thanks for reading my babble!! Haha! You know me! I babble and I am a SAP!! Here is the info direct from the Pink Cat site, as promised BEFORE!!! See you later with a creation to share!!

Today we are releasing these new digital stamps to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in honor of Ethan Weiman. Little Ethan passed away on June 12th from Neuroblastoma cancer. Ethan was a true cowboy and loved horses, balloons and Knock Knock jokes. By purchasing these digital stamps you will help brighten the day of a sick child as the money we raise will go towards making one of their dreams come true.Please visit to purchase these digital stamps and help the Make-A-Wish Foundation.Last week Lauren Meader, a member of my DT, contacted me to ask if I could make some digi stamps to help raise some money in order to honor Ethan and the Weiman family. I thought that was such a wonderful idea and got right to designing. Lauren told me that Ethan loved my Cowboy Billy stamp so she suggested that I design a new Cowboy stamp for Ethan and one for his little sister Ava too. Ethan loved horses and balloons so that is how we came up with the design of the kiddies riding their horses and holding a balloon.We would be so grateful if you would help us to raise some money in Ethan’s honor. All proceeds from the sale of the stamps, after Paypal fees are deducted, will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois as requested by Alicia and Dave Weiman.Want to win a Pink Cat Studio gift certificate or three??Lauren Meader, Vicki Garrett and Heather Schlatter are all generously offering the chance to win some moola to buy PCS stuff. Lauren's is a card making challenge using the new digi stamps and Vicki's and Heather's involve helping to spread the word about our fundraiser. Thank you so much ladies for your generosity!

Please visit Lauren's, Vicki's and Heather's blogs to read about how you can win.
Lauren and I are so grateful to our design teams who have helped spread the word about our fundraiser and have made sample cards using the new digi stamps. It’s so wonderful to work with a fabulous group of ladies for such an important cause.

****Thanks everyone!!! REMEMBER......ENJOY LIFE!!!


Georgia Ehrmann said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you so very much for the free digi! I will e-mail you with my choice...

Susie M. said...

congratulations georgia!!

Cassie said...

hey girl!! do i spy a new button on your blog??? does that mean what i think it means??? sure hope so!!!