Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hey there everyone!! How are you?? So Sorry I am getting this to you late!!! You know me though, I am the perfectionist!!! If it's not right??? Do it, do it, do it again!!! Until it is!!! Haha!! So here we are....another Tuesday, already!!! Thanks for stopping back and joining me for Madelynn's Twinkling Tuesday!! This week is another exciting TEMPORARY TWINKIE!! YAY!! It's our Rebecca's very own.....Jameson!!! This week's challenge is an inspirational one!! Great job Rebecca and Jameson!!! I LOVE this!!! You all will too!! Here is a pic for you and a cute story to go with it!!! I hope you played along and if you didn't??? Make sure you do!!! Okay??


Mickey is a Park Ranger working in the national forest. One day on his patrols, he hears a cry for help. He sees a beautiful girl mouse with tears on her face because she has fallen while hiking and broken her leg. The gallant Mickey comes to the rescue of the lovely Minnie, administers first aid, drives her to the hospital, waits for her to be treated and drives her home. They fall in love and the rest is history. However, a few months later, when Mickey goes to pick up his tuxedo on the morning of their wedding day, they have accidentally rented out all of the mouse-sized tuxes! So Mickey shows up anyway in his Ranger uniform. Minnie starts up the aisle and is surprised to see Mickey wearing his uniform but she doesn’t care because that is how he looked when she fell in love with him!

Rebecca and Jameson, 8 y.o. in grade two (we don’t say second grade here in Canada!)

Cute, huh?? Now.......are you all sitting down?? I can't believe I haven't shared this with you yet!! Guess who got an email from COPIC?? Go ahead.......GUESS!!! No....c'mon!! Guess guys!! Ok......I'll tell you!! It was ME!! I am SO doing the happy dance!!!! I can't believe it!!! I am GOING to the Copic certification class, in Maryland!!!! It is THIS Sunday!!! Can I get a BIG WOOHOO!!!!???? I know, I know....not TOO exciting for all of you!! Sorry!!! I just had to share with you!!

Well.....it is a BIT late and my hubby is actually home tonight!! So.....I SHOULD spend some time with him!! Thank you ALL for visiting with me tonight. I hope you enjoyed my version of the MTTSC. Make sure to label ANY uploads, you have to share with us, with MTTSC16. We would LOVE to see your creations!!! Speaking of creations??? Go anf visit my fellow TWINKLETTES and check out their talent!!! You can find their links on my sidebar!! Have an AWESOME night and I will see you tomorrow!! Tomorrow is the BIG day!!! A NEW Anya and Ian Digi release!!! They are graduating!!! REMEMBER.......ENJOY LIFE!!!!


Check it out!!! Do you see this??? Is she NOT CUTE??? Seriously!! Now.....I know that usually the Anya releases are to be on the 15th of the month!!! However, Marie, over at THE GREETING FARM, wanted you all to have this in time for ANY graduations!! Some of your AWESOME family members, or friends, may graduate BEFORE the 15th!! SO........The GRADS are being released on the FIRST!!! That's right.......Anya Grad and Ian Grad will be available on Wednesday April 1st!!! Keep in mind ladies....there will be MORE exciting releases on the 15th, as well!!! How AMAZING is that!!! I mean really!!! New releases on the 1st and on the 15th!!! YAY!!! HOpe you enjoy my card and don't forget to check out the CLUB ANYA blog for some more GREAT sneak peeks!!! Oh.....let's not forget my AWESOMATED teammates!!! You can find them listed on my sidebar!!! They will have some eye candy to share with you FOR SURE!!!! I will be back this evening to share my MTTSC with you all!!! If you have time, be sure to stop back!!! I am glad you came to visit with me and can't wait to share some more with you tonight!!! Hey......I never did tell you my news!!! GEEZ!!! What is the matter with me??? I will let you all in on it later!!! 'Till then??? Have a FANTASTIC TUESDAY!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009


So???? Did you enter?? OMGosh, you guys!!!! You should see the entries!!!! Can we say AMAZING??? Seriously!!! You all are SO talented!!!! If you have not entered.....get on over to the CLUB ANYA blog for all the DEETS!!! You can also page down to my original post for all the info!!! How exciting!! In honor of this contest......I have a special creation to share!!! If you have followed my blog, you will know that my brother is VERY artisitc!!! He is SO talented and I wish he would use it!!! I conned him into altering an Anya for me, so I could share it with you!!! Brent added a background and it is WAY cool!!! Hope you like it!!!

***Brent's Rocker!!!

So???? Cool, huh? I have one more for you and it is NOT a rocker. My AWESOME blogging friend Meli has a daughter, who is having a birthday here soon! So......I made a card for her and I used the same set Meli used for her invites!!! I used THE GREETING FARM's Wonderland set!! That set is SO sweet!! I thought it would be cool for her to get a matching card!!! Hey check back with me tomorrow, I have some AWESOME info for you!!! Have a GREAT day!!! Thanks SO much for stopping by!!! You guys are THE BEST!!!!
**This card was done with inspiration from Janna!!! You ROCK Janna!! This one is dedicated to you!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


WOW!!! I can't believe it is Tuesday, again, already!!! Can you?? I have a SWEET one for you today, but, first let me tell you where this week's TWINKLING TUESDAY sketch comes from.
We have another Temporary Twinkie, 9 yr. old Brittany Cunningham. Her mom Cathy is a follower of the TT blog. Cathy's blog is http://cathy-cunningham.blogspot.com/ so you will need to visit her and check out all her AWESOME work!!! Speaking of AWESOME work, we have a NEW Twinklette, joining our TWINKLE TEAM!!! The LOVELY Heather Lee-Reppen!! Welcome Heather!!!
Ok...onto my version of this week's sketch!! I hope you'll like it!! I decided to use my NEW Daisy Bittybloom, from Stamping Bella!! I LOVE this image!! So SWEET!! I also used my NEW clear dew drops, from my DEAR FRIEND CASSIE!! Thnak you SO much Cass!! You're AWESOME!! What do you think?? I hope you will play along with us this week!!! If you do, make sure to mark your creation with MTTSC15, so we can share it with you!!! Oh, and don't forget to check out all the other TWINKLETTES and their AMAZING creations!! You will LOVE them!!! Hope you all are well and thank you SO much for stopping by!! I REALLY appreciate you !!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

**Now go visit the other TWINKLETTES!!!
Bonnie Sharp
Cassie Larson
Christi Thorsen
Danni Bindel
Debbie Lee
Heather Schlatter
Jami Bova
Janna Hull
Jennifer Greco
Jessica Diedrich
Kim Ross
Kimmie Doktor
Rebecca Ednie
Sandra McLean
Heather L

Monday, March 23, 2009


Hey there all!!! How are you?? I hope you are well!!! Just a quick HELLO for you this evening!! I made this card for Kyah's teacher. She told Kyah I must send her a note, in writing, to request her seating arrangement be changed. Now.....I don't know if you saw, in my previous post, that Kyah needed an eye exam. Hence......the reason why she cannot sit in the back of the room. I could go on, but, I shall not. You get the picture. Anyway.......this is the card I made to send in with Kyah tomorrow. We took her for the eye exam and her glasses will be here sometime this week.
I decided to use the LUCKY BUNNIES set, from THE GREETING FARM, to make this QUICK card! I think this set is SO cute, don't you?? This image is PERFECT for ANY type of card really. I layered SU CS and SU DSP, to create my card. I finished it with some pink ribbon,pink dew drops, and pink rhinestones from Hero Arts. I hope you like this one and I hope you all have a GREAT MOnday!!! DOn't forget to check out the CLUB ANYA site, for an AWESOME contest!!! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!! If you need more info, be sure to check the post below this!! It has been such a busy couple of days here!! Thanks SO much for stopping by and I PROMISE I will get around to visiting you all tomorrow night! After Girl Scouts, of course!!! Haha!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Hey ladies How are you today??!!! It's FRIDAY!!! YAY!!! Well, this will be a quick one for ya! Kyah has off school today and it is off to get an eye exam for her!! Have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!!!
Ok, so we have a ROCKIN' REBEL CONTEST for you over at Club Anya! Be sure to stop by the Blog today to find out more about this wicked cool contest, and the PRIZE! Here are the rules:

1.) Your challenge is to create your FAVORITE ROCKSTAR out of any Anya or Ian stamp (you MUST use an Anya or Ian stamp for this contest). We can't wait to see what you come up with! Feel free to BREAK ALL THE RULES...you know, gender, mix-matching heads and bodies, clothes, hair...you know, that kind of thing! More than likely, the more you mix it up, the better!

2.) This will be a JUDGED contest. The DT, Marie and I are looking forward to seeing ALL your awesome submissions and choosing a winner based on creativity and originality. We already know it's gonna be a TOUGH call!

3.) This contest will remain open until Friday, April 3nd, 2009 at 11:59 CST. All entries need to be uploaded to the Club Anya ROCKIN' REBEL gallery. Be sure to leave a comment on today's Club Anya post too, to let us know you played along! The winner will be announced on Saturday, April 4th on the Club Anya blog.

Good luck to all who enter and we can't WAIT to see what you come up with!
*****Here is mine!!! Check it out!!!

***Don't forget to visit the rest of the TEAM!!!! Their links are on your right!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hey there ladies!!! How are you this fine TUESDAY?? Hope you all are FANTABULOUS!!! Ok....today I have a SHORT one for you!!!! This week's sketch challenge is a COLOR CHALLENGE!! Shooting straight out of the sky, from our Temporary Twinkie Ava Grace!!! Ava is the Darling Daughter of Twinklette, Taylor!!! Ava has chosen 3 colors for this challenge today. She has picked Garden Green, Close to Cocoa, and White. I knew right away, that I had a single piece of DP that was just calling out to be used!! That poor piece of paper has waited quite a while to be part of a card!! Haha!!! I also knew that I would be using this stamp. It just seemed perfect for this challenge!!! I just received this stamp from PMS and couldn't wait to try it out!!! Now....don't forget to visit the rest of the Twinkle Team!!! They will have WONDERFUL creations for you to check out, I am SURE!!! Have an AWESOME day and I will see you tomorrow!!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!
Bonnie Sharp
***Don't forget , when uploading your cards, mark them with MTTSC14! That way we can find them!!! Thanks for playing along!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Hey all!!! Hope you had a GREAT time!!! Did you guess right??? Was it really that easy?? Haha!! Well.....as promised...here is my full card!! I hope you like it and I hope you will stop by again sometime!! It was SO AWESOME having you here!!! Thanks for sharing and don't forget to check my other teammates creations!!! Have a FANTASTIC DAY!!!!


Good Morning ladies!!! How are you this bright and shiny morning?? Are you all as excited as I am?? So glad you have joined the FUN!!! Here marks your official start to the CLUB ANYA Blog Hop!!! Hope you have a GREAT time!!!

**The clues lie somewhere within your instructions on where to go next for the blog hop ;)

Here is your first PEEK, at the "Mystery" Anya!! Make sure to stop back, at the end of the HOP, to see a pic of my whole creation!!!

Once you are done "hopping" you should have 6 clues in total. You will then have until 11:59AM CST to email Jessica at http://us.mc01g.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=yeahshestamps@gmail.com with all 6 clues and your guess as to what the new "Mystery" Anya is. Entries will not be accepted after 11:59 CST, as the new Anya will be revealed at Noon CST on the Club Anya Blog.

Three randomly chosen winners will be announced on the Club Anya blog, after the "HOP", along with the winner of the sketch challenge. So glad you stopped by!!! Make sure to twirl on over to JANNA'S blog next!!!

Just to make things easier, here's where you hop:

Janna then to

Jessica then to

Kristine then to

Traci then to

****Good Luck and get hoppin!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


So.....how was your day???? As I promised, I have come back to share another GREETING FARM Digi card!!! The other NEW Digi release for tomorrow, is only fitting for this time of year!!! I LOVE IT!!! I am sure you will TOO!!!! It is EASTER ANYA!!! SO cute!! Have you visited the rest of the TEAM yet?? Well?? What are you waiting for?? I have seen the eye candy they have to offer!!! One word gals......GORGEOUS!!!! Seriously!!! Go take a peek!! Ok...one bit of information you should know! The GREAT inspiration, for my flower, came from my AWESOME friend Cassie!!! Thanks Cassie!!! I also, cannot go without mentioning where this BEAUTIFUL flower came from! Thanks to Cheri, another OUSTANDING friend; she HAND made them!! Wasn't that thoughtful?? Alright.....I am off to feed some little mouths!!! See you tomorrow, BRIGHT AND EARLY!!! That is 7AM CST, or for those of you here, I mean here in my area???? 8AM...on the dot!!!! That is when everything will be ready for you to get hopping!!!! I mean...you DO want to find out WHO the mystery Anya is, don't you?? And...you do want a chance to win, don't you?? Hope to see you here!! I look forward to sharing with you!!! Have a FANTASTIC night!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!


Jessica Diedrich, Club VP/DT Coordinator
Janna Hull
Kristine Moldenhauer Biseth
Traci Porter
Michelle Oatman (Guest Designer)


Happy Saturday ladies!!!! How are you?? Sorry this is a little later than planned!!! I truly believe that yesterday was DEFINATELY, Friday the 13th!!!!!! Without a doubt!!!! Have you visited Club Anya?? How about the rest of TEAM ANYA!!!! Well you need too!!!! There creations are PHENOMENOL!!!! OMGOSH!!! We have the NEW Digi images, to be released tomorrow, by THE GREETING FARM and CLUB ANYA!!!! YAY!!! I can hardly wait!!! The NEW Digi's are WAY cute!!! Now....if I could only get my printer to be WAY cute!!! Haha!! Should I actually say....my printer's ink!!!! I have never really had ANY issue with printing out my images, however yesterday I did!!! I guess between Friday the 13th and a new ink cartridge, they weren't liking me a whole lot!!!! Hehe!!
Are you all ready for the blog hop and giveaway tomorrow?? WooHoo!!! We are going to have SO much fun!!! Don't forget that your quest, should you choose to accept it, will start here!!!! I will be kicking the party off tomorrow and I am so psyched!!! So...you have to stop back tomorrow for the excitement!!! And a PEEK at the Mystery Anya to be released!!!!
Well....with out anything further...here is my BASEBALL IAN!!! He will be available tomorrow!!! Check him out.......don't you just HAVE to have him??? Such a boy card!!!! Hope you like him!!! I will be back tonight with another one for you too!!! Stay tuned for EASTER ANYA!!! She is another SUPER cute Digi, being released tomorrow too!! YAY!!!! Instant fun!!!! Instant play time!!!! Have a GREAT day!!! DOn't forget to visit the rest of my teammates!! I have listed them below!!!! See you later and thanks for visiting!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!!


Jessica Diedrich, Club VP/DT Coordinator

Janna Hull

Kristine Moldenhauer Biseth

Traci Porter

Michelle Oatman (Guest Designer)

Friday, March 13, 2009


Hahaha!!! Sorry!!! I just HAD to!!! I am SO excited to share my FIRST sneak peek with you!!! I just LOVE this set!! It is SO cute!!! You will LOVE it too!!! This is just the FIRST sneak peek, for this month's NEW release, over at Club Anya!!! Now.....you know you have to go and visit !!! Haha!! The NEW release is on Sunday, March 15th at 12noon CST!!! I am SO excited to share it with you all!!! Club Anya is having a blog hop to celebrate and a little game!!!! I will have more details to come!!! They did something similar before and it was a BLAST!!! Seriously!!! Anyway......I made my creation, for this sneak peek, with my boss in mind! See, it is her birthday today and I had this paper pack and it all just clicked...ya know?? I made her this set of cards, as her gift!!! What do you think?? Would you like to receive these for a gift?? The only thing is I don't think you can see the stickles on their ears and bellies!! Darn!! The Doc I work for is AWESOME, so I wanted to create something special for her!! I hope she likes them!!! I LOVE them!!! Those little ANYA and IAN'S.....all dressed up?????? TOO CUTE!!!
Have a GREAT day ladies and I will see you tomorrow with another EXCITING sneak peek!!! So be sure to stop back and check it out!!! 'Till then....ENJOY LIFE!!!!

***PS. Don't forget to check out the rest of Team Anya!!!! They are SUPER talented and will have AWESOME creations FOR SURE!!!! You can find there links on my side bar!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hey there ladies!!! How are you?? I have an interesting card to share with you!! It's my girl Anya, but, with LOTS of pink and purple!! I am NOT quite sold on this one!! Although I am not sure about it, there is a SWEET story behind this creation. Not to mention, experimentation with new products!!! So....I will tell you the story first.
My Kyah got off the bus today, as usual, and bounded inside. She played with her friend, for awhile, until her mom came to get her. Then.......she comes up to me and says, "Mommy, I got something for you!". She was so proud of herself!!! SUPER excited too! So of course I asked her what it was. She proceeds to dig in her little pocket and pull out a small pink button. "Here, mommy.", she says. OMGosh it was SO SWEET!! She then says, "I found it on the playground and thought you could use it for a card!!!" Is my kid AWESOME or what?? SO thoughtful!! Hence.....the little pink button on Pretty Anya's hat!!! So you understand why I had to keep working at this, even though the pink and purple were over kill!!!
I wanted to share the Anya with you for two reasons, The first was because I obviously HAD to share that cute story. The second because it's almost here!!! What is?? You might ask. The NEW Anya release!!! Now.....you got some sneak peeks from Club Anya's Blog, but, wait until you see the surprise!! WoooHoo!!! Can't wait for you to see it!!! The 15th is ALMOST here!!! Make sure to check back in with me on Friday, for some sneak peeks of my own!!! I can't wait to share with you!!! Hope you enjoy my card...it kinda has an Easter feel to it; or even a Spring feel. DOn't you think?? Let me know your thoughts!! Have a GREAT day!!!! Thanks, SO much for stopping by and hope to see you on Friday!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hey...how was your dinner?? Haha!! Ok.....so..it took me a bit here,but,......I am back!!! With MY version of this week's Madelynn's Twinkling Tuesdays Challenge!! This week's sketch comes to you straight form her brother, Jack!!! Way to go Jack!!! LOVE it!!! Now.....I hope you played along, for when I am done here??? I am off to visit ALL of you and check out your AWESOME work!!! Can't wait to see it!!! I decided to use my NEW PCS, Kiki Kitty set!! You just have to LOVE it!!! Not to mention, when it is a gift from your hubby?? It makes you LOVE it all the more!!! Oh...and it does help if you have kitties, like I do!! This set is one of the stamping things I got for Valentines day!!! Thanks HONEY, You are THE BEST!!!
I thought I would use this tonight, since for the next few days??? I have LOTS of ANYA'S & IAN'S to share with you!!! Because, you know what this weekend is, right?? Don't you?? Come on now!! It is the BIG release for CLUB ANYA, from THE GREETING FARM!!! YAY!! So much to share with you all!! I just CAN'T wait!!! SO excited!!! Don't forget to head over to Club Anya and enter their Sketch Contest!! You could win the NEW Stamp set, that is being released on the 15th!!! Hey....want another GREAT reason to check out Club Anya?? All this week, they are introducing you to their PHENOM Design Team!! In fact, today they featured Janna!! She is such an AWESOME and SWEET girl!! So talented...you are just going to LOVE her; you will be blown away by her talent!!
GEEZ.....I am getting carried away!!! Sorry girls!!! I am just SO excited, what can I say!!! Now...there are two more things I need to SHARE with you, before I show you my card!!! One, I dedicate this card to my fellow TWINKLETTE, Heather!!! This one is for you girl!!! Brown!!! Your FAVE!!! Hehe!!! Hope you enjoy!!! Ok.....for all of you?? The inside scoop?? She is not a friend to BROWN!!! As a matter of fact?? She is DEEPLY allergic!!!! Or so she says!!! Haha!!!
Ok....last thing....before my creation is revealed (even though it is a simple card!!). You will all notice that I have FINALLY placed a Copyright on my photos!!! This is due to the WONDERFUL help, I received, from my girl CASSIE!!!! She too is a fellow TWINKLETTE!!! If you don't believe me, check out her CHEERY card she posted, for this week's challenge!! You NEED to let her know, how much you DIG her stripes too!! You can see it by clicking her link, below. She was SO SUPER nice to help me last night!! She showed me where to go to create the watermark and literally WALKED me through it!!! SHE ROCKS!!! Thank you SO much Cassie!!! I am FORTUNATE to have you as my friend!!! I LOVE it!!! Of course, I did have to be different and make mine a shade of turqoise!!! Haha!!! It had to match ME, now didn't it?? I bet you ALL are laughing at me, aren't you?? Oh well!! At least you can't say I am not different, right?? Or that I don't have fun!!!
Anyway!!! There I go again....on a tangent, who would have guessed!!! Sorry!!! Hope you like my SIMPLE card!!! And make sure if you played along. that you labeled your card with MTTSC13, so we can find it!!! We LOVE to share!!! Speaking of sharing.....make sure to visit the other TWINKETTES, to see there FAB creations!!! You WILL NOT be disappointed!! I am honored to be a part of their team and you will see why!!

**Here are the Twinklette's and you can view this sketch in my first post, from earlier this evening!! So glad you stopped by and ENJOY LIFE!!!!


Hey there all!!! How was your day?? I just wanted to check in with you all and let you know that today is TWINKLING TUESDAY!!! YAY!!! I just got home from work and will be back in just a bit with my version, of this week's TWINKLE CHALLENGE!!!! So stop back for a visit...okay?? Here is our MADELYNN"S TWINKLING TUESDAY CHALLENGE for this week!!! See you in a bit!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well, hey there LOVELY ladies!!! How are you this FINE Sunday??? Hehehe!!! Ok...corny!! What can I say!!! So, how was your weekend??? Did you do anything exciting?? What's new??? Ok...you will have to let me know!!! SERIOUSLY!!!
Alrighty then......ONE more week until the NEW Anya releases!! YAY!!!! I can hardly wait to share with all of you!!! Make sure to tune in towards the end of the week, for more info on that, and some GREAT sneak peeks!!! Hope you will come back and visit!!
On to my card for today!! I just got some new DP in the mail and I ordered it specifically for Ian!! Haha!! However, I just didn't have the RIGHT shade of green to layer with it! Bummer!! I hate it when that happens!! So...I improvised and utilized my SU black CS. It is not how I had envisioned it to be, but, it's growing on me! LOL!! So what do you think??? The DP is from Making Memories and I just HAD to have it!! Huh.....imagine that!! Me.......wanting to coordinate???? HA!
Of course, while I am typing this, the twins are waking from their naps!! I had better go and tend to them! I will be back tomorrow with another one for you!! Hope you'll be back!! It was SO great to share with you!! Can't wait to go and visit ALL of you and see what you made!! Have a GREAT day and see you later!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!