Thursday, December 18, 2008


Thank you everyone!!! I SO appreciate ALL of your kind words, about Kade. I also am VERY thankful for you keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!! It really means a lot!! We had a surgical consult today; the Doc said he wants to wait and see if it will correct itself. Now, I am all for that and would PREFER nothing more than that!! NO anesthesia is just fine with me!!! However, I am taking him tomorrow morning, for a second opinion. So......we shall see! Let's keep our fingers crossed that this other Doc will agree with the first guy!! Thanks again everyone for caring and I will keep you updated!
Alright, now that I have given you the scoop, I would LOVE to share my latest creations!! It's a slow process, with everything that's going on, but I am still positive that I will get them ALL done!! Hehe!! I hope you like these latest editions, I really do!! I believe, though, that I am partial to my chick card. I know it's not your traditional Christmas card and I didn't have a "Cutsie" saying to make it more seasonal. I think you'll like it anyway!! It is perfect for the intended recipient, hence the whole chick thing. I have to thank all those AWESOME ladies, who swapped images with me, for the Bella Christmas card. I didn't have any Christmas Bella stamps, so this worked out GREAT!!! The last card I made using my NEW SNSS set! I LOVE the little penguin! Isn't he cute?? Well, I must get to bed, big day again tomorrow!!! I am glad you stopped by tonight and hope to visit with you again soon!! Oh yeah, don't forget your mailboxes!!! Remember to check in at Java and Friends on Friday!! Fun,Fun,Fun!!!..........ENJOY LIFE!!

Card #1: Kitchen Sink Stamps,SU Sentiment
Card#2: Bella Stamp,CTMH Sentiment
Card#3: SNSS Stamp & Sentiment

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hey Gals!! How are ya?? Quick post tonight!! Sorry, we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow!! Kade,my son, has his surgical consult!!! Keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer!!
OK!! So...... check out the cards, would ya?? I have been hard at it today, all things considered!!! Hehe!!! I hope you like them and let me know which one you like best!!
Head on over to my dear friend Kim's blog (HERE), so you can enter to win her AWESOME candy!!! I also have her listed along the side, under Candy Alerts! She's so generous!! You ,also, have to check out her angels that she made!! Speaking of angels, that is my FAV card!!! However, I am not too sure about the space card!!! I made it for a CUTE little boy, we know, who just had surgery himself!! Brave little dude!!
Alrighty, last thing I wanted to mention, then I'm out! Make sure to check in with Java and Friends on Friday!! There is a button on my sidebar. I will be posting a challenge and a surprise!!! Yay!!!! I LOVE surprises!!! Don't you??? While we are on that.......Check your mailboxes my friends!!! SURPRISE,SURPRISE!!! Hehehe!! I leave you with my cards!!!! Have an FANTASTIC night and be sure to visit tomorrow for my Bella cards!!!! Remember.......ENJOY LIFE!!!!!

Card#1: CC Designs Digi, Sudio G Sentiment
Card#2: Taylored Expressions, SU Sentiment
Card#3: Verve Stamp & Sentiment,CB Embossing Folder
Card#4: Stampendous

Monday, December 15, 2008


Hey everyone!! How are you?? Ready for Christmas?? Haha! Right!! Ok, so maybe some of you are. A HUGE congrats to you! Alright, let me first say, sorry about the whole goal thing!! I am trying, ok?? Really! Hehe! Anyway, just a few quick things to share tonight, for I am EXHAUSTED!! Long day today!!
First of all, I want to thank my dad for my A-DAY card, he sent me!! Thanks so much dad, you ALWAYS remember!! For those of you who don't know it, I am adopted. I am the VERY fortunate one to have, not one, but TWO, birthdays!!! Or should I re-phrase that and say TWO SPECIAL days!! My dad has ALWAYS acknowledged, the day they adopted me, as my 2nd birthday(sort of speak). So, thanks again dad!! You're THE BEST!!!
Now, I have one other small family thing to share. I try not to bore you with all that. If you could, maybe keep my son, Kade, in your prayers!!! I would SO appreciate it!!! The Doc told me today he needs some surgery, now mind you it is supposedly minor and very common. However, you know how it is......he's 18 mos old and they have to put him under to do it!!! So, you can only imagine..... I am FREAKING out!! To say the least!! Guess it's a MOM thing, right?? Anyway, thanks so much. We are trying to get it taken care of before the end of the year.
Alright, enough of that! I wanted to have more than one for you tonight, but, as you can see that didn't happen! Check it out though!! Isn't she THE CUTEST???? I just got her, recently, from ATS. She is a Digidownload. Now, I NEVER tried those before, but, hey they are WAY COOL!! You should check them out!! I thought about adding some ribbon, but, I really liked how it was and didn't want to take away from her SPARKLY wings!!! Not your traditional Christmas card, I know, but who could resist!!!
I Also leave you with some cute pics I took of the kids!! You know me.....I just HAD to share!!! By the way, those of you who are members of Javablustamper and Friends, watch for some exciting things coming up!!! I would like to post some challenges there and maybe have a prize or two, ok maybe more.......we shall see how it goes!!!! I am so glad I have met all of you!! Thank you so much for your support and kind words!!! Until tomorrow............ENJOY LIFE!!!!

****REMEMBER.......Check those mailboxes!!!!!!! HEHEHE!

~RECIPE: ATS Digidownload Angels,Unity sentiment,SU Garden Grn & Vanilla CS, K&Co Christmas pad,red and green rhinestones,Pink Stickles (gotta love the Stickles),Prisma & Copic markers, White Uniglo pen.
***Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hey!! Here I am again!!!! Imagine that!!! How was your day today?? Hope you and your family are healthy!! I understand it's BAD this winter, so far!! Boy, don't I know it!!!! Ok, so as promised, I have 3 more cards to share!! Yay me!! That means 3 closer to the KAZILLION I need to get done!! Hehe! In past years I always picked a design and mass produced it!! Haha! However, this year I feel there is just TOO many choices, ya know?? Sooooo, I will make several at a time and design as I go!!! Time consuming, I know, but, more fun??? YES!!! More unique?? YES!!! Here are my lateset ones to share!!
This first one, I LOVE!!! I used my new Sweet N Sassy set; I felt the kitty was appropriate! I used my new liquid applique, I got from my Bella Sistah Carri!!! Thanks girl!!! Now my FAVE part about this card though, is the holly!!!! You know how you look at a card and KNOW it NEEDS something?? Well That is exactly what I did here. So, I took a green prima and cut off the petals to make this holly!! COOL, huh???? See?? Outside the box again!! I'm tryin'!!

And this next one is a WOJ image I got from one of you AWESOME ladies out there! I can't remember who, it's been a LONG month, SORRY! I LOVE WOJ! Don't you?? Hey, how do you like the cheerio I caught in the picture?? I guess if I could crop it, I wouldn't have to share it with you!! I know I like to share, BUT, not my cheerio covered floor!!!! OK, so maybe it's not covered; you get the jist don't you?? Or is that GIST?? I would have taken another pic fpr you. but, alas it is riding the postal highway!! Hehe!

Ok, last one!! I have really been liking the whole TIM HOLTZ thing!! Have you ever visited his blog?? I have a link along my side bar!! You should! He's AWESOME!! VERY unique! Anyway, my previous post had a card using Tim's techniques and here is another!! I used his Alcohol inks and silver metalic, along with glossy paper and his blending tool!! Then I embossed my image. After all that I finished with a CTMH sentiment, courtesy of Carri, of course! All I can say is WOW!! LOVE it!! It's fun too! I have only scratched the surface with this stuff, so I need to keep practicing!! Hope you enjoyed sharing time! Hehe! I sure enjoyed visiting with all of you!! I'll have to work on some Bellas for next time! Hope you all stay well! Hope you'll stop back again soon!! Until next time........ENJOY LIFE!!!
**Oh and no cheerio in that last pic!! Hahaha!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Was that from Sesame Street??? I can't remember. Anyway.....Hey everyone out there!!! How the HECK are you???? I have MISSED you!!!! MAJOR!!!!! I hope you and your families are WELL!!!!! I think my family is FINALLY well!! Haha!!! I have spent the past several weeks being ill and treating the ill!! I am telling you.......ENOUGH already!! Am I right???? I had THE WORST stomach pain, EVER!!! I am SO glad that is over!! Of course it made its rounds thru the family and I was the LUCKY one to get it TWICE!! Can you believe it??? First colds and then the stomach BUG!!!

OK, SO SORRY!! I hopefully will not do that again! You know, the whole going MIA thing!! So, how are you?? Really?? Fill me in!!! LEave me a comment and let me know WASSUP!!!!
Alright, so it has begun!! I have officially started sending out my Christmas surprises!!! MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THOSE MAILBOXES!!! You never know where I might send SOMETHING to next!! Who knows???? You know me, I LOVE to share!!! Elves, reindeer, and St.Nick!! Cards, Ribbon, and brads, YEAH!!!! I thank you all for visiting with me!! I hope you will come back soon too!!! I have made it my goal to post a HELLO to you all, EVERY DAY!! NO MATTER WHAT!!
Well, I have been working hard, so I'd have lots to share with you!!! And, I leave you with my creations.......hope you like them!!! Please let me know what you think! Which one is your FAVE?? You could even just say HELLO!!!! Have a WONDERFUL evening!!! Until later...........ENJOY LIFE!!!!!

****Taylored Expressions!

***Stampin UP!


...........Now, off to visit all of you!!! Can't wait to see what you have been up to!!!!