Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Hey there everyone!! Hope you are having a GREAT day!! I have a QUICK peek for you today!! This little cutie is being released tomorrow, over at THE GREETING FARM!!! You are going to LOVE him!! He will be released as a Digi Stamp!! How AWESOME is that? I mean, really? You can get him instantly!! You just gotta LOVE that!!! Now, while you are over there? Make sure to check out the TGF Blog!! They are having their FIRST ever blog hop!! YAY!! The blog hop is called, "Flyin' With The Farm"!! Cool huh? You will definately NEED to be there!! LOTS of fun and prizes, for sure!! Besides....when you are talking, NEW RELEASE and The Greeting Farm? There is NO way you can miss it!!! You HAVE to be there!! You can find ALL the deets, over at The Farm!! Haha! Ok.....I will stop with the babble!! Here he is..............


WOOHOO!!! Isn't he COOL??

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Monday, June 29, 2009


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I promise...this is my LAST post for this evening!!! Haha!! Thank you SO much for reading them all!!! I think I sort of.....posted them backwards, didn't I? I should have labeled this one as #1 and so on, huh? Oh, well!! Haha!! OK.....are you all ready for this?
I am sure you have seen my posts about Lindsay Dyer, a VERY talented illustrator, starting her own company? How she had designed images for The Digi Shack and Modern Sugar Blvd? If you remember that? Then you will also remember the DT call she had out and I reminded you all about a few days ago. AGAIN......GUESS WHAT?????
YEP...You guessed it....YAY!!!! She has invited me to be a part of her FIRST SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS, DT!! I am SO excited and honored, to say the least!! I HAD to share this EXCITEMENT with you!! Wait until you see some of the images she has in store for you!! BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait to share the creations with you!!! Alright, I will let you all go visit some where else now!! Haha!! I will leave you with one of my DT entries; she had us use one of HER images and here it is!! I hope you like it, as much as I do!! Have an AWESOME, night or day!! I am SO happy to have you all to share ALL of this with!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!
***PS. Don't forget to check out my NEW Fave of the week and Pic of the week!!

I will see you tomorrow, with a TGF Sneak peek, here and on the Club Anya blog!!!


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Hey there!! Back again!! Thanks for stopping back!! I REALLY appreciate it!! OK.....so...my reason for this post?? I felt that this EXCITEMENT? DESERVED it's own post!!
Now...you all know that I am part of the TEAM ANYA DT, right? ALL of my fellow teammates are AWESOMATED!! Seriously!! You know they are!! They are REALLY FABULOUS people, as well as being SUPER talented!!
Anyway, our DT coordinator? Jess? Her very FIRST stamp set is being released on July 1st, thru THE GREETING FARM, of course!!! I am SO happy for her!! She is such a GREAT person!! Her FIRST, Greeting Farm set, is called Butterfly Wishes!! How appropriate, huh? If you know her? You know, she just LOVES butterflies!!! Without further a do(spelled wrong I am sure!!), here is what it looks like!!! SO awesome! Congrats Jess!! If you all have a chance? Check her out HERE, for a chance to win the set!! Make sure to leave her some love, ok?

***OK....so...one more post, I PROMISE!!! There is just TOO much to share!!! Haha! Thanks for sharing with me!!


Hey everybody!! How was your weekend?? I see my post went ok!! YAY!! This is a GOOD thing, because I am TRYING to get ready for vacation?? Therefore I will HAVE to schedule my posts, for the week!! So, this was a GREAT trial run!! WOOHOO!!! We are set to leave for Myrtle Beach on Friday or Saturday! NOT that I am any where NEAR ready for a bathing suit!! BUT....I am anxious to go all the same! My poor hubby needs a break!! Since I was SO busy and not home much, this past weekend, I have found out SO many things I NEED to share with you!! Ok....did that make sense?? Well...you get the gist, don't ya'? Haha! This post will be one of several this evening!! I am SO excited!! I think I am FLOATING!!!
Anyway...I will get to it!! Here is my FIRST excitement for you!!
A while back I stumbled onto this cute blog! They have VERY unique and quirky images, as described on their blog AND their challenge blog. When I visited them? They had a DT call out. So......I thought....hey, why not? I emailed them my info. I hadn't heard anything for quite awhile and I thought maybe they had decided to hold off. Guess what? They emailed me and asked me to be a part of their team! And.....here we are! I am SO sorry I do not have anything to show you tonight, but, I had just found out and had NO time to play with their images!! That being said? You will HAVE to stop back on WEDNESDAY, to see their FIRST challenge!!!
Alright....I will...see you in a bit, with some MORE excitement!! YAY!! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will stop back!! You guys are AWESOME!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Ok, now that song is in my head!!! How are you today?? Hope everyone is having an AWESOME weekend!! Now, this post should be QUITE interesting!! I am NOT at home and have attempted to shedule this! Haha! I have been playing around with the time and what not, so we will see what happens!!! It's just one of those things!! I am ALWAYS home! So, for me to even have to do this? SILLY!!! For sure!
I just HAD to remind you all to get your creations in, for the SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS DT CALL!! Lindsay will be closing it on 6/28, which should be tomorrow!!! She is a SUPER talented artist and a SUPER nice person! Therefore, I thought I would put this reminder out there for all of YOU super talented ladies!! Ok....do you see a pattern here?? EVERYONE?? IS SUPER!!! I haven't much time to do this, so I am sorry if it is brief! I will be back on Monday with SEVERAL projects to share!! Thanks for visiting with me and I hope you will stop back on Monday!! I have LOTS to share!! You know me??? I LOVE to share!! Anyway, here is a creation , I made, using Sock Hop Sweetie!! She is from Sassy Studio Designs!! I think she is definately a sweetie! Hope you like her!! I would LOVE to know what you think!! Have an AWESOME weekend and ENJOY LIFE!!!

***PS. Check out the NEW badge I added, on my right hand sidebar!! It is Sassy Studios NEW badge for their NEW Papercraft Planet Group!! You will HAVE to visit there too!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Howdy Partner!!! How y'all doin?? Alright, as promised, I am back with a creation!! I'll betcha' you didn't know that later was THIS late!! Haha!! Well, it is after midnight here, not sure how late it is where you are!! Hope you are still awake!! Or, maybe, as luck would have it....you are just waking up!! Haha!! I wanted to share with you all, the creation I made, with the Weiman Wranglers!! I know you are ALL looking at it and thinking......this is a girl card?? Why yes!! Yes it is!! I know that all the WONDERFUL creations I have seen, with this set, were made in GIRLY colors!! However, in my house?? My girls wear a LOT of blues, to match their PRETTY eyes!! So......although this card is in honor of Ethan and his family?? It was also made with my girls in mind!! And....when I think of them? I think blue!! Besides....This is the paper I had out, when I started coloring this image!! However, again!! Haha! You should see the paper I received today!! Man-O-Man!!! Are you going to LOVE it!! I promise!! If I hadn't already started this little gal? I would have changed direction!! I will have to share it with you!! Alrighty....I hope you went and purchased this AWESOME Digi set!! The proceeds DO go to such a GREAT cause!! If you haven't gotten yours? What are you waiting for!! GO!! Enjoy my card and ENJOY LIFE!!! 'Till next time.....Thanks for stopping by and y'all come back now...ya hear???? Sorry, couldn't resist!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hi there everyone!! How are you? I hope you are well!! Just a quick morning post for you, because we are off to the park today!!! Per Kyah's request!! So, I wanted to stop by here first, before we left!! I want to thank ALL of you for ALL of your kind words and support!! It means SO much to Kyah and I!!! I plugged the numbers in to random.org and came up with a winner!!


Georgia Ehrmann said...
Hey Jacquie!What a darling pic of Kyah on her blog! And her card is equally cute! I love pink couches....lol! I think I just became her first follower! My granddaughter and I will check in on her often to see what she is creating. I also became your follower... I don't know why I wasn't as I have you listed under my fav blogs to visit...Mistake rectified!I will place a little info on my blog so hopefully others will check out her blog and leave her some cool messages.Hugs,Georgia
June 21, 2009 3:10 PM

Thanks again EVERYONE!!! You guys are THE BEST!! Georgia, please email me your Digi Stamp choice, from The Greeting Farm!!! The Email is javablustamper@yahoo.com and I will get your Digi to you!!

Ok, last thing quick!! I had wanted to post this before now!! I am sure you have seen by now, that Melissa @ Pink Cat Studio, has put out some ADORABLE Digi stamps!!! These stamps were designed in honor of a little boy named Ethan Weiman and his family!! ALL, not some, ......ALL of the proceeds will go to the Make A Wish foundation!! Isn't that incredible?? There are also some girls that have put together a giveaway too, to encourage you all to purchase this set!! Now, since they are Digi, you know they are VERY reasonable in price!!! What an AWESOME way to help out! All you have to do is purchase this set by Pink Cat Studio!! And come on....who doesn't LOVE PINK CAT?!!!! Here are the deets, as listed on Pink Cat Studio's blog!! I hope you will visit there and I hope you will contribute!! I did!!! I went to the families journal site and read some of their story!! I couldn't read all, because I honestly couldn't see thru my tears!! I truly ADMIRE this family!!! As a mother, I can't imagine living thru what they have lived thru!! Although it is true that Ethan is in a better place now and no longer suffering, it is heart wrenching all the same!! I feel that this story should teach us all, to appreciate EVERYTHING!!!! And....LOVE each and every day!!! Everyone and everything!! Ethan was a REMARKABLE little boy, to endure SO much!! HIs family? Also remarkable, to stand right there with him! Oh my, I can't even begin to put into words, how their story has touched me! You know I could babble on and on!! All I know is I thank God every day for my life and EVERYONE in it!! I thank God for giving me that SPECIAL gift of being a Mother!! That in itself is truly REMARKABLE too!! Ok.......sorry enough of my goings on!! Like I said.....I just can't put it into words!! Thanks for reading my babble!! Haha! You know me! I babble and I am a SAP!! Here is the info direct from the Pink Cat site, as promised BEFORE!!! See you later with a creation to share!!

Today we are releasing these new digital stamps to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in honor of Ethan Weiman. Little Ethan passed away on June 12th from Neuroblastoma cancer. Ethan was a true cowboy and loved horses, balloons and Knock Knock jokes. By purchasing these digital stamps you will help brighten the day of a sick child as the money we raise will go towards making one of their dreams come true.Please visit http://www.pinkcatstudio.com/Stamps/WeimanWranglers/WeimanWranglers.htm to purchase these digital stamps and help the Make-A-Wish Foundation.Last week Lauren Meader, a member of my DT, contacted me to ask if I could make some digi stamps to help raise some money in order to honor Ethan and the Weiman family. I thought that was such a wonderful idea and got right to designing. Lauren told me that Ethan loved my Cowboy Billy stamp so she suggested that I design a new Cowboy stamp for Ethan and one for his little sister Ava too. Ethan loved horses and balloons so that is how we came up with the design of the kiddies riding their horses and holding a balloon.We would be so grateful if you would help us to raise some money in Ethan’s honor. All proceeds from the sale of the stamps, after Paypal fees are deducted, will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois as requested by Alicia and Dave Weiman.Want to win a Pink Cat Studio gift certificate or three??Lauren Meader, Vicki Garrett and Heather Schlatter are all generously offering the chance to win some moola to buy PCS stuff. Lauren's is a card making challenge using the new digi stamps and Vicki's and Heather's involve helping to spread the word about our fundraiser. Thank you so much ladies for your generosity!

Please visit Lauren's, Vicki's and Heather's blogs to read about how you can win.
Lauren and I are so grateful to our design teams who have helped spread the word about our fundraiser and have made sample cards using the new digi stamps. It’s so wonderful to work with a fabulous group of ladies for such an important cause.

****Thanks everyone!!! REMEMBER......ENJOY LIFE!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009



Hey there all!! It is TUESDAY and you know what that means!! Yepper, Madelynn's Twinkling Tuesday Challenge!!! She is SO creative, you just HAVE to play along!! I will get right to it, for I only have a bit here today!! Madelynn's challenge this week is for you to use RHINESTONES on your creations!! Fun, huh? I had LOTS of fun with this one!! I used my NEW Superstar Anya, from THE GREETING FARM?? Did you all get this one?? Hello??? You HAVE to!!! I really think she is versatile and PERFECT for this challenge!! Today.....Superstar Anya is a TWINKLING star!!! Haha!! Alright, here is my take on the sketch and make sure to check out the TWINKLING TUESDAY blog!! Our WAY, AWESOMATED, featured stamper is Jess!! None other than Madelynn' s own MOM!!! WOOHOO!!! I hope you play along and if you do? Leave a comment on the Twinkle Blog letting us know and label your creation MTTSC28, so we can find you!! WHile you are out and about? Go and visit the rest of the TWINKLETTES!!! You just gotta love 'em!!!

~So...what do you think? I was having fun with my Copic air gun!!! I had an interesting time coloring that flock!! Flowers? Easy! Flock? NOT so much!! Haha!!

Before you go!! I just wanted to share with you, what my FABULOUS, THOUGHTFUL friend Debby sent me!! She sent this as an early birthday present!! I was SO surprised!! She knows how I am about matchy-matchy stuff!! Haha!! Which means, this stuff was PERFECT!!! Just had to share and tell you how SWEET she is!!! You ROCK Debby!!! Thank you!!! You should visit her!! She is SUPER talented, you would LOVE her too!!! Visit her HERE!!

Cassie Larson

Sunday, June 21, 2009



Hey there ladies!! How are you? Thanks for joining me!! I am SO excited and so is Kyah!! Today is the day her very FIRST blog post goes live!! She has picked out the background and created a card, all with a little help from mom! Haha! As promised Kyah has a giveaway for you, so you will need to check her out!! Her new blog is called, KYAHBUG'S KREATIONS! When she was born we called her Kyahbug and it just stuck!!
Now.....in celebration of her blog, I have decided to have a GIVEAWAY, as well!! See? Told you we had an extra surprise for you!!! You will find the deets below! In honor of this giveaway? I have made a GREETING FARM creation for you!! Hope you like it and hope you visit my daughter, she will be SO thrilled!!! Thanks for stopping by and being a part of this!! We both appreciate it SO much!! You guys are AWESOME!!! Here are the deets for MY giveaway and my creation!!! Have a Fantastic Father's Day!!! I will stop back later tonight with a Father's Day post!!!! Until then....ENJOY LIFE!!!!
1. My giveaway will end WEDNESDAY at Midnight est!

2. Leave a comment here and be sure to mention it on your blog!! In your comment, tell me what my daughter's first creation was! How about a link back to my blog? It would be AWESOME if you signed up to follow me, but, it is NOT necessary!! You know how I love to share!! Haha!

3. A winner will be drawn by random.org

****Thanks EVERYONE for your kind words and support!!! You all ROCK!!!!

Have a GREAT day and again, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Hey gals!!! How are you?? QUICK, late night post for you!! Kyah and I are getting ready for tomorrow and we have a few SURPRISES for you!! Hope you will stop by!!! Remember....Kyah's FIRST post will go live tomorrow afternoon!! Along with her post, will be a giveaway for you!! Now, we do have something else in store, but, SHHHHH!! Can't tell just yet!!! Haha!! Thanks for coming back to visit with me!! Here is my mermaid, as promised!! Doesn't Lindsay create some FAB images?? Like I said before, she had this image released thru the DIGI SHACK, but has opened her own shop!!! Make sure to visit SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS and check her out!!! OK....now...here is the rest of my Mermaid creation!!! HOpe you enjoy and I'll see you back here tomorrow afternoon; for all the FUN!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!
***SO ....what do you think of the pics?? I got a piece of foam board for a backdrop!! Thanks to my AWESOME friend CASS!!! Thanks Cass, it REALLY made a difference!! Hey....and can you see the Spica glitter on that fin?? I LOVE it!!! Which one do you think is best?? Ok.....done now!!! Sorry!! Haha!


HI there everyone! How are you? How is your weekend going?? First I would like to thank you guys for the AWESOME birthday wishes!!! However, my birthday isn't until 7/18! SO sorry!! Maybe some of you thought it was 6/18. Well, I thank you anyway though!! It is GREAT to know you all care!! That is what REALLY counts!!
Ok, one other BIT of business, before I get to my FAVE new creation!! Kyah and I will be starting her blog, tomorrow!! How exciting!! Now, I know that the weekends aren't real busy, in the blogging world, but I hope you will stop by to see her!! She is SO tickled!! You should see her! She can't decide what she wants to share first!! Haha! How about another reason to visit with my DARLING Daughter?? Whatch' say to a little blog giveaway?? Hmmmm. I will think on that and see what we can come up with!! YAY!! So......Kyah's first post will go live tomorrow, Sunday, in the afternoon!! Hope you will leave her some love!! Don't forget to stop here first for the GIVEAWAY deets!!
Alright....onto my NEW fave creation!! I recently bought this image; I knew before purchasing it, what I wanted to do with it!! Want to know what makes this image even more AWESOME???? Well, I bought it from THE DIGI SHACK! Guess what I just found out?? The talented artisit who created her?? Has started her OWN Digi shop!!! WOO HOO!! How WONDERFUL for her!! And...by her, I mean Lindsay Dyer!! Lindsay's NEW shop is called, SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!!! Cool, huh?? You can bet, too that with a NEW shop? Will come a NEW DT!! She has posted deets, about that, so go give it a whirl!! You should see ALL of her SWEET images!! Guess what else? Her store officially opened today, well I guess NOW it would be yesterday!!! Haha!! So...in honor of her store opening, I created this card!! I just LOVE how it turned out and I myself am now tickled pink!! Haha! This is MY version of a Modern Bride! Haha!! Hey, it's possible!! I have seen girls wear colors, instead of white!! I think that would be UNIQUE!! Don't you?? Anyway, I had to take several pics to show off her veil!! I think the veil is my favorite part of the card!! Hope you like her as much as I do!! Make sure to check out Sassy Studio Designs; you won't be dissapointed!! I still have something to share with you all, but, I have neglected to take a photo!! I received the MOST FABULOUS, early birthday present!! My good friend DEBBY sent it to me and I have been wanting to share!! Ok...tomorrow, I promise!! WOW!! Lots to share tomorrow, isn't there! Oh well, good reasons to come back and see me!! Haha!!! Thanks for coming by to see me today!! You guys are THE BEST!!! Have a FANTASTIC day!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

~~Hey, I know this is a TAD out of focus? BUT...what a GREAT view of that veil!!! Haha!

*** How about a little peek at what I have to share with you tomorrow?? Isn't she COOL too??

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hey there ladies!! How are you? Hope you and your families are well!! I think MY family actually is!! And I mean EVERYONE!!! Haha!! Imagine that, would ya'!! Ok......so, I know I have been sharing some of this Digi stuff with you lately!! Well, can we just say, I have officially gone DIGI crazy!!! Haha!! I mean, REALLY!! They are everywhere, so you just can't help yourself!! And girls? They are just TOO darn sweet!! In many ways!! I have been all over this blog world....scoping it out!! I have acumulated a FEW, mind you, and I am here to share some of the creations that came out of my scoping adventure!! If you haven't ventured into the Digi world yet? You have to give it a shot!! I went and bought one of those little drive things? You know, for storage? I have moved ALL my Digi's there, so they are all together and aren't taking up room on my laptop!! Of course, I have created individual folders for each company!! Alright...I know, I know...let's get on with it, right?
This first creation was made using a Digi image from, The Sketching Stamper!! I had seen this image SOMEWHERE and HAD to find it!! Alas...I had and here it is!!! I think it is SO neat!! I didn't add a whole lot of extras, because I didn't want to take away from the AWESOME image!! I think next time I will try it with some dressier paper! Is that a word?? Dressier?? I don't know, sounds good to me and I think you all know what I meant!! I finished this card with a sentiment from Verve!! SO perfect for this!
The next creation was made using an image from Charmed Cards And Crafts; completed with an ATS, AMYR sentiment!!! I just think Holly & Madison are SO unique!! Although I don't know which one this is?? I STILL couldn't resist getting her!! When you get these images? You get a whole bundle!! Gotta LOVE that!!
That leaves us with my last one, for this evening! This is a Modern Sugar Blvd image, and I finished with a Unity sentiment. In fact? This is a NEW release, over at MSB!! You know what makes this, What's Cooking, image even better? I WON this image, from MSB, during their Bingo night!! Along with winning this image?? I WON THE WHOLE NEW RELEASE!!! YAY, me!! Hey...YAY MSB!!! Those Sugars are SO nice!! They are SO generous too!! Thanks again Modern Sugar Blvd!! I can't tell you how excited I was, as I am sure you would be too!!
One last thing, before you go!! I know I am getting a TAD lengthy here, SORRY!!! I had mentioned having some exciting news?? Well......one of those things was my MSB prizes and another has to do with my KYAH!!! If you have followed me, for awhile, you will know that Kyah likes to create; right along side of me!! She has seen Madelynn's Twinkling Tuesdays' blog and a few other kids. She wanted to have her VERY OWN blog! She wants everyone to see her "stuff" too, as she put it. So....we have worked together, to make that happen!! Kyah is SO excited!! You would NOT believe it!! Her blog is ALMOST ready and I will UNVEIL it here, in the next few days!! She has SO much to share with everyone and it can't get done fast enough!! Haha!! The last thing I have to share can wait until tomorrow!! Thanks SO much for stopping by and reading this WHOLE thing!! At least if you got this far? You are STILL awake!!! Haha! Let me know which creation is your FAVE!!! Remember...my blog is still in the construction phases and should be done soon!! If you see something that is NOT quite right? It probably isn't and still needs fixed! Have a GREAT THURSDAY!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


HI there everyone!!! How are you?? Hope you are well!!! Can you believe it is Tuesday already?? I can't!! WOW!!! Time flies!! Well, since it IS Tuesday, you know what that means!! Another Madelynn's Twinkling Tuesday Challenge!! WOOHOO!! She is such a talented littled girl!! I am telling you, she ALWAYS has a TRUE challenge for us all!! This week is NO exception! I hope you will play along! I REALLY had a LOT of fun with this one!! I am VERY pleased with how it turned out!! Hope you like it!! I FINALLY had a chance to use the NEW Dustin Pike Digi Stamp, I just bought!!! I LOVE that little dragon, don't you? The best part? He has a TON of them!! You really should go check them out!!
Ok, when you finish your creation? Make sure to label it MTTSC27 and leave a comment on the Twinkling Tuesday Blog, so we can find it!!
NOw, I know you have noticed my Blog looks a little different and is currently UNORGANIZED!! I am SO sorry for this; I am still getting it in order! I am a TAD picky you know!! Haha!! WHo me?? NAH!! Anyway, I have created 2 new cattegories at the top there. one is my pic of the week, which you never can tell what you will see there!! The other is my FAVE of the week!! I am excited about this one!! I ALWAYS see the most INCREDIBLE creations out there and, you know me, I LOVE to share!!! Therefore?? This was added, so I could SHARE my FAVES with you all and get that MARVELOUS art out there!!!! Hope you enjoy and hope you won't mind if I ask you to be featured there sometime!! I will give you FULL credit of course, that's what it is ALL about!!! I plan on linking it to each person's website too!! I think it will be GREAT!!!
Thanks for stopping by; I SO appreciate you all!!! I hope you'll stop back, for I have some EXCITEMENT to share!!! Alright, time to visit with the rest of the TWINKLETTES!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!

Cassie Larson

Christi Thorsen

Darla Wilson

Debbie Lee

Heather Lee-Reppen

Heather Schlatter

Janna Hull

Jessica Diedrich

Kim Ross

Kimmie Doktor

Lisa Slusser

Rebecca Ednie

Sandra McLean

Sunday, June 14, 2009


GEEZ!!! I cannot get that song out of my head!! Haha!! Speaking of SUPERSTAR, that is what my final June PEEK is, for you!!! Hey there, how is your weekend going?? Hope you are well!! Today I have a Superstar to share with you, SUPERSTAR ANYA, that is!! She is the last, of the NEW releases for June. Oh...WAIT...that is if you don't include, Baseball Ian going to rubber!!! How exciting, huh? Alright, QUICK one for you today!! There is LOTS to do, to get ready for the EXCITING party tonight, over at Club Anya!! Without further adieu, I give you....Anya!!! She is ready to go to that after party or walk down that runway!!! Hope you like her!!If you have time, stop by the Club Anya blog for more deets about tonight and MORE AWESOME Sneaks!! Let's hear it for those PEEKS!!! YAY!! After you visit the Club blog? Visit the rest o the SU-WEET Design Team!! They really have some GORGEOUS ones for you to see!! Thanks for stopping by, I'll see you tonight!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


**Hey there!! Sorry for the confusion here! Please bear with me while I make some much NEEDED changes! Thank you for your patience and have an AWESOME day! Don't forget to check out my SNEAK PEEKS below!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

WAY TOO CUTE, PEEK!!.........

SERIOUSLY!!!! OH BABY!! Hi there gals; how are you?? Thanks SO much for stopping by, on a Saturday!! You will be glad you did!! I have the second set being released, on June 15th, from The Greeting Farm and Club Anya!! It is called, appropriately, OH BABY!!! This set is SUPER cute, no doubt!!! It being Saturday, I won't keep you! Here is my SNEAKY PEEK for you, hope you like it!! I wasn't TOO sure about the ribbon, but, I went out on a limb! Haha! I ALWAYS play it safe and pick something that is plain, to match. Let me know what you think, would you?? Have a GREAT one!! Make sure to come and party with us tomorrow night!! SUNDAY @ 8PM CST!! Where you may ask?? On the Club Anya Page, at Papercraft Planet!! If you want to see some MORE of this AWESOME set? Head on over to the Club Anya Blog! And don't forget the rest of the Design Team, of course!! Because?? They SO rock!! See you at Papercraft Planet!! There is LOTS in store for you!! ENJOY LIFE!!

***Quick note: Check out those matching brads!! Don't ya' just LOVE them? My SWEET friend, Debby Boltman sent them to me!!! She is THE BEST!! Thanks Debby!! I will have to show you what else she sent too!! Okay....cya later, sorry, babbling!! Haha!

My Teammates!!!

Jessica Diedrich, Club VP/DT Coordinator

Janna Hull

Kristine MoldenhauerBiseth

Traci Porter

Joni Wilson

Friday, June 12, 2009


**I can't believe my babies are TWO today!! WOW!!! I never would have guessed that I would have twins, let alone that they would be TWO already!!**


Alright, sorry about that!! Had to get that out of my system! I am STILL in shock that they are 2! Haha! Hey there gals!! How are you this morning?? Quick shout out to all the MSB Sugars!! Thanks for an AWESOME night of chatting and bingo!!

Ok.....it is FINALLY here!!! The SNEAKS have begun!!! Can you believe it?? Club Anya and The Greeting Farm have some SUPER cuties for you this month!!! I swear, Marie just keeps them coming!! She is SO talented!! You are going to LOVE them!! FOR SURE!!! Today is the first and I will be sharing them with you for the next few days!! WOOHOO!! The last SNEAK will be on Sunday; ending with some partying fun over at the Club Anya PCP page!!! Wait 'till you see what we have in store for you!! Hope to see you there!! SUNDAY, JUNE 14th @ 8pm CST!! Check out the CLUB ANYA blog for ALL the deets!! Besides, while you are over there? You will get even more eye candy to peek at!!! Haha!! Gotta LOVE that, right?? So....without further babbling, "huh" you know me!! Here is my little SNEAKAROO!! Now, make sure to visit the rest of my AWESOMATED Teammates, for some more!! I am SO glad you stopped by today!! Hope you will visit tomorrow!! I appreciate you all!! Have a FANTASTIC day!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

***My AWESOMATED Teammates!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hey there Twinklers!! How the heck are you?? Man...........it took some doin', but........I DID it!!! YAY!!! I was afraid I had forgotten how to create, it has been SO long!!! Haha! SO....today WAS Madelynn's Twinkling Tuesday!! And.....as luck would have it, Madelynn was the GIVER of the challenge this week!!! She is SO creative!! You just HAVE to love her challenges!! I hope you played along!! If not? You STILL can!! Just make sure to post a comment to the TWINKLE TUESDAY blog and label your creation with MTTSC26, so we can find you!!! Now, while you are over at the Twinkle blog, check out this weeks SUH-WEET, Featured Stamper!!! It is none other than the TOTALLY Talented, Heather Schlatter!! Gosh...I sure hope I spelled that right!! It is late you know!! And.....I am under the influence.........under the influence of cold medicine that is!! Haha! SOmetimes I think that stuff can make you loopier than A glass of wine!! Oh, there are some things I NEED to share with my fellow twinklers!! This week we are saying goodbye to Jennifer and Bonnie!! They will be SO missed!!! Make sure to visit with them! As we are saying goodbye, we must also say HELLO.......hello to our newest member!! Please WELCOME our newest Twinklette, Lisa Slusser!!! WELCOME!!!! Ok...hope I got that spelling right too!!! Haha!
Anyway....I am babbling on!! Like you are surprised!!! I thank you SO much for your well wishes and kind emails!! I SO appreciate them!! I also thank you for stopping by!! I will leave you with my version of this weeks challenge! As promised, I HAD to share one of my Victoria Case, Digi's!!! Isn't IT cute?? I completed the creation with my AMYR Friends sentiments, from ATS!! Have a GREAT night and come by to visit me tomorrow, over at Club Anya! I will be posting there tomorrow too!!


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Christi Thorsen
Darla Wilson
Debbie Lee
Heather Lee-Reppen
Heather Schlatter
Janna Hull
Jessica Diedrich
Kim Ross
Kimmie Doktor
Lisa Slusser
Rebecca Ednie
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