Saturday, January 31, 2009


Hey all!! How are you?? It's Saturday,yay!!! ONE more day until CLUB ANYA is here!!! How AWESOME!! You have to check it out & join!!! I have a link, on my sidebar!! Those ANYA's are WAY cute!!! Let's not forget IAN too!! Hehe!! In case you are not familiar.....they are from The Greeting Farm!!! Still not ringing that bell for you???? Go visit Club Anya's blog, tomorrow!! There will be LOTS of GREAT stuff going on! So.....let hubby watch the Super can visit Club Anya and play along with their games!! There are PRIZES too!! You will NOT be dissapointed, I PROMISE!!!
Ok....So, onto my card. I am really not to sure about it. I used my "Cuter Than Most" set, from Unity!! I think this set is SO cute. I used Misc. patterned paper, that I got from All That Scraps. Now, at one time I knew the name, but, alas thay are scraps and I do not. Sorry! This paper just reminded me of space, to go with the cute little alien!! I layered it onto my SU CS and added some embelishments. I used my Prisma Markes to color it and here you are. I just don't know if I LIKE it??? I think I do. It's just not grabbing me, ya know?? What do you think??
I will be back later with Kyah's card. She wants to FINISH it today! Haha! She is SO stinkin' cute!! I am SO blessed!! Ok, talk to you later!!! Have an AWESOME day!!
*****ENJOY LIFE!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Hey there ladies!!! How are you?? Really!! So....WHASSUP?? I had to put that in there for my friend, Kriss! Anything....exciting????? C'mon.....Really???? Talk to me!! Hehehe!!
No...really, I have been tagged........TWICE!! GEEZ!! As my New friend,Jessica, must have to do with people being snowed in! Haha! Oh well. This one is a little different anyway, kinda FUN. It gives everyone a chance to learn something NEW about you. Thanks to my friends CHERI & JESSICA!!!'s the deal:
1. Go to where you keep your pictures, select the 6th folder, and the 6th picture in that folder.
2. Then post it on your blog with an explanation of the story behind the picture.
3. Tag 6 other people to do the same, and make sure you let them know about it.

**This pic was taken a while ago. We had just gotten a second fold up, kids couch. We had one, that was Kyah's, and needed another one. Kyah never really bothered with hers, which was the Winnie The Pooh one. Oh, she sat on it once and awhile, but, nothing like the twins!! We got that second one and it was just hilarious!! The way they would just HANG on their couches was WAY too cute!! Every time you would take them their morning bottle, they would run over to their couches and wait for you to hand it to them. Like clockwork!! Too FUNNY!!! Hope you liked my pic!!! Now it's your turn...........







******You can find these LOVELY, TALENTED ladies on my sidebar. Go visit!!!

Ok.....on to my card. I NEEDED to make a Bella card, I just haven't for TOO long. So I got out my DCWV paper pad & SU CS, of course, and off I went. I used the NEW Shoe Bag stamp, from Stamping Bella, that I got from Carri. Carri was my last Bella Sistah! Thanks Carri; I finally inked it up!! I inked it up and colored it in with my Prisma Markers. Hope you like it!!! I was going to share one of Kyahs' creations, but, she INSISTED that it wasn't READY yet!! Too funny....who knew??? Have a FANTASTIC evening!! I am off to get some things done! I have to work tomorrow and next week is my first OFFICIAL week, back to FT work!!! Or as close as I can get to it, without paying for OUTRAGEOUS daycare!! Gotta do what you gotta do,right?? Wish me luck gals!! By the way....I am so excited to announce 2 things!!! NEW friend, Katie, just started her OWN line of stamps!! Go check it out @! The other AWESOME thing is that Madelynn, of MTT, has started her OWN blog!!! You NEED to check that out too!!! It's @ !! Sorry, babbling again!! Hey....not my should know me by now!!! Hehe!! Thanks for all your encouragement and support!! So GLAD you stopped by!! Remember....ENJOY LIFE!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


OK, I know you are thinking........not again!!!! Doesn't she have ANYTHING else?? Now....hear me out! I had made 2 and I just so happen to work with 3 AWESOME ladies!!! I had NO choice!! I had to make ONE more!! it is!! This is my FIRST card, however, using the copic technique I watched on someone's blog. Now, I only have 3 copics, but, I tried it using my 3 my Prisma markers. I layered the color, using my Skin Tone Copic, on her hair. What do you think?? So.....which card is your FAVE?? Come on, let me know what you think!! Alright, off to bed!! Hope I can sleep!!! I was so excited to finish this card, that I think I stayed up a tad late!!! Hehe!! I have to work tomorrow!! Oh well, what CAN I say??!!! Thanks for stopping by ladies!! I really appreciate it and LOVE sharing with you!!! Next time I will have my and Kyahs' creations from our SNOW DAY today!! Until next time......ENJOY LIFE!!!
**I should have gotten 2 of those Basic Grey,Bittersweet pads!!!! I LOVE all the patterns!!
**Check out the other things I used,below, in the labels!!


***Quick edit: I changed the pic size in the previous post!! No wonder they weren't that great!! If you have time, take a look again!!! Thanks!!!***

Hi all, how are you today? Today we are having a SNOW DAY!!! How about you?? Kyah is SO excited; she wants to make cards!! So, we will have fun stuff to post later!!!
OK, so my DH loves this Pretty Head Lilly image, from The Greeting Farm!! I am slightly drawn to it as well (haha), especially in varying sizes!! You just have to LOVE it, ya know? That being said, here is another card using this LOVELY image! You can find TGF on my side bar; Lilly is a Digi image, in case you forgot! Hehe! I layered my K&Company BG paper on my SU CS. I LOVE that Basic Grey CS from SU, such a great shade of grey!! I also used my Nesties. Speaking of which, I really would have LOVED a bigger size of ovals for this, mine weren't big enough for the larger image to fit!! I was a tad bummed. You know how you have something in your head?! Oh well, I will have to look for that bigger size, I just think it would have looked nicer with an oval; instead of a circle. I finished this creation off with a sentiment from Verve! If you can't use a UNITY one, you have to use VERVE! They BOTH have the neatest sayings!! Oh, I was also was thinking of using my NEW Labels Nesties, however, that didn't have a big enough one either!! Ackk! Hate it when that happens!! Hehe!! You know, I have also noticed that the Labels One set has too much space in between sizes! Frustrating!! Does anyone know of or have any suggestions??
Well, I have another card to share with you. The second one is just a simple one, but, I really like how it turned out. What do you think? I used my NEW Rhonna Farrer rub-ons, that my friend DEBBY sent me. Thank you SO much DEBBY!! I finally used them!! I had been wanting to and just had a creative block! .....Block lifted! Hehe! I also used the same K&Company BG paper & SU CS, except red this time. Alright, I have gabbed enough!! Oh, sorry, one last thing. Can you all suggest a good light? You know, those natural lights that people use?? I want better lighting for coloring and taking pics. Been a little irritated with the whole pic thing latley!! I have been taking SO many, just to get ONE good one!! I am sure some of you can relate!! I thought of saying, ALL, but I have seen your pics and know they look professional!!! There is a new store opening here and they have a Verilux light on sale for $40. I guess it is origianlly $80. It says it has a natural spectrum indoor light?? What do you think? I know I keep asking you that, but, hey...I LOVE your thoughts and opinions!! Ok......I am done!! Hehe!! Thank you so much for stopping by and listening to me ramble!! What can I say, I like talking with you!!! I will be back later!!! Have Fun and......ENJOY LIFE!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


***I edited this post to change the siz of pics, I discovered they were posted at the small size!! No wonder I didn't like them!!!
**Here's this week's sketch!!

Hi all, how are you?? HOpe you are well!!! I am sorry I haven't been here to visit, but, I have some REALLY FUN & AWESOME news!!! Jessica, of The Whimsical Butterfly, has a WONDERFUL daughter Madelynn!! You guessed it!! It's THE Madelynn of "Madelynn's Twinkling Tuesday Challenge"!!! She is WAY creative!! Anyway, Jessica emailed me and asked if I would join their team! I was so honored!!! All of these Twinklettes are AMAZING!! So I felt this card was fitting, for my FIRST MTTSC, as part of their team!! So, here it is!! Hope you will join me for this week's challenge!! It is, without a doubt, a fun one!! As always, be sure to use this keyword when you UL to SCS or PCP so that we can all have a look. The keyword ,for this week, is MTTSC7. Have fun and I can't wait to see what you come up with!!! Thanks for joining us and don't forget to check out the other Twinklettes amazing work!!! I will be back to check on you; thanks for stopping by and remember..........ENJOY LIFE!!!!!!

**Here's my MTTSC7!! Play along!!!

**I used the NEWEST DIGI image from The Greeting Farm, a Unity sentiment, along with my SU CS & Basic Grey patterned paper. HOpe you like it!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hey there, me again!! WOW! It's gonna snow or something!! Hehe! 2 posts in one night!! Woohoo! is 11:50 where I am. I just made it!! WHEW! It is STILL Tuesday everyone!! is my FIRST MTT challenge; actually I think the code for this one is MTTSC6! I hope this counts, 'cuz I added a tad to it!! I added ribbon and a sentiment. I am So excited to be a part of this group! I used my Bella image that one of you ladies out there was nice enough to swap with me for!! The sentiment I have and LOVE, is also Bella!!! I used my Prisma markers and NEW Spica pen on SU CS, with DCWV BG paper!! Hope you like it! Oh yeah, I added an extra pic for this one. Check out those brown,glittery bon bon things!! I got them from Stamping Bella; I thought I would give them a try!! I am SO liking them!! Have a GREAT night all! Thanks for stopping back! Don't forget....ENJOY LIFE!!!!
***SO SORRY ABOUT THE LIGHTING!! Little late, little not so light here! Hehe!!


Hey there ladies!! How are you this fine evening?? I just got back from the grocery store. YAY! What fun, huh? I have a couple of questions for you tonight and a NEW stamp I have finally inked up! So...first the questions. I have been SO busy sharing, lately, that I am almost out of envies!!! YIKES!! I NEED to find the regular white A2 size, the clear ones, and I think I would like to try some square ones. That being any of you have a GREAT place to get these? I know, I know....I AM a SU demonstrator!!! However, with $6.95 shipping?? I really would like to see what else is out there! Ya know what I mean?? This Chick is a LITTLE thrifty! Let's face it....I have to be....and who doesn't now a days??!! Right?? question. Someone had told me, but, I can't remember who it was. I would LOVE to find the Cuttlebug,Snowflake embossing folder. Now, not the one with the circles around them though. Do you know which one I mean? I can't even think what it's called! Oh well, anyhoo....I have looked several places and they are out of stock, of course!! Not that I NEED to buy another thing!! Hehe! Then again know! I am sure you are right there with me! Hehe! If you have any ideas for me, that would be great. I just wonder though, how bad do you think shipping would be on that ONE folder?? I really SHOULDN'T buy anything else to go with it. Although, there is something to be said about snowflakes AND snowmen! Haha! I would LOVE any and ALL suggestions!! I just wish I could find these things at ACmoore or Mike's!! NO SHIPPING!!!
Alright, before I bore you ABSOLUTELY to is my creation to share! I got this Mushroom Lane stamp from CHF, before Christmas. I am just now inking it up!! Imagine that!! I wasn't even sure I had a block big enough! I used my Mello BG paper ,by Basic Grey ,and my SU CS. I also used my Prisma markers and a Unity sentiment. Gotta LOVE the Unity sentiments!! I hope you like it!!
Oh yeah....before you go. I broke down and checked out Paper Planet! Holy Stampers!! Lots of people having fun over there!! While I was there, I joined a few groups! YAY!! I LOVE to share and make new friends!! One of the groups is "Madelyn's Twinkling Tuesdays". I am sure I butchered the name, but, they are such GREAT, TALENTED ladies and welcomed me to their group!!! I am SO excited! I am going to try and participate in this weeks' challenge!! If I can swing it, I will be back yet tonight with my card! Hope you'll stop back! ENJOY LIFE & enjoy your trip down Mushroom Lane!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Hey there gals! Hope you are well! Ok.......remember how a few posts ago, I said it would be the shortest EVAH??? Well.........I was wrong! Hehe! This will be! I just wanted to share another Unicorn with you AWESOME ladies! Since it was a Digi, from The Greeting Farm, I actually printed out 4 on one sheet. you go......ANOTHER Unicorn! The sentiment is from A Muse and the BG paper is DCWV; of course the card base is SU Pretty In Pink. I used my Prisma markers and my NEW Clear Spica marker! WOW, I LOVE that thing! Makes me wish I would have gotten other colors!! Oh well, what do I know?! ENJOY ! Most of all? Thanks for stopping by and ENJOY LIFE!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Happy Sunday everyone! How is your day going?? So, you all know how I have been loving these Digi's, right? Well!! Check it out!! I visited THE GREETING FARM and guess what?? You betcha!! They have some Digi's too!!!! YAY!!! Now, I think someday I will be investing in her other stamps as well, but, for now??? I LOVE this Unicorn!! Marie, over at THE GREETING FARM, is SUPER nice!! I was having some issues with printing the image out and she REALLY was GREAT!!! So, if you want to try some..... go see Marie!! She was SO helpful and quick to get back to me!!! I used my Basic Grey SU CS, along with my Basic Grey BG paper. Hehe! How do you like that? I am a Basic Grey kinda gal! Haha! Anyway, I hope you like it; let me know what you think! 'K?
If you have some time, you also have to stop by Javablustamper & Friends. I am heading over there, when I am done here, to post the next challenge. Hope you'll play along! I could go on and on, but, I think I'll stop here, for now. I will be back tomorrow! Thanks for visiting with me and remember always........ENJOY LIFE!!!!!


Friday, January 16, 2009


Hey all!!! How the heck are you?? It's Friday night and the weekend is here!! Yay!!! So, any great plans for this ridiculously cold weekend?? I have a SWEET little bunny to share with you tonight!! He is from ATS, of course, and is available in a DIGI or a stamp!! I used some more of my Basic Grey paper and my new Nesties!! I LOVE those Nesties!!! What fun! The sentiment is from SU; it's a pretty old one too, I think. So whatcha' think?? Cute, huh? So next is my award that I received from my GREAT Bella friend, SARAH. She is super talented, so, you need to go visit her! Her addy is listed on my sidebar under, My Creative Corner! Go check out her creations! I have listed the deets underneath the award. So many people, who are deserving, it's hard to pick! So, just know that if your name is not listed, doesn't mean you don't deserve it too! I try and share the LOVE, ya know? I hope you all stay warm this weekend!! I know it's FREEZING here!!! I am going to go now, so glad you stopped by! I am going to have a KYAH night tonight! Kyah needs some mommy time, minus the twins, ya know? So we are going to create some stuff and maybe watch a movie! I'll be back soon to share again!! You guys are THE BEST!! Until then........ENJOY LIFE!!!!


1. This must be given to 7 people, who inspire you.

2. You must notify them, on their blogs.

3. You must list them here to share with others!

**So here goes!

**Go check out these fantastic ladies!! Thanks for sharing your talent ladies!!!


OK, ladies, this will probably be the shortest post EVAH!! Hehe!! I have to get to bed, but, SO wanted to share this with you!! I just got this new die, from spellbinders and had to make something with it! It is a VERY simple card, but, I LOVE it!! You know??? I think it is the BG paper! Gee.......imagine that?? Me, liking the BG paper?? Haha!! I got this in a BG paper swap I was in!! As I have said before and probably TOO much.......gotta LOVE the BASIC GREY!! Hehe!! Oh......and you gotta LOVE the UNITY sentiment too, OF COURSE!!! I'll be back tomorrow with another creation and an AWARD that my AWESOME friend Sarah gave me!! Thanks SOOOO much Sarah! So, come back and visit! ENJOY LIFE!!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hey Gals! How are you today?? So sorry for the quick posts, but, here's another one! I just finished this creation today and got it out in the mail tody, already!! Hehe! I am trying to get to everyone, as I had promised!! Anyway, this is another Digi download from ATS. You just GOTTA LOVE it!! I think they are WAY cute! I can't wait to see what other Digi's ATS comes out with! They are SO much fun! I LOVE being able to size them how I want, ya know? The sentiment, I used, is from Unity. Gotta LOVE them too! Ok, so the paper I used is the Serendipity collection, from Sassafras Lass. I am REALLY pleased with how this came out. I tried a few different things and the buttons match perfectly!! I LOVE when that happens, don't you? Hope you all have a GREAT day and I'll be back with more!! I have to get moving here! Kade has his follow up appt. today, from his surgery. I think everything looks ok, so let's hope the Doc agrees! Oh.....I almost forgot! If you want to see more creations, made with Digi Downloads, go visit my girl Carri at . She has some REAL CUTIES too!! Until next time.......ENJOY LIFE!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Hey there all!! How are you?? I hope you all are well and thanks so much for stopping by! I have another quick post for you. However, I just wanted to give a quick shout out to a few of you gals, who were a bit under the weather. Cheri, Carri, and Christi.....I sure hope you are feeling better!! I have been thinking of you and just wanted to wish you happy,healthy thoughts!!! 'Lot going on here the last couple days and I am still having some computer issues! is my creation to share! I believe these ATS Digi downloads are really growing on me! Hehe!! They are WAY cute and...well, what else can I say? See for yourself. Hey......check out this BG paper!! You know?? I think that is REALLY my thing! I just LOVE the BG paper!!! This CUTIE is from Sassafras Lass; it's part of their Serendipity collection. Gotta LOVE it!! The other thing I like? I like how the mushroom turned out! I have really been practicing. I finished this card off with a SU sentiment. Hope you like my creation! Have a WONDERFUL night and I'll see you soon!! Remember.......ENJOY LIFE!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Ok, ladies, a real quick post for you! I hope you all are well tonight! I have to do this fast, because who knows how long my internet connection will last!!!!! Haha! I have had a HECK of a time getting on here, so I will be brief! Here is my entry for the February Homepage contest, on Bellaholicsanonymous. I don't usually enter, but, it is! There's just TOO many SUPER talented Bellas out there!! Ya know?? Anyway, hope you like it and wish me luck!!! I was really crossing my fingers on this one, 'cuz I had ONE image of this! Yep, just ONE! I got it in an image swap and I breathed a sigh of relief, when it was done!! Thank goodness I didn't mess it up! I have another card to share, but, that will have to wait until next time!! Thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciate it!! Have a GREAT one!!! Remember.......ENJOY LIFE!!!

**P.S How do you like that BG paper?? It's from K&Company and I realized that was all I had that was Valentine's Dayish!! Hehe! Thanks all!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hey there!! It's me again!! Imagine that!! 2 days in a row! Ok, I had a little time, while the twins were napping and VOILA!!! Check it out! Do you like it?? The background paper is DCWV, from my AWESOME Bella Friend, Cheri!! I LOVE IT! It all matches! Yay! Thanks Cheri! The stamp is my new Unity Tea Cup. My mom got it for me for Christmas. Wasn't that Great? Thanks mom! I used SU Eggplant ink and my Prisma markers. Oh, and the ribbon is actually a piece of SU,retired Burgandy ribbon. Huh, not too bad. By the way,you all know how I LOVE background paper, right?? You have to check out the NEW Basic Grey paper, for Valentines day!! SOOOOOOOOOO pretty!!! I think it's called Bittersweet, but, don't quote me. You will know it when you see it, believe me! Alright, let me know what you think of the card, 'K?

Before I dash off, I just wanted to tell you to visit 2 blogs for some AWESOME creations!! You know me, I LOVE to share and I have to give credit where credit is due! You will Love what you see! Click on the links below to check them out!! GREAT JOB LADIES!!! THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR TALENT!!

Janna -You have to check out her Lilly card!!

Chrissy- You have to check out her Penguin Hugs card!!

**Thanks for stopping by everyone and remember........ENJOY LIFE!!!