Sunday, June 7, 2009


Hey there! For those of you who stopped back? I thank you SO much! However, just when you think it's safe? It is not! Haha! was a LITTLE more challenging than anticipated!! Therefore, I am SO sorry, but,.......I have NOTHING for you!! ZILCH, ZIP, ZERO!! NADA??LAME, I know!! I PROMISE tomorrow will hold LOTS for you!! I have several Digi's I have been working on? Ready to be part of a NEW creation!! I went a TAD DIGI crazy, this past week!! I NEVER realized what all was out there!! Now, I knew, OF COURSE, about TGF and I knew about MSB; ok MAYBE some others!!!! There are MORE popping up ALL over!! They are just TOO easy to get!! Aren't they?? here I am, again, going on.....and on......and on!! Haha!! Thanks for understanding and I will see you LOVELY ladies tomorrow!! I SWEAR!!!! Hehe!! Be well!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

P.S. Maybe I will have to come up with a list of Digi sites, huh??


Carri D said...

Jacquie, would you be willing to share some of the sites you get your digis from? There needs to be a big master list of digi shops!! lol

Diana said...

I really want to second the previous comment. I would love to see all the different digi stamps in one nice list!

Besides... I think everyone has a day when they've got nothing to share. You're not lame.