Friday, May 28, 2010


Good Morning all!! How are you? I am sitting here, with some time now, checking my latest posts!! AND.......of course!! I see that ONE of my posts......did NOT post!!! SO.......I will be BACK this afternoon with my LOST Daredevil post!! Sorry gals!! I thought that ALL my posts made it back to the computer!!! Hope you will stop back for that!!! Until then................

As you know, today is the FINAL release day, over at Inktegrity, FOR THE SEASON!! AND? As the season ends? So does this seasons' DESIGN TEAM!!! BOOHOO!!! Although SO sad.......I am sure that everyone is looking forward to a FUN filled SUMMER!!!! While on SUMMER BREAK, the FABULOUS Joni, will have FREEBIES every Monday!!! Now that deserves a HUGE WOOHOO!!! Joni is ABSOLUTELY amazing!! She is such a WONDERFUL person and SO talented!! I am SO proud to say I was a part of her AWESOMATED team!!! Joni is SO......THE BEST?? That she created an image for EACH design team member!! See?? Told you!! I requested something having to do with CHEERLEADING, since Kyah will be starting that in the fall!!! Kyah was SO excited to see this!!! She cannot wait to get her turn at coloring!!! Joni's NEW release, over at INKTEGRITY, is our CHEERLEADER!!!! Check her out!!KYAH AND I LOVE HER!!! She is PERFECT!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you JONI!!! Hey all, you can pick a CHEERLEADER up, for your very own, at INKTEGRITY today!!! I cannot wait to see what you all create!! What an HONOR to have an image create just for us!!! This is NOT the end for me and INKTEGRITY!!! Oh.....NO!! Look for my SUMMER Inktegrity creations!!! Still LOTS of Inktegrity to share!! Have an AWESOME day and I will see you back here later for my LOST WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY post!!! Thanks for joining me today and ENJOY LIFE!!!

Rhonda Miller
Lelia Pierce
Ashley Scheffler
Jackie Randolph
Julie Elak
Kelly Santi
Diane Ulitsch (challenge coordinator)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Stopping by QUICK with an AWESOME inspiration challenge!!! Thanks SO much for stopping by!! I am trying to get ready for work here, so, don't laugh at my mixed up words or FAST type!! The GROOVY GURLZ, over at StampInsanity, have a picture for you to take a peek at and let INSPIRE you to create something...........GROOVY!!! Check it out!
SISC11 copy
How COOL is that? RIGHT? Here is my take on it; I used ZED, from the latest StampInsanity release!! Isn't he COOL too? Must be the word today.........COOL!! Haha!! I LOVE how he came out!!! I just got a bit stuck on the background paper part, SOooooooo, I improvised!!! Hope you like!!! Be sure to visit the StampInsanity blog, for ALL the deets and visit the rest of the GURLZ for some more inspiration!! Have a FABULOUS day!!! I will be back.............AFTER work!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!



Wednesday, May 26, 2010



Hey all!! How are you?? SO sorry!! I am LATE and didn't even know it!! I had EVERTHING set last night, for today?? AND?? can see what happened!!! NOTHING!!! Nope, NADA!! Zilch Zip, Zero!!! SO.........I was at Kyah's school today and then went to work?? I come home to find.........THIS!!! So sorry I am late!!
Anyway!! Here we are!!! My FIRST share for today is a WILD FLOWER PATCH challenge!! YAY!! The challenge this week is to create something......................


Now, I KNOW you can do that!! So, be sure to head over to the WILD FLOWER PATCH, for all the deets!! I LOVE how this card turned out!! I used the PRETTY IN PINK rubber set, from the WILD FLOWER PATCH. It will be PERFECT to give to one of Kyah's teachers. Hope you like!! Have a GREAT evening and if you have time, STOP BACK for some more sharing!! Before you head off to do your thing tonight? Check out the rest of the WILD FLOWER KIDS; I know they have some FABULOUSNESS to share !!! Thanks for visiting and ENJOY LIFE!!!

How do you like that OUTSIDE pic??


BACK AGAIN WITH SOME INKTEGRITY!! is cooking on the stove and I am back with ANOTHER creation share!! On a side note, I did have a visit from one of the Girl Scout mom's and it was.........just a bummer. She brought Kyah and I stuff, which was SO nice of her; that is NOT the bummer part!! She REALLY did not have to do that!! AND....I thank her SO much for coming by! It is just's a shame how things turn out!! I did type more, but, I have decided to delete it. It is NOT worth re-hashing. What's done is done and nothing I say here, is going to change it! Suffice to say, I really had thought I made some friends there and loved being a part of it! Oh well.......3 years later? Here we are!
Anyway, you all did not stop back to hear me blubber about sad stuff!! I have an AWESOME sketch for you, from INKTEGRITY!! That and a BEAUTIFUL new image!!! On to HAPPY stuff!!! Check it out!!



***Hope you can play along!! Visit the INKTEGRITY CHALLENGE BLOG for more deets!!! won't want to miss the rest of the INKTEGRITY girls!! They have some BEAUTIFUL creations to share with you!! I will be back after dinner with ONE last creation to share!! Until then............thanks for stopping back and sorry this creation's first post did not go thru earlier today!! See you in a bit!!


Rhonda Miller
Lelia Pierce
Ashley Scheffler
Jackie Randolph
Julie Elak
Kelly Santi
Diane Ulitsch (challenge coordinator)

PS......if you visit the INKTEGRITY blog, you may just WIN a tree of your very own!!

Friday, May 21, 2010


WOOHOO!!! Finally!! I am SO excited to share this with all of you!! Check it out!!! This week's challenge, over at StampInsanity, is to create........................................


What is that? A bookmark....PLUS.....hardware!! I used one of the NEW images, from WHAT THE HEART WANTS and a sentiment from the OTHERWORDLY LOVES set!!! I am SO happy with how this turned out!! I haven't had much time to work on my coloring skills!! Hope you will play along and THANKS, so much for stopping by!! I will see you later, PROMISE!! Be sure to visit the other ROCKIN Groovy Gurlz!!! They have some AWESOME creations to share!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!


Simply Supernatural_FINAL_watermarkedSMALL

**Can you see that star?? Little tough, huh? Sorry!! Hahaha!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Darn things!!! I am SO sorry I did NOT come back ,as planned, last night!! However, my Mr. Kade, decided to have MORE hives!! We REALLY thought he had kicked them and that we were pretty sure what the culprit was!! He JUST went off the Prednesone, however you spell that, and there they were!!! I am sure you have guessed, I slept with him last night, on the couch, out of WORRY!!!! I gave hin the Benedryl and it did seem to help!! BUT? No crafting or computer time for me. That has been hard to come by lately, I MUST admit! Therefore, I have decided.....with LOTS of thought and SADNESS, that I NEED to cut my responsibilities AGAIN!!! I hope that you will PLEASE hang in there with me thru this!! You know I ALWAYS give 110% and it is only fair to the DT's I am on!!! Until my son is thru all this, I will have to be fair and use my crafting time WISELY!!!! Haha!! Imagine that?! I will have SOME time? So......I do not want to give up all together!! SO...stay tuned as I go thru this NEXT phase and I THANK YOU all for your thoughts and prayers!! Have an AWESOME day and I will see you later today for these FABULOUS creations!!


Hope you will join me!! I also NEED to share a WONDERFUL, new release with you!! Check oiut what is available NOW.....TODAY......from PIXIE DUST STUDIO!!! Kathy is simply AMAZING and so are the rest of the PIXIES, so be sure to check them out today!!! LOVE ya all and ENJOY LIFE!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hey there!! How are you all?? I have MISSED you!!! It has been an say the least!! My son has given me palpatations, for sure!!!! SO...that along with my computer?? I feel like it has been............FOREVER!!!!! If you have NOT seen Mr. Kades' ER pic, from last week, here ya go!!

Now, isn't that pretty?? UGH!! I am tellin' ya!! I have REALLY not gotten a lot done, as far as crafting goes and you can see why!! He has had some headaches, that stemmed from that LOVELY shiner and still has had some HIVE issues!! I don't even know if I went into ALL that stuff with you!! OH well.....suffice to say.......Kade MUST be allergic to something and we are going to be working on that for awhile, I do believe!!! I must say though, after sleeping SEVERAL nights on the couch with him?? You know I am paranoid don't you? I am happy to be back in my OWN bed!! Haha!! SO glad we BOTH can sleep a little easier!!! to the FUN stuff......right?? As you know, SWEET PEA STAMPS is our WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY sponsor this month, and it is also MIX IT UP MAY!!!! A HUGE thank you to SWEET PEA!! What that means is that our GUEST SKETCH ARTIST, is the one with the sketch for you this week!! AND??? To top it off?? We not only DARE you.....we DOUBLE DARE you!!! Yepper!! That's right!! We have TWO fabulous sketch artists today!! They are none other than the AWESOMATED Heather's girls!!! Thank you to PIPER and WILLOW, for giving us such SWEET sketches!! You gals ROCK!!! SO.....take your pick or be DARING and do BOTH!!!! Here they are and here is my version!! I hope you will play along!! I will be back in a bit with ANOTHER fun challenge!!

Willow's Sketch
Piper's Sketch

Visit the DARE BLOG, for all the deets!!! AND....don't forget to visit the rest of the talented DAREDEVILS!!! You can find the DAREDEVILS, along my sidebar!!

A WILD FLOWER KIDS CHALLENGE!!! I said above, it has been a LITTLE crazy!! SO.....please bear with me, while I get back into the swing of things AGAIN!!! I will have LOTS of upcoming posts.....with LOTS of creations to share!!! Hope you will stop back from time to time!! Thank you SO ,much for visiting me and for hanging in there with me!!!
I have ANOTHER challenge for you and this one is from the WONDERFUL girls, of the WILD FLOWER PATCH!!! SO talented they are!!! The challenge we have for you this week is...........


I LOVED this one!! Only thing is....I would have really liked to use my distresser? You know, the one that does the sides of the cardstock?? It is a circle with a notch in it?? you think I could find it??!!!! GEEZ!!! That being said.......I ended up just sponging black everywhere!! Haha!! Hope you like it!! I used the WILD FLOWER PATCH freebie that you all should have received!!! It is the FLOWERS IN BOWL one?? I like to change it up and use ALL the different Digi's the AWESOME Jenn has to offer!! She just plain ROCKS, I tell ya!! Check it out! sure to check out the WILD FLOWER PATCH for all the deets!! Hope you like and hope to see you later!!! I have a BUNCH for ya!! Have a FANTABULOUS day!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!
Hey....remember to visit ALL the Wild Flower Kids!!! They are on my left hand sidebar!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hey there!! I am BAACKK!! How was your day?? Did you visit me over at the DARE blog?? Well?? Did ya'?? OK.....if you were not able to get over there? Here is the DARE CHALLENGE, for this week!! Do you remember last week? When we said there would be GUEST sketch artists?? YAY!! This week is MY Kyah's turn!! WOOHOO!!! just HAVE to play along!! AWESOME job Kyah!! Come on KNOW you want to!! Haha!! Anyway....THANK YOU so much to our SPONSOR this month, SWEET PEA STAMPS!! I LOVE these images!! SO glad you stopped back to visit!! Check out KYAH'S sketch and MY take!!!

See?? I told you those images were FABULOUS!!! I used the©ching-chou kuik's Soft Goth Night image!! OK, I must prepare the NEXT post!! SO....stick around, won't you? OH....AND....please visit my fellow DAREDEVILS!! You KNOW they will have some SWEETNESS to share with you!! Check out the DARE blog for ALL the deets too!! See you in TWO!




YAY!! Here I am again, with another challenge!! I am SO sorry I am late today!! However, in my defense? I was a tad BUSY, being a MOM the past few days!! WHEW!! My son, Kade, decided he was going to have a severe, allergic SOMETHING!!! Now, of course, as luck would have it?? We are NOT sure what it is!!! Can you believe it???? Can there POSSIBLY be one more thing??!!! WAIT............don't answer that!! I am SURE there can be.....right?? RIGHT!!!! OH long as it is NOT even HALF as scary as the past several days?? Bring it on!!! Haha!!
Anyway, thanks for hanging out tonight!! Her is the NEXT.....WILD FLOWER KIDS challenge!!! This week? We challenge you to create something with..........................


Here is MY take on the WILD FLOWER challenge!! Hope you will join us!! This one is a FUN one!!! I used the NEWLY released CATERPILLAR!! Isn't he COOL?? to work on tomorrow's stuff!!! You know I am just a SMIDGE behind!! Hmmmmmm, wonder why?? Have an AWESOME night and don't for get the rest of the WILD FLOWER KIDS, while you are out and about!! That and get ALL the deets at the WILD FLOWER PATCH!! See you tomorrow!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!



Hey there all!! Stopping by with an ACTUAL post for you!! I haven't much time, so I will get right to it!! Sorry I have not been here, but, I do have a NEW 'puter and I will have more to share here SOON!!! My son Kade has been dealing with an allergic reaction to something and we do not know what it is!! That has provided several sleepless nights in our house!! I will go into that more later tonight!! I WILL BE BACK TONIGHT WITH THE REST OF MY CREATIONS!! I hope you will stop back!! UNTIL THEN, PLEASE VISIT ME OVER AT WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAYS!!!! I have a post for you there!!!! I MUST get to work, as I was not even there yesterday!! Have an AWESOME day!! SEE YOU LATER!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Haha!! SO sorry friends that my last couple posts are MIA!! I am typing to you, on a friends computer!! I will be out getting a NEW laptop this evening, or tomorrow AM, I hope!! SO.......there will be NO more issues!! We will be back to normal!! SO......I apologize if you visited me and I was not here!! You know me.......I am ALWAYS here!!! ENOUGH of this craziness!! ENOUGH of this in and out stuff!! Have an AWESOME day and I will be here TONIGHT or TOMORROW night, with ALL the stuff that was missed!!! Have a SUPER awesome day!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


STAMPINSANITY, that is!! Woohoo!! How are you all today!! SO sorry my post, from last night did NOT appear here!! GEESH!! I will have that for you, when I get home from work today!! I will ALSO have a PIXIE post, as well!! SO hope you will stop back for a visit!!!
OK.......moving along.....I have for you my FIRST.....release, from STAMPINSANITY!!! YAY!! I LOVE Beth's images!!! They ROCK!! Check out what I is "PEARL PRINCESS"!!

Isn't she GREAT?!! She is part of TODAY'S new release, called "MYSTIC BEAUTIES" !! Believe me....they are DEFINITELY beauties!! Here is the ENTIRE release!! Pick one out for yourself!!!

All of these BEAUTIES can be found in the Stamp Happens Shop!!!
Now, another COOL thing?? Today is challenge day, over at STAMPINSANITY!! AND.....your challenge??


I know you can do it!! Besides...they are PRETTY fun to make!! Here is mine!! Hope you like!! Have an AWESOME day and see you back here this afternoon!! Until then? ENJOY LIFE!!!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010



WOOHOO!! SO sorry I am late getting here!! I was at Kyah's school this morning!! Anyway, here I am!! I have a FABULOUS new RELEASE creation for you!! You know.....they are AVAILABLE today!! YAY!! It is challenge day too, over at the WILD FLOWER PATCH!! Head on over there to get ALL the deets and ALL the SWEET new Digi's!!! It is SO hard to pick just ONE!!! Seriously!!

OK....we are teaming up for this challenge!! Welcome to a BRAND new challenge site!!

CAStastic Challenges

for the theme: Clean and Simple Birthday!

What fun!! I know you will want to join us!! This was SUPER!! Here is my take and be sure to check out the rest of the FABULOUS Wild Flower Kids!! Please page down for MORE Great stuff!!!

**Not exactly a birthday creation? BUT....definitely Clean And Simple!! Haha!!



Check out that badge!! Can you take a guess what that means?? WOOHOO!! That's right......SWEET PEA STAMPS, is the WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY sponsor this month!! YAY!! Such BEAUTIFUL stamps!! Thank you to our Daredevil, Randi for arranging all of this and to the Awesome LYNETTE, owner of SWEET PEA STAMPS, for her generosity in sponsoring us! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

A little bit about SWEET PEA........
Sweet Pea Stamps range from whimsical to artistic. The images are designed with incredible detail. They are tiny works of art that can be colored and used with infinite possibilities. Because the average image size is 3.5 x 2.5 inches, they are also perfect for making ATC's. They are made of high quality, unmounted red rubber. They have an amazing collection of images from three talented fantasy artists: Ching-Chou Kuik, Elaine Cox, and Lisa Victoria. If you would like to see more samples, please check out the Sweet Pea Stamps blog.

OK.....onto our sketch!! This month JESS wanted to mix it up!! SO.....this month is NOW....."Mix It Up May"!! What does that mean?? I means we are going to mix it up a bit and have some GUEST sketch artists!! YAY!! What fun!! AND??? To start it off.....we have the WONDERFUL Kaitlyn!!! Thanks Kaitlyn for the FABULOUS sketch, to go with our FABULOUS images!!! Kaitlyn is the daughter of the AWESOMATED, Andrea!!! You can learn MORE about Kaitlyn and her inspiration behind her sketch, by visiting the DARE BLOG!!! Hope you can play along!! You know you want to win this month's WOWING prize!!!

THIS WEEK'S PRIZE: $20 Gift Certificate to Sweet Pea Stamps!!!


Whatcha' think? COOL, huh? I guess I am STUCK on those colors!! HECK....and the DSP!! Haha!! I used the ©ching-chou kuik's Unregrettable Pirate Life!! LOVE it!! Alrighty, must be going!! Head over to the DARE and check out ALL the deets and our GUEST!!!! Have an AWESOME day!! ENJOY LIFE!!

Hope you will stop back this evening, for an INKTEGRITY challenge!! See you then!!