Monday, August 31, 2009



Hey.......aren't you getting tired of ALL these posts?? Just kidding!!! I am SO glad you are here with me tonight!!! Hope you have enjoyed the creations, so far!! This last one was made for the PRIMARY COLOR challenge, over at SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!!! This challenge was created for the NEW Back To School release!!! The images will be released on 9/1 at 12:01am PST!!! WOOHOO!!! I chose to use the School Day Dayna image!!! I thought she was PERFECT for this!! I even got some DCWV School stack DP to match!! YAY!!! How fun!! ALL these images would make AWESOME cards for ANY occasion!! Hope you will visit Sassy Studios and check them out!!! I would LOVE to see you play along!! OK........make sure to stop back tomorrow, for the BIG, SASSY release!!! You KNOW we will have some fun in store for you!!! Have an AWESOME night!!! ENJOY LIFE!


Hey, it's me again!! Haha!! Thanks for sticking around!! I just wanted to THANK all the Sugars, over at Modern Sugar Blvd., for making me feel like one of the gals!!! I LOVED being a part of your team, even if it was JUST for the month of August!!! Thanks to Cassie for asking me!!! I had a BLAST!!! Here is my final project as the MSB August Guest DT!!! Thanks for checking it out and make sure to check them out!!! I have a link above, if you click on their name!!! Ok....I have ONE more for you tonight!!! Then it is on to tomorrow's fun and games!! LITERALLY!!! I promise!! Haha!!! See you in a bit!!!
***Ok.....see you on the next post!!!


Hi there!! Late night posting going on tonight!! Haha!! What is new?? LOTS new here!! Well....coming up anyway!! I will have several posts and I hope you will visit them all!!! With this post, I would like to share an ANYA creation, that I don't think, was ever shared here!! Well, not as much as I can find anyway!!! Haha!! So.....without any further is the Circus Anya, I had posted on Club Anya, a while back!! She is SO cute!! I had found some AWESOME Circus DP, at Mike's, and it was PERFECT for this!! Hope you like!! See you back here, with MORE creations to share!!!

** Stay Tuned for some Sugar Sweetness!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Hey!! Long time no see, huh? Haha!! Ok......I told you I had a lot to share with you!!! I have another AWESOME preview, from SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!!! School Day Dayna went earth tones tonight!! Haha! I just LOVE these Back To School images!!! Don't you?? Now, remember....they are being released on 9/1 at 12:01am PST!!! Not much longer to wait!! I think I was stuck on these colors tonight!!! Can't you tell?? Only difference here, is that the DP is from DCWV!!! SO let me fill you in a bit, on the events, that are coming up on the FIRST!!! There will be a challenge at Sassy Studio Designs and, of course, a SUPER fun game!!! Since it is Back to School, and we know you all are busy? We plan to keep it simple this time around!! Hope you can join us!!! I will have MORE deets for you later!! Again, as always, I SO appreciate you visiting with me!!! Hope to see you back here tomorrow, for MORE creations!! Have an AWESOME night, or the case may be!! Don't forget......ENJOY LIFE!!!!
**How do you like the center of that flower? A SU sentiment!! Gotta love that!!


Hi all!!! How are you?? Boy, today was a LONG day!! I am tellin' ya!! WE had to have everything JUST right for the first day of school tomorrow!! The right socks, the right pencils; you name it, we did it!!! Now....mind you, I had thought we already were READY!!! Haha!! SHould be an interesting morning, to say the least!! I have to go to work, Kyah's first day of SECOND grade, and I have to get my LOVELY husband up to watch the twins!!! WOOHOO!!! Anyway, you didn't come here to hear all my issues, now did you? No, no, no!!! So.....let's get on with it!!!
Well, my goal this year, is to have a BETTER year than last year!! What better way to start off on the right foot, then with a handmade card!!! A GREETING FARM, Wild Sprouts creation, no less!!! I KNEW Annika would be just perfect for this!!! AND?? Here she is!! Complete with Greeting Farm paper and all!!! I REALLY like how this turned out!!! Hope you do too!!! You HAVE to go and check those WILD SPROUTS out!!! I will see you in a bit, with a SASSY creation!! Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hey there night owls!!! How are you?? If it is morning, when you are seeing this? Hello early birds!!! I LOVE the creations I have for you!!! They are from the NEXT Sassy Studio Designs Release!!! The next release is all about BACK TO SCHOOL!!!! You are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! I present to you......School Day Dayna!!!AND? Her friend...Homework Holly!!!

Well...what do you think? SASSY, huh? I just LOVE Lindsay's images!!! These cuties will be released on 9/1 at 12:01 am PST!!! Make sure to check out the rest of the SASSY SEVEN!!! They are SURE to have some AWESOMENESS to share with you!!! I'll see you back here tomorrow!! LOTS more to share!!! Have a GREAT day!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

Valerie Urtiaga
Deb Kapsiotis
Cassie Knox
Lelia Pierce
Margie Cortina
Piali Biswas

**Don't forget to check out the SSD Blog for this week's Sassy Saturday Sister!!!


Hey Girlies!!! How are you all?? Just a quick post, to share my LPSC30 challenge card!!! I finally had a chance to play!!! I am SO glad!!! This week The Little Paper Shop had a color challenge for us!! I decided to use the Jena Fairy Digi, I just won!!! How exciting!! You should play along, you could win something too!! Hope you like it! I will be back a bit later, with some late night SASSINESS!! Hope you will stop back!! Have an AWESOME night, until we visit again!! Thanks for stopping by and I will see you in a bit!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hi there ladies!!! Nothing like being a day behind, huh? I am tellin' ya!! Sorry, if you stopped by yesterday to see what was scheduled!!!!! I will have it here for you a bit later, along with todays!!!! Nap time is coming soon!! Haha!!! So? Are you ready for the kids to go back to school? Man.....did this summer fly!!! I will have some GREAT Back To School cards to share later!!! YAY!!! OK......right now though, I DO have my LYC creation to share with you all!
Now, I don't know if you follow the LYC challenge blog? BUT........Claire has posted today that they are closing!!!!! She wanted to keep it going and cannot, due to lack of sales and participation!! They are such AWESOME girls over there!!! For real!! I just want to THANK YOU girls, for having me on your team!! There were GREAT challenges and GREAT prizes!! Claire is going to keep the digital images up for sale, for awhile anyway!! SO....if you liked any of the images I used? Head on over to THE LITTLE YELLOW COMPANY and get them, while they are available!!! Here is a creation I had made for last weeks challenge!! We had gotten the announcement last week and I didn't post my card!!! Apparently everyone else did!! Haha! So.......I STILL wanted to share it with you all!!! Hope you like it and hope you will visit the LYC!!! See you after Naptime!!! Haha!! I appreciate your visits!! Thanks for hanging out with me!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


OMGosh!!! Have you seen this stamp, by The Greeting Farm?? I just CAN"T stand it!!! SOOO stinkin' cute!!! Look at that cat, would ya'? And...her outfit!! carried away!!! Hey, how are ya?? Thanks for stopping by!! So happy to visit with you and share this!! Now.....I know this is NOT an ANYA, as promised....BUT......I HAD to share it with you all!!! I was SO excited with how it turned out!! get the picture!! It is in the SAME family as an ANYA...right? You have seen these...right?? This is REETA and she is one of the WILD SPROUTS, over at the farm!! Can you stand it?? *sigh*.......Marie has some MAJOR cuteness over there!! OK.......I got this in....JUST under the wire!! It is STILL Monday!! Haha!! I hope you will cut me a break!! This was my first day back to work again!! It's ONLY part time, mind you!! I LOVE it!!! I get to use my brain? AND.....earn extra money for STAMP STUFF!!! WOOHOO!!! Doesn't get any better than that!! PLUS? The gals I work with are GREAT, so that helps!!! Alright!! I must get going!! I am STILL working on my stamp looks like a cyclone hit it!! NO LIE!!! Hope to see you tomorrow and have an FABULOUS night!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!


Sunday, August 23, 2009


Hey there ladies!! SO SORRY, if you stopped by to see some creations!!! I just couldn't get to them!! I have been saying for weeks and weeks now, that I would go thru my STASH!!! Well, I kinda started this morning? AND......well, I just couldn't stop!! Haha!! I was determined!!! know what that means?? LOTS to pass on to others and NO creating got done!!
I posted a NEW schedule and I will post some new pics tomorrow, I promise!! I hope you all had an AWESOME weekend!! I will visit with you tomorrow, here and at the CLUB ANYA BLOG!!! Thanks for stopping by and sorry about the CHANGE in plans!! happens, I guess!!! Haha!!! ENJOY LIFE!!


Saturday, August 22, 2009


Happy Saturday to you!! How are you today? Thanks for visiting me today!!! I know there is ALWAYS lots to do, on the weekend!! Today I have a QUICK one for you!! This is MY take on the Modern Sugar Blvd. Challenge!! The challenge is POLKA DOTS!! It was posted this morning and the DEETS can be found HERE!! Hope you will join in the fun!! I can't wait to see what you come up with!! Have an AWESOME Saturday!! Be on the look out, NEXT WEEK, for my sale stuff!! I have been doing MAJOR purging and have LOTS to adopt!!! Heck....some of it has NEVER been used!! That is horrible!!! They NEED new homes!! Haha!! ENJOY LIFE!!!**P.S!! Check out this weeks SASSY SATURDAY,
over at Sassy Studio Designs!!

Friday, August 21, 2009


Hey there!!! How are you?? How was your day? Mine? It flew!!! Seriously!!! planned, I have a Sassy Studio Designs creation for you!! I just got the DCWV Sweet stack?? My local stores were out of it, when I needed it of course!! I just KNEW it would be perfect for the Sassy Studios, Sweet Shoppe Girls!!! How do you like it, with this Sweet Bubblegum Girl? I LOVE this image!! SO CUTE!! She is available NOW, if you LOVE her too!! Since it is late, I will make this quick! Haha!! Me? NOT babble? NO way!! Yeppers!! I am exhausted!! So....before I GET, I would like to know your opinion of the Cricuit!! Your opinion, as a card creator, for I do NOT do much scrapbooking. Although I truly would like to? It just is NOT my thing, However???......I am curious, if I would benefit from this machine. Let me know what you think! Thanks to you all for visiting with me!! I REALLY appreciate it!!! Have a GREAT night, what is left of it, and ENJOY LIFE!!!!
**You just have to click on that pic, to get the glittered effect!! I LOVE that DP!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hey there!! Welcome SPORTY Anya fans!!! Are you surprised?? Haha!! How AWESOME is that, we have 3 NEW, SPORTY Anyas; being released TODAY!!! I bet you all didn't see that one coming!! should have came here, thru the CLUB ANYA BLOG, if not? Make sure to go back and start there, that is the begining!! You sure don't want to miss anything!!! There are details to be had, over at the CLUB!! Haha!! ARE the Anya's being released? Well....they are....Tennis Anya, Softball Anya, and Soccer Anya!! Can you believe it?? I am telling you!!! Marie SO rocks!! They are SO cute!! I can't stand it!!! Now, don't is ALSO Farmer's Market!! WOOHOO!! AND?? The Farmer's Market is being held, over at THE GREETING FARM STORE!!! It is on their NEWLY remodeled website!! What a day, huh? It just keeps getting better, huh? Let's just make it even MORE better!! OK....I know....not correct English!!! Haha! Hey........What can I say!!! EXCITING!!! As I was saying.......What can make this EVEN better? There will be a comment contest on the CLUB ANYA BLOG and THREE lucky winners, all will win THREE digis each!! Gotta LOVE that!! SERIOUSLY!! Alright, alright...I will let you all get on your way!! You know me and rambling!! Here are MY Sporty Anya's, to share with you all!! You will want to head on over to see Traci's FABULOUS blog, now!! You know she will have some AWESOMENESS to share, for sure!! As will the rest of the team, I just know it!! Thanks for stopping by, while running your RELAY!!!! Have fun!! ENJOY LIFE!!!
**My schedule is up, as promised!!! Have an AWESOME day!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Hey there!! QUICK post for you all!! Today is THE day!!! The NEW releases, over at Modern Sugar Blvd, will be available!! I am told you can get your hands on them tonight!! WOOHOO!!! I am fortunate enough to be their August Guest Designer, so, I have a few previews to share with you all!! Hope you like them!! They have LOTS of NEW images coming out, so you won't want to miss it!! Thanks for stopping by and bearing with me, until I get re-organized, after VACATION!!! Haha!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

***Make sure to stop back later, for my BIRTHDAY CANDY WINNER, along with the NEW schedule and pics!!! OH,OH.....and the awards I have to share too!! I would LOVE to hear what you think!! See you later!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

OK......HERE WE GO.........

SO......I have LOTS to share with you!!! Pull up a chair or couch; or something!! Got your coffee? Ok....soda?? Hope you all are well and I appreciate you stopping by!! Sorry this took a bit to get up here!! I feel I am still playing catch up, since vaca!!! However? I think I am good now!! Haha!! We will see!
I know you all are busy with summer and all, so I thank you AGAIN, for sending Kyah Birthday Cards!! Since there were 3 of you? I really wanted to make the prize times 3. Since I cannot do that? I decided to divide it amongst you all!!! Hope you don't mind!! I just wanted you ALL to have something!! I apprectiate your Birthday Wishes!! Kyah was THRILLED!!!
Here is a pic of the cards Kyah got and I have also listed the prizes as well!!!

**Danette will receive the Pretty Pixie, by SSD.
**Terri will receive the Robots, from LYC.
**Kim H. will receive the Butterfly Anya.

Thanks again!!

Ok.....onto the even MORE positive!! I have to tell you how HONORED I am to receive awards and I haven't really received any for awhile!! Therefore, these were a HUGE surprise!!! Thank you SO much!!! They TRULY mean ALOT!!!
This FIRST award, I received from Traci, over at Wickedpixie Creations!! She is WAY SUPER talented!! You have to visit her!! I actually had NO idea I even got this, until I looked back thru her AWESOME creations!! Like I said, I am trying to catch up!! Sorry Traci!!! She had also given this to some of the SAME girls I would have given it to. I will try and give it to some who deserve it and have not received it yet!! Haha!! Here are the LOVELY ladies I would like to send it out too!! Make sure to visit them and Traci, when you get a chance!!! They are SO fabulous!!!

**Boy I could just keep going!!!! REALLY!!!!OK...onto my NEXT and FINAL award!!! This award was given to me by the WONDERFUL Sandra!! I was SO surprised!! This award is called an INSPIRING AWARD!!! Guess what? It was created, from a handmade card, by OHIOMARY!!! She is SO talented!!! Anyway, Sandra so graciously gave it to me!!! Now.....this is a tough one, I think!!! SO many ANYA INSPIRING GALS out there!! Since I was away, there seems to already be A LOT of people who have received it too!! So......I will try and give it to those ANYA gals out there, who have not and who INSPIRE me!!! Thanks Sandra!!!

**I did try a LITTLE bit to mix it up!!


Saturday, August 15, 2009


Hey there Sassy sisters!!! Can I get a big WOOHOO??!!! The day has arrived!! It is THE SWEET SHOPPE release party!! You just gotta LOVE, SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!! How do you like my Sweet SODA POP Girl?? Isn't she suh-weet? I just LOVE how she looks, old fashioned, but, kinda not? I really like the SODA POP, that she has in her hand! You can't find them like that, too often, anymore! See.....I have to honestly admit........SODA POP? That is my weakness! Some of you do the whole chocolate thing? I have a SODA POP thing! However, where I live? It is NOT called SODA POP, we just say soda! I know some of you may refer to SODA POP as pop. Oh well, either way, this SWEET SHOPPE release? Is definitely filled with LOTS of SWEET images for all!! They will be available, AFTER, the party!! You can visit the party, thru the SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS BLOG!! That is where you will find ALL the deets!

Now, if you are following the WORD SEARCH path? Your next visit should be to the AWESOME, LINDSAY!! heard right! You NEED to travel to see the SASSY artist herself!! I wish you luck on your quest and enjoy the party!! I will be traveling home from Myrtle Beach!! Hope you liked my Sweet SODA POP Girl! Go visit LINDSAY, by clicking on her name!! Have fun and ENJOY LIFE!!!


***My birthday BLOG CANDY, is actually in celebration of my daughter, Kyah's, 7th birthday!! For more info, please read below! This post will remain at the top until 8/15. That is when this Blog giveaway will close!

*Send Kyah a birthday card. It can be store bought or hand made. There is no limit on the amount of cards you send. One card = one entry. Be sure to put your full name on the envelope (sender's address). Kyah will be 7
years old! I will be numbering the cards, as they come in. Thank you ahead of time for making this a SPECIAL birthday for my daughter! If any of you know her? You KNOW she loves to make and receive cards!! You guys are AWESOME!!!

*EMAIL me at for my home address.

*Post something on your blog mentioning the contest.

*Wanna know what you will win? Well? Here you are!!

***The WINNER will get.............

1. Pretty Pixie from Sassy Studio Designs!!! (Kyah's Fave)
2. The Robots(Digi images) from Little Yellow Co!!
3. Butterfly Anya from The Greeting Farm!! (also Kyah's Fave)

**Something from EACH of the companies I am HONORED to Design for!!
**Kyah's birthday is 8/13, however we won't be home until 8/15! So...the winner will be drawn on 8/16 and I will post it here!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Hey there gals!! Thank goodness it is Friday!!! WOOHOO!! OK....real quick one for you!! I REALLY had my days mixed up!! Haha!! TODAY is the day I ma to have 2 posts for you!! GEEZ!!! What can I say?? Vacation brain, I suppose!!! SO......I will, AGAIN....try to get back here tonight, for an ANYA post!!! I'll do my best!! This IS our last night here and all!! I believe everyone is getting a bit punchy, if you catch my drift!! Here is ANOTHER, Sweet Cotton Candy Girl, from SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!!! She will be available tomorrow!!! YAY!! After the release party!!! I hope you all can be there!!! We have LOTS of SWEETNESS in store for you!!! Alright....I must go to the store, so I can in turn? Make some dinner!! Haha!! LONG story...i will explain later!!! Thanks SO much for stopping by and I would LOVE to read some comments if you all have time!!! I miss you guys!!! Haha!! Have an AWESOME night!!! ENJOY LIFE!!

***Want a GOOD laugh? I brought my stuff along? AND......made this here, while on vacation!! Not TOO bad, huh?!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hey there girls!! I want to start off by saying.........


WOOHOO!!! My little girl is 7 years old!!

Ok.....moving on!! Sorry it took me a bit to get here today!!! We had a bit of a TIFF today!!! MAN.....everyone wanted to get out there and do something!! Just not ALL wanted to do the SAME thing! Haha!!! After all the words were flying and all the looks? The decision was made to take a walk along the beach.'s cloudy down here and could rain at any time!!! GEEZ!! All that carryin' on!! getting to visit with you? NOT a priority for everyone else!!! They JUST don't get it!! Again I say.....GEEZ!!! Alright....enuff of MY whining!!! Haha!!! I wanted to share another preview with you, from SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!!! Can I get a huge, WOOHOO??!! Lindsay has SO many SWEET ones for you!!! That's why this release is called THE SWEET SHOPPE!!! AND?? I call them THE SWEET SHOPPE GIRLS!!! Here is another preview for you...........of ......Sweet Cotton Candy Girl!!! Isn't she SUH-WEET??!! Just have to have her, in your collection!! Those DIGI'S are THE BEST!! Instant FUN!!! Seriously!!! How can you go wrong? addition to the NEW release? You KNOW there has to be a party!!! SO???? Wait 'till you see what's up this time!!! Check out the SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS BLOG, for ALL the DEETS!!!! Although I will be on my way home, a 9-10 hour drive, with good traffic?? I will be checking the emails, frequently!!!! Hope you are there and hope I get there at SOME point!! You will NOT want to miss it!!! Prizes and fun will be had by all!!! OK.......I am getting that eye again!!! Off to the outlets, for some rainy day fun!!!! Have an AWESOME day and I will try to be back, as promised, with an ANYA post for you!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

***Don't you just LOVE those leg warmers??

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


**PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR A LYC CHALLENGE!!!'s me!!! Back again!!! Everyone is sitting here and JUST finished breakfast!!! They all are looking at me, like, HELLO??? Are you done yet?? Haha!!! Now....come on?? Don't they know me by now?? Don't they realize?? Haha!! OK, OK!! I guess I will NOT chat forever!! THIS time!! Haha!!
Let's get to it!! The ONLY reason I have something for you, with THIS challenge? Is because it is MY challenge!! WOOHOO!!! MY challenge is the CLUB ANYA challenge for today!!! This week is THE WEEK OF CHALLENGES, over at Club Anya!!! EACH day, EACH DT member will have a challenge for you!! AND???? Today is MY day!!! SO........YOUR Club Anya challenge is called.........A JAVABLU CHALLENGE!!! know what that means...don't you?? Come up with an ANYA creation.....using the BLUE/BROWN combo!! Easy enough, don't you think??..OK....I am getting the EYEBALL!!! Here is MY version of MY challenge!!! ALSO?? Here are the DEETS below for THE CLUB ANYA ,WEEK OF CHALLENGES!!! Visit the CLUB ANYA BLOG, to enter.

So, here's the lowdown:

* Each day, a daily challenge will be issued here on the Club Anya blog. You will have until Sunday night (August 16th) at 8pm CST to complete ALL 5 Challenges, or you can participate in as little or as many as you like.

*ONE winner will be announced per contest on Monday, August 17th on the Club blog. Daily prize winners will receive a Birthday Anya in celebration of the ongoing "happenings' for TGF's birthday!

*In addition, ONE GRAND PRIZE will be randomly selected from the entries by a person who completes ALL FIVE Challenges this week. The Grand Prize will be the ENTIRE TGF August release, including the new paper pack! Can you say WOOOO HOOOOO?????

*Entries MUST use an Anya or Ian stamp and MUST be new creations!

*Be sure to upload your cards to TGF Galleria>Club Anya>Contests/CHallenges>Week of Challenges (check the blog for EACH challenges label)!!


**I created this BEFORE I left!!! it is!!! Hope you like it!!! Can't wait to see what YOU create!!!

***Thanks SO much for stopping by and ENJOY LIFE!!!!


***POST #2!!!

SO sorry gals!! I do NOT have a card for the LYC challenge this week!! I had REALLY wanted to be more prepared, but,........I am not!!! This vacation is SO much different from our last! We usually only get to take ONE vaca!! However, this year we were fortunate enough to split the expenses, BOTH times, so we could afford (kinda) to go twice!!! Well....this second time? We are here with my sister and her family! My nephew is one and MY kids are loving it!! They are having SO much fun playing and such!! AND?.......I am having fun TOO, spending time with my sis!! Time gets away from you, ya know?? Last time we were here? I crafted, while the kids napped, and after they went to bed. This time.....we chat and at night we go out and then come home and watch movies!! SO.........I haven't had the chance to craft.......YET!!! Haha!! You know me!! the LYC challenge for today is to create something with PINK and GREEN!!! The deal is that PINK AND GREEN SHOULD NEVER BE SEEN!!! In other rarely see pink and green together. SO....that is your LYC challenge!!! Be sure to visit the LYC CHALLENGE BLOG for MORE deets!! There is a FABULOUS prize up for grabs!! SO??? You will DEFINITELY want to join in the challenge!! Head over there NOW!! What are you waiting for!! I will have to come back and post my creation, here, once I complete it!! Thanks.... EVERYONE.... for visiting me, while I am on vacation!! I really appreciate it!! I LOVE to see ALL your comments!!! Have a GREAT day and I will see you later for an ANYA challenge!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


ALL week!! How about that!! Hey there everyone!! How are you? How is your week SO far?? I just wanted to stop in and say HI!!! I have missed you guys!! What can I say!! I wanted to, also, share a preview of one of THE SWEET SHOPPE GIRLS!!! They will be available on 8/15, from SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!! They will be available after the release party!! Go to SASSY STUDIOS BLOG to get the DEETS!!! Woohoo! Lindsay just keeps 'em coming!! I seem to just LOVE each new one more than the last!! I am tellin' ya!!!
Speaking of LINDSAY DYER?? I wanted to give a SHOUT out to Lindsay, for her birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have an AWESOME day!!!
Alright, so, I have updated my pics and JAVABLU'S SCHEDULE!! Here is my preview for you!! This is SWEET SODA POP GIRL!! Isn't she SUH-WEET? Hope you like her, as much as I do! I will see you some time tomorrow!!! LOTS to share, that's for sure!!! Don't forget to visit the rest of the SASSY SEVEN!! We are off to the beach!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

**The Sassy Seven!
Valerie Urtiaga
Deb Kapsiotis
Cassie Knox
Lelia Pierce
Margie Cortina
Piali Biswas

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Well.....hello there!!! While you are reading this? My family and I are STILL on the road to Myrtle BEach!!! Haha!! I am just stopping by to share my FIRST, Modern Sugar Blvd challenge!!! Hope you will play along!!! This week's challenge was to create a SIMPLE notecard, using ONE image and ONE word!! Well.........what better than a birthday list? Hope you like it and if you want to play along? Visit Modern Sugar Blvd for ALL the deets!!! Have an AWESOME day and I am SO glad you visited me today!! See you tomorrow!!! I have a SUPER, AWESOME award to share!!! Wait until you see it!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!
**Why not visit the rest of the SUGARS and see what they came up with!!!