Friday, July 31, 2009


Hey there!!! As one of my friends said earlier? TGIF!!!! So glad you could stop on by!!! Today I have another FABULOUS sneak for you!! BUT...before I do, I just wanted you to know that you need to go and check out the Club Anya Blog, for ALL the DEETS!! Deets for what? Come on now? Tomorrow is the BIG day!!! The Anyaversary Blog HOP!!!! The Greeting Farm will be ONE year old!! WOOHOO!!! You HAVE to join in the excitement!!! LOTS of prizes and fun to be had by all!! For sure!! The FUN starts at 9am cst!!! See you there!! last sneak is from the NEW Spooktacular set, being release tomorrow!!! Hope you like it!!! Have an AWESOME day!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


**POST #1
***PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR A CLUB ANYA POST!!!!!! again!!! As promised I have a SASSY sneak for you!!! Can I just say!!! WOOHOO!!! I think this is my MOST fave yet!!!! Seriously!!! Wait until you see!!! You can judge for yourself!! My preview SASSY, is named Precious Pirate!!!! Precious she is Mates!!! AND?? She is available to you, on Saturday, August 1st, AFTER the Ball!!! You do remember the Masquerade Ball don't you?? The ONCE UPON A TIME MASQUERADE BALL, being thrown for you by Sassy Studio Designs? I have seen some of the decorating going are going to LOVE this event!!! You will NOT want to miss it!!! Anyway, if you page down a bit? You will find the DEETS!!!! Hope to see you there!!
I won't keep you any longer!!! Just wanted to share with you all!!! I LOVED coloring PRECIOUS in!!! She just came alive!! AMAZING!!! I was so excited!! OK, OK........I know,I know....... enough is enough!! Haha!!! Here she is!!! Have an AWESOME night!!! I'll see you tomorrow, bright and early for ANOTHER Anya preview, that I think you will want to see!!! So glad you stopped back!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!


**POST #2

Hey there everyone!!! Another BUSY day for you, here!!! This is my first post for today and I will be back later today with another!! SO I hope you will stop back!!
OK......SO.....all I have to say is, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYA!!!! WOOHOO!! The countdown is ON!!! Saturday is ALMOST here!!! I hope you signed up for CLUB ANYA and THE GREETING FARMS', Happy Anyaversary Blog Hop!!! We are going to have SO much fun!!! I can't WAIT to see all your creations!! you are...what you all have been waiting to see!!! Here is Birthday Anya!!!! She is being released on August 1st, over at The Greeting Farm!!! I just LOVE her!! Ok....last thing?? Did you notice the matching DP?? YAY!!! That too will be available on August 1st!!! Hope you like my creation and don't forget to visit the rest of TEAM ANYA, for some MORE awesome sneaks!!!! See you all later!!! Have a GREAT day!! ENJOY LIFE!!!
Jessica Diedrich, Club VP/DT Coordinator
Janna Hull
Kristine Moldenhauer Biseth
Traci Porter

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hey there, told you I knew it would be longer than a bit!!! Sorry I am late!! Haha!! LONG day!! I thought I would NEVER get to finish this!! However, since it is late, I will post this and run!! Thanks SO much for checking Navajo Anya out and I will see you BRIGHT and early tomorrow AM!!! Boy do I have a surprise for you!!! WOOHOO!!! IT'S AN ANYA SNEAK!!! See you then!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!



OK.....have you been seeing the previews for SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS next release? Oh my word!! This next release is going to be HUGE!!! I promise you!!! We have a MAGICAL day planned for you!! A day filled with fun, chatting, sharing, challenges and more!! Oh......did I mention? TONS of prizes!!! Hope to see you at the, Once Upon A Time Masquerade Ball!!! I have the DEETS below and there are even further DEETS on the Sassy Blog!!! WOOHOO!!! Come on Saturday!!! While you are waiting? I have a preview of my own to share with you all!! ENJOY!! See you in a bit!!.......OK...maybe a little longer!!


WOW, it's a busy one today!!'s another LYC challenge!! These images are TOO cute!!! You NEED to check them out!! I used the Eastern Birds Collection again!! I REALLY like this set! This week's challenge is to create something with lace and pearls!! However....I did not have lace. So.....I chose paper that reminded me of lace! What do you think?? Hope you will play along!!! If you do? Make sure to visit the LYC Challenge Blog and leave a comment, so we can find you!!! We would LOVE to see what you come up with!! Here is my version of this week's challenge, hope you like it!! While you are out and about today, why not visit the rest of the LYC girls!!! You won't be disappointed, they are SUPER talented!!! Thanks for stopping by and have an AWESOME day!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well, good evening!!! How are you? How was your day?? Hope it was GREAT!!! I am back to share a SWEET Anya creation with you!!! I just love HIPPIE Anya!! She is THE BEST!!! Now, one thing you should remember though.....she is a LIMITED edition!! So....if you LOVE her, like I do?? You need to snatch her up, QUICK!!! other thing, while we are discussing how CUTE those Anya's are!! This Saturday is the BIG day!!! August 1st is our release this month and do you remember why?? Of course you do!! It is The Greeting Farm's ONE year Anniversary!! WOOHOO!!! So we are planning our release, TOGETHER with The Greeting farm DT!! Did you get the badge?? You know....the one for the Anyaversary Bash!!! I have it along my right hand side bar!! Make sure to grab it and display it on your blog!! You do want EVERYONE to be there and share in the fun, right?? So.......grab it!!! You will also want to visit the Club Anya Blog for ALL the DEETS on the happenings, that are coming up and going on now!!! Thanks SO much for stopping back in, I am SO glad you did!! Hope you like my creation!! I will see you tomorrow AM, early!!! Check out the SCHEDULE and see what is in store!! It is along the left hand sidebar!!! Have an AWESOME night, what is left of it!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!


Hey there! QUICK post this AM. Then I will be back this afternoon with my creation! Don't forget to stop back, because I have an AWESOME Club Anya creation for you!!!! It is ALMOST complete and I can't wait to share it with you!!! I wanted to stop in, right now, and share my award with you!! I have been SO busy, I almost forgot!!! YIKES!!!
I was given this award by Georgia, over at Paper Possibilities!!! Thank you SO much Georgia!! She is SO super talented, you have to visit her!! I am really honored to receive this and I am SO sorry it took me a bit to post this!!! Alright, so the deal is, to give this to 5 people that you think are Beautiful Bloggers!! GEEZ, is that tough!!! SO many AWESOME bloggers out there!!! are my 5!! Just so you know, though, you ALL are beautiful!!

***These are my 7 Beautiful Bloggers: I added 2 more, since they ALL inspire me, each and every day!! Not to mention, that they are ALL so MAJORLY talented!!! They are simply AWESOME!! Thank you ladies for sharing your talent!!!

Jess at The Whimsical Butterfly
Cassie at For The Art Of It
Susan at Stamping Tink
Val at Pixie Dreams
Meli at The Glitter Goddess
Lindsay at Socalinz
Traci at Wicked Pixie Creations

Make sure to visit these ladies, you will LOVE their creations!! Thanks for stopping by and I will see you later!! Enjoy Life!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Haha!!! It STILL is MOnday, isn't it?? Sorry I am getting here SO late!!! What can I say?? The day just got away from me!!! GEEZ!!! One minute it is 7am and the next? It is NOW, 10:18pm!!! So......anyway!! I STILL have a creation to share with you all!!! IF you still want to see it!! Haha! That and I have updated the, JAVABLU'S SCHEDULE, if you are interested!!! WOOHOO!! LOTS going on this up coming weekend!!! This weekend is going to be PHENOMENAL !!! To say the least!! Hope you will be around!!! EVERYTHING is happening on SATURDAY, AUGUST 1st!!! I will tell you about ONE of the happenings, today!! Don't worry, I will remind you later too!! Haha!! You know me.......I can NEVER contain myself!!! it is:

You are ALL cordially invited to
Sassy Studio Designs
Once Upon a Time Masquerade Ball
online blog party!
In celebration of our August 1st release!!!

We are going to have challenges and games with lots of prizes.
We hope you will join our Ball and chat with our sassy seven, our 3 guest designers as well as Lindsay!!!!!

UK London time - August 1st 6pm - Midnight
USA EST - August 1st 1pm - 7pm
USA PST - August 1st 10am - 4pm
(this is Lindsay's time and when she refers to times this is what she goes by)
Hawaii - August 1st 7am - 1pm
Melbourn Victoria Australila - August 2nd 2 am - 8 am

(we have a very international following! and we definitely want to try and allow as many of them to join us as possible so there would be as little confusion as possible I tried to post as many of their time zones as possible.)

******VISIT THE SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS BLOG FOR THE REST OF THE DEETS!!!!! are NOT going to want to miss this one!!! Believe me!!! It's JUST like a fairytale!!! To go along with this announcement? I have ANOTHER preview for you!!! Now, since the SASSY images are digital? You can make them as large or small as you want!!! AWESOME!! For this creation, I made my Princess a fuzz bigger, so you could see her better!!!! Heck....MORE room to color!!! Alright....without further babble, here is Princess Penelope!!! I wasn't TOO sure about the layout? You know how that is!! I wanted the image bigger, but, it didn't allow for a whole lot of other creating space!! Let me know your thoughts, ok? Hope you like her!! Hope to see you back here tomorrow!!! I will be going over ANOTHER, HUGE bash!! Thanks for stopping by and have an AWESOME night!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hey there!! I am stopping back in, quick!!! QUICK, I promise!! Haha!! I just had to share this with you!! Have you all seen the NEW Digital Illustrator in town?? I am not sure if that is politically correct, but, it fits her!!! Her name is MO and she is an illustrator of children's books! She is WAY talented and SUPER nice too!!! She is NEW to the stamping world so make sure to visit her and give her a warm hello, ok?? I have a creation, that I finished today, that I made with one of her newest images. She has named it, HARVEST DANCE, and it is a BEAUTIFUL image to color!! I just LOVE it!!!
WAIT, last thing!! I just wanted to say THANK YOU, so much for helping me thru my yucky day!! You gals are THE BEST!!! Ok......I will post Javablu's Schedule, tomorrow sometime, so I hope you will stop back and check it out!!! I will also be posting over at CLUB ANYA tomorrow, if you want to come by and say "HI"!!! Have a GREAT morning, until I am back!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!

***Doesn't this go GREAT with that Basic Grey DP??


Hey there Sassy Sisters!! How are you today?? I can't believe it is Sunday already!! Can you?? As promised, I have a SASSY creation to share with you all today!! First I would like to tell you all, how much I truly appreciate your encouragement and support!! Your kind comments you leave for me? I ALWAYS look forward to!! I try and visit as many of you as I can, each day, and I really have been trying to do better with the comment thing!! I just felt the need to share this with all of you. I did have a whole bunch of garbly gook typed up, in explanation. However, you didn't come here to hear all that!!! I ALWAYS try my best to be positive!! I was just having a yucky day and had some yucky stuff happen to me!!!! Hey.....but, here we are!! Right? So......I deleted it all!!! Hey....thanks for listening to me, ALMOST, be a bummer!! Haha!
OK.......what you are REALLY here for, I have another AWESOME preview for you!!! Lindsay just keeps 'em coming!! This image is JUST as fabulous as the last one, I shared with you!!! AND....if you visited with any of the other SASSY SEVEN?? You should have seen even MORE fabulousness!! it SASSINESS!!! Haha!! Either way....this release is PHENOM!!! I can't wait for you to see them all!!! They will ALL be available on AUGUST 1st, following one fairytale of a party, at SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!!! WOOHOO!!! Hope you like and have a GREAT day!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

****Meet the Precious Pixie!!!

****Just in case you are out and about!

Valerie Urtiaga
Deb Kapsiotis
Jen Young
Lelia Pierce
Margie Cortina
Piali Biswas

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Happy Saturday!! Just stoppin' in with a QUICK monkey card!!! Haha!! DUSTIN PIKES' monkey that is!! I swear that guy is SUPER talented!!! You just HAVE to have ALL of his images!!! I just LOVE this one, with the cupcake, he SO looks like he is up to NO good!! AND....if you have seen Dustin's work? You know that this little monkey is NOT up to any good!!! In his futures pics? He EATS that cupcake!!! TOO SWEET!!! So......when making this creation? I had to pair him up with ONE of my fave sayings!!! "Seize The Cupcake", from Stampendous!!! Heck, I got that stamp set....JUST for that saying!!! Haha!! I hope you enjoy my creation and I hope you have an AWESOME day!! Hope you will join me tomorrow for...... a fairytale of a creation, from SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!!! AND??? Guess what? I received an AWARD?? What an HONOR!! I will have that for you tomorrow too!! In the mean time? Have you seen the SNEAKS the SASSY SEVEN have been sharing?? Who said....only in fairytales??!! Haha!!! See you tomorrow and I appreciate you all!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009



Hey there Sassy Sisters?? I LOVE saying that!!! No, really, I am SO glad you joined me today!!! I have SO much to share with you all!!! So, don;t forget to scroll down for my 2nd post!!! I have a SASSY sneak for you!!! I think the next release? You are going to fall in LOVE with!!! The creation, I have for you today, involves the NEW sketch challenge over at Sassy Studio Designs!! Hope you will play along!!! You know if you do? You could win a FABULOUS prize!! How can you resist?? The challenge is to create a fairytale like, or whimsical like, creation.......using a Sassy Studios image!!! Now you have to know....just how easy that will be!!! You don;t have an image you say?? NO problem!!! Lindsay has one for you, over on the Sassy BLog!!! Doesn't get any easier than that, does it?? Lindsay is SO great that way!! She wants to make sure everyone gets a chance to play along!!! Head on over to the SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS blog, to check out the DEETS!!!! I can't wait to see what you come up with!!! creation would NOT be complete, without using a NEW image!!! That being said? I will stop my babbling and share it with you!!! Thanks SO much for stopping by!!! Hope you have an AWESOME Friday!!!!

Valerie Urtiaga
Deb Kapsiotis
Jen Young
Lelia Pierce
Margie Cortina
Piali Biswas

****UH.......where you going?? There's another post?? Haha!! You didn't think I would let you get away that easily, now did you? Haha!!! After you are done below? Then go check out the rest of the Sassy Seven!!!ENJOY LIFE!!

POST #2- A CLUB ANYA, DRESSY SURPRISE!!!!! we are!!! It's Friday!!! WOOHOO!!! I have not 1 but 2 posts for you today!! you want to know what the DRESSY surprise is?? is none other than......DRESSY MISS ANYA!!!! There is not only one of these CUTIES!!! NO......there are 3!!! Just like the other Miss Anya sets, there are 3 of these LOVELY, young ladies!!! How AWESOME!!! I have one of these young ladies to share with you all today!! I made my creation, using the Farm Fresh Friday sketch, from The Greeting Farm!!! This week's challenge is to make something with BUTTERFLIES and FLOWERS!!! YAY!!! Easy enough!! Now....guess what else?? There are 2 ways for you to win this NEW, not released yet, set!!! Check out the Club Anya and Greeting Farm blogs for details!! You won't want to miss out on a chance to win this Miss!!! Haha!! Sorry, I couldn't resist!!
The Miss Anya Dressy set will be available, however, for purchase on 8/1!!!! Along with the rest of the cuteness!!! I will have MORE of that to share next week!! I can't hardly wait!!! Hope you enjoy and I hope you will visit the rest of TEAM ANYA, for some more, FABULOUS Miss Anya's!!!


*****ENJOY LIFE!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hi girlies!! How are you?? I have a sparkly one for you today!!! Do you remember when Sassy Studio Designs offered that SUH-WEET, FREE Party Dress?? Lindsay had it for you all, so you could join in on a challenge?? Well....anyway.....even though it is no longer available, for FREE?? It is now available for purchase, in the Sassy Studios store!! So, if you didn't get it? You STILL can and it's WAY reasonable too!! I LOVE it, personally!!! know what? Guess what? If you didn't join in on that challenge?? We are going to have another one for you!!!! Make sure to tune in tomorrow!! Lindsay will have all the DEETS for you on the Sassy Blog and I will have them here for you too!!! Hope you will stop by!!! Here is my Sparkly creation for you!! I really LOVE this!! I completed it with a Unity sentiment, that I thought fit PERFECTLY!!!

****Ok.....see you tomorrow!! I have LOTS of FUN and excitement to share with you !! WOOHOO!! From Anya to Sassy? I think you will be WAY excited too!!!! 'Till then? ENJOY LIFE!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


POST #2- PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR A LYC CHALLENGE AND NEW RELEASE!!!! again!!! So...did you read the first post from today?? CUTE robots!!! Alright, since we are on the CUTE subject? You just gotta LOVE Laddie Ian!!!! Don't you? He is THE cutest!! Now..........if you think he's cute?? Just wait until you see what I have for you on FRIDAY!!!!! WOOHOO!!! A HUMONGOUS, yeah that's what I said, HUMONGOUS..........Club Anya SURPRISE!!!! So, stop by to check it out!! I can't wait to share!!!! Oh yeah.....that AND Friday is Farm Fresh Friday, over at The Greeting Farm Blog!!! YAY!!! LOTS going on!!! is my creation!!! Hope you like and I'll see you tomorrow!!! Want to know what's on for tomorrow? Take a look at JAVABLU'S SCHEDULE, over on the left hand sidebar!!! It's NEW!!! Have an AWESOME day and ENJOY LIFE!!!!!!



Hey there Ladies!! How are you?? It's Wednesday, which means, another LYC challenge!!! This week's Litttle Yellow Co challenge, is to make a BOY CREATION!!! When I made MY creation, I decided to use the NEW RELEASE, Robots!!! This Digi set is SO cute!!! I never have enough......boy stuff?? Or should I say....stuff that BOYS would like, on a card!! Haha!! BUT....this? I am sure they would like!!! Hope you do too!!! AND.......I hope you will play along!! If you do? You may just win a prize!!! WOOHOO!!! Head over to the LYC Challenge Blog to have a look, at this week's prize!!! When you are finished with your creation? You will want to link it to the Challenge post for today, over at LYC!!!! Good luck and I will see you in a bit for ANOTHER post!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Happy Tuesday all!! How are you today?? Well, this creation will definitely NOT fit our weather today!!! For sure!! So far, ........anyway! It is supposed to rain this after and it is TRYING to get brighter out, but.......NOT working, just yet!! Anyway.....did you get your NEW releases from SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS?? Did you?? I hope so!!! These images are AWESOME!!! Today I used the NEW, LOUNGING AROUND image!!! I think she looks SO relaxed!!! Ahhhhhh!! To sit on the beach, drink in hand, and just ENJOY that beach air??? PERFECT!!! This image just gives you that feeling!!! Speaking of that feeling????? Wait until you see the feelings, the NEXT release, will conjure up.!!! AMAZING!!! That's all I can say!!! You are going to LOVE them!!! Make sure to be on the look out for some SNEAKS, coming your way soon!! Oh....and if you think the last release was fun?? Our release on AUGUST 1st??? You are going to have a BALL!!! I can't wait!!! Ok.......babbling!!! Sorry!!! Hope you like my creation!!! I hope you will make one of your own too!!! These SASSY images are SO FABULOUS for coloring and creating with!!! You HAVE to try it!!! Have a GREAT day and see you tomorrow for a LYC challenge!! Don't forget to visit me on the Club Anya Blog, tomorrow, I 'll be hanging out over there!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!

****Can you hear the waves??? Haha!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Hey there!!! How are you? Guess it isn't morning anymore, now is it?? Hey.....what can I say? When the hubby is home? It's hard to get MY stuff done!!! Ya know? Anyway....thanks for checking in with me on this VERY grey MOnday!! least here it is!! Haha! Which MUST be why my card is SO bright and shiny!!! Or....should I say sparkly!!! I just recently purchased one of Katie's NEW Digi's, over at PAPER MAKEUP STAMPS!!! It's a monster named CALDER and it comes with a GREAT sentiment!! I think this little monster could be used for ANYTHING!!! Don't cha think? I mean really? It could be a boy or a girl and hey....even in between, for those necessary cards!! Haha!! I just LOVE how it turned out!!! Hope you do too!!! Sorry this is short and sweet, but, understand!!! Thanks again for stopping by!! I'll see you tomorrow for a SASSY fix!!! Oh......if you didn't already see it? Check out my NEW schedule, along the left sidebar!!! There is LOTS in store for you this week!!! LOTS of NEW stuff!!! Have an AWESOME evening!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hey there! Me again!! Real quick one for you!!! I just wanted to share my SIMPLE boy card with you!! I think he is SO cute!!! HE is one of POLLYCRAFT'S, little guys!!! His name is LIL' CHAPZ!! I saw him and know me!! I just HAD to have him!!! I had really wanted to make a moon, you know, with my Cuttlebug? Have you seen how they make it look like craters, with the embossing folder? Oh...never mind!! Haha!! I will just have to find my other plate B, so I can show you!! Alright, I am STILL working on the schedule for this week!! Sorry, I had hoped to have that done for you!! You will just have to tune in tomorow!! I will be sure to have it ready for you!! I am SO excited!! Sleep tight all!! See you in the AM!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!


Hey there everyone!! Long time no see, huh?? Sorry, I haven't visited with you all for awhile!! It was a BIT busy 'round here!!! I just wanted to thank you ALL for the AWESOME Birthday wishes!!! It REALLY meant a lot!!! I truly appreciated it!!! OK.....I figured, since we are on the birthday subject? I would share with you all, the BIGGEST Birthday Bash, ever!!! On August 1st, THE GREETING FARM will be celebrating their one year ANNIVERSARY!!! Let me just tell you, it is going to be HUGE!!!! Seriously!!! Marie and Jess have SO much planned for you, you won't want to miss it!!! There is SO much? I couldn't possibly share it with you and REMEMBER all of it!!! So..........head on over to THE GREETING FARM BLOG!!!! Just click on their name and it will take you there!!! Go check it out!! In the mean time? Take this badge and display it on your blog!!! Spread the word so EVERYONE can join in the fun!! SO many prizes??? OH MY!!! Alright.....I thank you all for checking in with me!! I will be back in a few hours, with a creation for you!!! I got some NEW digi's for my birthday!! Wait 'till you see!! SO cute!! more thing!!! My AWESOME Sister, Val? From the Sassy seven? She was FABULOUS enough to make me a SUH-WEET badge!!! It is over along the left sidebar!!!! Check it out!!! One of the other Sassy Seven, Jen? She has this GREAT idea of sharing her schedule, so all HER friends can check in with her and know what to expect!!!! Or, better yet? They know what to look forward to!!! So.....she didn't mind me using the same idea!!! Thanks Jen!! Starting later tonight? You will be able to check the JAVABLU'S SCHEDULE, to find out what I have in store for you!! Although......You never can tell when I will add MORE, to a post, as a surprise!!! Ok...I think I covered it all!!! See you later on tonight!!! Until then? ENJOY LIFE!!!****Isn't it CUTE!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Welcome Sassy Sisters to the SASSY STUDIO DESIGN'S FIRST blog hop......ahem.....CRUZ!!! Haha!! So glad you could celebrate with us!!! I have the DEETS listed below!!! Make sure to follow the CRUZIN' Route, so you don't miss ANY of the SASSY SEVEN!!!! Oh...and to make SURE you are entered to win!! Win What??? HELLO!! The ENTIRE RELEASE!!! How about a HUGE shout out to Lindsay!!! WOOHOO!! Is she SUH-WEET? or what?? Ok...sorry...I am SO excited!!! Hope you enjoy the SASSINESS we all have to share!!! You just GOTTA love these images!!! They are simply?........AWESOME!!!!


**The fun all starts NOW, at the SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS blog
**You will cruz the beach and leave comments as you go
**You will end your cruz back at the SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS blog!
**Then at 6pm pst the NEW images will be available, at the store and a winner will be drawn !!**The winner will receive the ENTIRE release!! WOOHOO!!!


Sassy Studio Designs,

*****I wish you ALL the best of luck in winning this AWESOME prize and hope to see you over on the SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS PCP page, for a chat!!! We are going to be having a BEACH PARTY!!!!
****NOW...head on over to SASSY VALERIE to check out what she has for ya'!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!