Thursday, November 29, 2012


GOOD MORNING FRIENDS!!  I have missed you!  SO.... much has been going on around here, I would not even KNOW where to start!!  SO, I will NOT bore you, let alone blurt it all out at once!!  We would literally be here FOREVER!!  Haha!  I will explain it over time, how about that!!  We will do a little CREATIVE sharing?  Then a little ME sharing?  At EACH visit!!  What d'ya say?  Cool?  LOVE it!!

Let's get to the FUN part, shall we?  I am SO excited to have created something!  It has been SO long and I have really missed it!  My dear friend KORIN, over at Sweet N Sassy Stamps, is celebrating!!  Yepper, SWEET N SASSY STAMPS is 5!!  Can you believe it?  My, how time flies!!  In honor of their FIFTH birthday, Korin is throwing a BIRTHDAY BASH, along with a FABULOUS Birthday Blog Hop!!  How AWESOME is that?!  That being said, Korin has gotten together all her "FREINDS OF SWEET N SASSY" and invited them to be a part of this WONDERFUL hop!!  I am SO blessed to call Korin my friend and blessed to have been asked to be a part of this event!!  Thank you to Korin for being SO amazing and for bringing us such BEAUTIFUL stamps to play with!!

You can check out my little creation below!  I swiped my daughter, Kyah's, Thoughtful Rhubarb Set!  She LOVES this bear and I have to say, he is growing on me too!  I used to just do the Cocoa Mouse thing?  BUT, this bear?  SO sweet!!  I will DEF have to create with him MORE often!!  I ESPESCIALLY love him on kraft!!  Before I show you Rhubarb though, I have a QUICK story!!  You will see my PIC?  Is a tad different this time around!  I left my camera at work?  YIKES!!  Imagine my panic of course!!  However, I just got a new phone?  I decided to try the iphone 5!!  I have always had Droids.  Everyone close to me had given me crap for wanting to TRY the iphone, BUT, I had to do it!  SO, for the next 2 years, I will have this phone and thus far?  I am liking it!!  People had told me about the pictures this thing can take and know what??    They were RIGHT on!!!  My NEW iphone takes GREAT pics and my old Droid?  YUCK!!!  Now, I am sure part of it was the user.  What can I say?!  Take a look for yourself!  It'll do in a pinch, FOR sure!!  Thanks for stopping by and thanks for hopping with SWEET N  SASSY STAMPS!!  I love them and Korin ROCKS!!  On your way out, be sure to check out the DETAILS of the HOP, also below!  Take care all and remember............ENJOY LIFE!!!


~There will be 4 random participants from whom KORIN will choose 1 commenter to receive a $15 store credit.
~To be included in the drawings, comments must be left by midnight EST Friday, November 30th.
~The winners will be announced on the SNSS Blog on December 1st at 8am EST
~Say something personal about your relationship with SNSS or myself.  This will help our customers relate to you and give them something fun and different to read on each blog. :)