Saturday, June 20, 2009


HI there everyone! How are you? How is your weekend going?? First I would like to thank you guys for the AWESOME birthday wishes!!! However, my birthday isn't until 7/18! SO sorry!! Maybe some of you thought it was 6/18. Well, I thank you anyway though!! It is GREAT to know you all care!! That is what REALLY counts!!
Ok, one other BIT of business, before I get to my FAVE new creation!! Kyah and I will be starting her blog, tomorrow!! How exciting!! Now, I know that the weekends aren't real busy, in the blogging world, but I hope you will stop by to see her!! She is SO tickled!! You should see her! She can't decide what she wants to share first!! Haha! How about another reason to visit with my DARLING Daughter?? Whatch' say to a little blog giveaway?? Hmmmm. I will think on that and see what we can come up with!! YAY!! So......Kyah's first post will go live tomorrow, Sunday, in the afternoon!! Hope you will leave her some love!! Don't forget to stop here first for the GIVEAWAY deets!!
Alright....onto my NEW fave creation!! I recently bought this image; I knew before purchasing it, what I wanted to do with it!! Want to know what makes this image even more AWESOME???? Well, I bought it from THE DIGI SHACK! Guess what I just found out?? The talented artisit who created her?? Has started her OWN Digi shop!!! WOO HOO!! How WONDERFUL for her!! her, I mean Lindsay Dyer!! Lindsay's NEW shop is called, SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!!! Cool, huh?? You can bet, too that with a NEW shop? Will come a NEW DT!! She has posted deets, about that, so go give it a whirl!! You should see ALL of her SWEET images!! Guess what else? Her store officially opened today, well I guess NOW it would be yesterday!!! Haha!! honor of her store opening, I created this card!! I just LOVE how it turned out and I myself am now tickled pink!! Haha! This is MY version of a Modern Bride! Haha!! Hey, it's possible!! I have seen girls wear colors, instead of white!! I think that would be UNIQUE!! Don't you?? Anyway, I had to take several pics to show off her veil!! I think the veil is my favorite part of the card!! Hope you like her as much as I do!! Make sure to check out Sassy Studio Designs; you won't be dissapointed!! I still have something to share with you all, but, I have neglected to take a photo!! I received the MOST FABULOUS, early birthday present!! My good friend DEBBY sent it to me and I have been wanting to share!! Ok...tomorrow, I promise!! WOW!! Lots to share tomorrow, isn't there! Oh well, good reasons to come back and see me!! Haha!!! Thanks for coming by to see me today!! You guys are THE BEST!!! Have a FANTASTIC day!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

~~Hey, I know this is a TAD out of focus? BUT...what a GREAT view of that veil!!! Haha!

*** How about a little peek at what I have to share with you tomorrow?? Isn't she COOL too??


~*Joni said...

Love these Jacquie! I agree, these are probably my fave 2 of the new releases at TDS. I love their faces, and that bride's gown color is sooo pretty! I agree, white is overrated, and we ALL know that it means purity so should some brides really be made to wear it? LOL! The veil is sooo pretty, I love all the sparkles. Yay for Kyah! I'll be back to check out her first posting tomorrow! :D

Debby said...

Hmmmm. Must have put your birthday on my cal a bit early. Aw well. a month of birthday wishes. Love your modern bride. She is gorgeous. And can't wait to see what you did with the mermaid. She's very pretty.

WickedPixie said...

Lovely card Jacquie! And I knew when your birthday is! Pretty easy for me to remember! ;-) Not to be an enabler or anything, but did you know Pollycraft has some VERY cute digi images!? I just bought some last night, hopefully I will get to make something with them this weekend! :-) Traci

Sarah said...

Gorgeous card Jacquie (love the sparkly veil)!! Can't wait to see what you did with the mermaid!! Can't wait to see Kyah's creation tomorrow!

Brandi said...

Wonderful ful card! Love the way you colored the bride and glittered the veil. My birthday is on July 18th too! Small world isn't it!



Heather Schlatter said...


Wow these are totally rocking!!! I love that bride card, and girl you are getting more and more creative every day how do you do that??? Love your work!!!


Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness I can't believe I missed this post! Awe thank you so much you are so sweet! and you got my 2 fav images from the digishack!!! he hee thats awesome!