Thursday, April 29, 2010



Haha!! The StampInsanity Asylum, that is!!! Ok.....let me get right to it! As you all know, I had stepped down from some DT's ,due to working more and being CRAZY busy with Kyah! However, I had chosen to stay on a few, for I just LOVE the whole thing TOO much!! Creating is my THING!! Well, I had it narrowed down to a managable level, given my NEW work schedule and such. BUT.......I am sure you all had noticed that I NO longer have any badges or posts, pertaining to SASSY STUDIOS, right?? Well, I will NOT go into all that mayhem!! Let's just say that I have NOT been a member of those SASSY sistahs for awhile now. That being said.......I have traded in my stay at SASSYLAND, for a home in the ASYLUM!!!! WOOHOO!! So....keeping everything STILL managable and FAIR, I am NO longer a SASSY Sistah.........BUT....a GROOVY GURL!!! YAY!! I have LOVED Beth's stuff for some time now and was ALL too excited, when they asked me to join them!!! STAMPINSANITY ROCKS!!! SO....thank you to Beth and Tonya for including me on their SUPER talented team!!
Alrighty is my FIRST challenge creation, as a GROOVY GURL!!! This week's challenge is an INSPIRATION CHALLENGE!!! Hope you like!! Be sure to check out the rest of the GROOVY GURLZ and the STAMPINSANITY BLOG!!! You won't want to miss their AWESOME talent or ALL the deets, for the challenge!!! OH, I know, stop gabbing and get to the GOOD stuff, right?? Here you go!!


**I used the fairly NEW, Les Coquettes - Pierrette!! Isn't she AWESOME!! I also used my Otherworldly Loves Fall 2009!! I LOVE this set!! You have to check it out!! I used my Copics, misc flowers, MS heart edge punch, pink crystals, Nesties, and My Minds Eye DSP!!! Have a GROOVY day and I will see you tonight, for some PIXIE DUST!!!

Groovy Gurlz DT

Wednesday, April 28, 2010



Hey there all!! Good evening!! Just stopping by to share this week's INKTEGRITY challenge!! I know it is late, so I will make it snappy!! I used my FAVE jeep for this one!! LOVE that jeep!! I hope you can join us this week!! Check out the challenge and MY take, below!! Have a WONDERFUL night and I will see you in the...AM!!!

**Don't forget to check out the rest of the INKTEGRITY girls and the BLOG for all the deets!!
Rhonda Miller
Lelia Pierce
Ashley Scheffler
Jackie Randolph
Julie Elak
Kelly Santi
Diane Ulitsch (challenge coordinator)
Jacquie Peifer (me)



***Sorry I am LATE...just read on to find out why?! HAHA!!

Hey there friends!! How the HECK are ya'? WOW!! I feel like I have not visited with you all.....FOREVER!!! It has been a BUSY week, at the PEIFER household!! WHEW!! As you know, Kyah is doing the whole cheerleading thing and last night was her uniform fitting!! That and this week there is a TON of stuff going on at her school!! And....I am NOT sure I have mentioned it lately, but, I am the Pep Rep for Kyah's class!! All that is, really , is the class mom! I am to help out and enlist others to help out, when needed!! Up until now, her teacher had not needed my assistance a whole lot! However, since her teacher has gone out on maternity, there is a NEW teacher. SO.......I am needed a bit more!! YAY!! Anyway......EACH class mom is to create a memory book for their teacher. Well......if you do the math? I had to do TWO!!! Now, they did tell me it was NOT necessary, for it was really for the 2010 class? I thought.....come on....her NEW teacher should have something to remind her of these kids!!!! You guessed it......I made TWO!!!
SO..........all that being said?? Yesterday was a BLURRRRR!!!! I got up, got Kyah and myself ready, and headed off to her school! I had to pick up the remaining kids self portraits, since they were absent the day we did them. Then I went to the store for Eric and got him diapers and such, since we were out! I went home, dropped the stuff off, and headed to work!! I took along the cardstock, for my memory books, so I could mount the final kids pics!! I took care of that over my lunch and was then ready for the finishing touches! After work I went home to get the kids, so Eric could leave for work. I put everyone in the car and went to Office Max!! I dropped the BOOKS off for them to laminate and spiral bind!!! We went home ate QUICKLY and were off again to Kyah's cheerleading fittings! After we were done, we went BACK to Office Max to pick up the BOOKS!! Haha! Books in hand, we stopped at ACMoore, to get tye dye stuff for Kyah's class! I am helping the kids make shirts today, for their field trip on Friday!! OK...let's see...OH....we went home had snack and went to bed!! WHEW!! I woke up this morning and Kyah and I went to school again, where I delivered my memory books!! WHEW!!
I am typing this while I wait to go BACK to school, to help out with those shirts!! Haha!! SO.....I shared this whole LONG story with let you know why I was LATE posting this AM and WHY my creation is a BIT off!!
The WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY challenge, comes to you today from the FABULOUS Madelynn!! Her challenge to all of you is to................................


Well, since it is the LAST week with our sponsor this month, I HAD to use my AWESOME GREETING FARM stamps!!! Thanks to Marie and Jess for sponsoring the DARE this month!!! YAY!! creation is NOT springy, BUT, it is TGF and does represent SPRINGTIME!! It does, because this is the time of year for TEACHER APPRECIATION day!! Hope you like it and SORRY for the HUGE explanation!! Please visit the rest of the DARE girls and the WHIMSICAL BLOG!! Our EXTRA-ORDINARY, featured Daredevil, is KRISTA!! Be sure to visit this talented lady and leave her some LOVE!!! Ok, OK....I will stop babbling!! The pics below are of the front of BOTH books and the back; the back is the same for both!! I LOVE how they turned out!! Enjoy your day and ENJOY LIFE!!!

**Ooops, I used TEACHER ANYA and colored EACH one to match the teacher it was for!! Hehe!!

**Sara will be back next week**


Hey there all!! Here we are again!! Such a BUSY day, I am tellin' ya!!! I have a QUICK.....WFK challenge for ya'!! This week's challenge is an easy one, so I KNOW you will play along right?? Be sure to check out the WILD FLOWER PATCH blog, for all the deets!!! This week we are challenging you to create something.......................................


YAY!! You can do that........can't you?? Of course!! Here is MY creation for you!! Hope you like it!! I used my PRETTY IN PINK set.......I LOVE this set!!! SO ca-ute!! Alright....your turn!! While you are out and about today, be sure to visit my fellow WILD FLOWER KIDS, for some AWESOMENESS!!! Have a WONDERFUL day and I will see you tomorrow!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010



WHEW!!! Here is a FUN challenge for you!! Hey.....I promise!! It is brought to you from INKTEGRITY!! MUST be fun!! Right? You bet!! Here.......... see for yourself!! Check out this weeks sketch!

OK....I ALWAYS say this, but, told ya'! Now, make sure to head over to the INKTEGRITY Challenge Blog for ALL the info!! Oh, you have to know, I used the NEWLY released VOLLEYBALL SLUSSER!! Isn't he GREAT? How you like that sentiment, huh? Joni has some GREAT ones!! They are both available NOW!! So go and get yourself one....or....two!!! Heck....maybe more!! I go!! Don't forget to check out the rest of my posts, from tonight!! You may just find some MORE challenges!!

Rhonda Miller
Lelia Pierce
Ashley Scheffler
Jackie Randolph
Julie Elak
Kelly Santi
Diane Ulitsch



Right on!! Wanted to share ANOTHER challenge with ya'!! This week's WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY challenge, brought to you by the AWESOMATED Diedrich gang, is a COLOR CHALLENGE!!! Check it out!!

And?? Of is my take on it!!!

Whatcha' think? Now, don't forget that this month's sponsor is THE GREETING FARM!!! Yeah man!! Woohoo, THANKS Marie and Jess!! So, I have had this digi for AWHILE!! I finally broke it out and got to use it!!! I actually envisioned this cute, CHIBI PUNK GIRL, with pink hair and stuff? BUT....this will do!! Haha!! Next time....right?? Right on!! Ok.......visit the DARE BLOG for all the DEETS and to see, our WONDERFULLY talented, featured DAREDEVIL!!! This week the LOVELY Kim is in the spotlight, so you will NOT want to miss out on that!! more thing????? Be sure to visit the REST of the Daredevils for some more inspiration!! 'Cuz why? 'Cuz they ROCK!!!! Oh and before you go? Page down for ANOTHER great challenge!! See ya!!!


Woohoo!! Here I am!! I am baaaackk!! I have a SUPER cutie for ya'!! The Wild Flower Kids challenge this week is...........


And...let's face it....I am paper pieced CHALLENGED, to begin with!! Haha!! SO.....this was INDEED a true challenge for me!! I want to see what you can do with it!! SERIOUSLY!!
I used the SUPER ca-ute BIRTHDAY IVY!! I think she is SO sweet!! I managed to paper piece her pants and I built around that!! Hope you like it!! Be sure to head over to THE WILD FLOWER PATCH, for all the deets and to check out the other KIDS creations!! Have an AWESOME night and see you later!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!


Just stopping by to say........see you this afternoon, after work!! Hope you have an AWESOME day!! I have LOTS to share, so hope you will come by to check it out!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Haha! Hey there all!! How the heck are you?? SO sorry I have not visited with you lately!! The end of last week was BUuuuuSY!! Let me tell ya'!! Kyah had her very FIRST try outs, for cheerleading and their was a LOT of prep leading up to it!! WHEW!! So glad that is all over!!! Now she can get on to the GOOD stuff!! Haha!! Kyah made the D squad, since it is her first year and she is new at it!! Poor girl wants to get started right away......little does she know, she has to wait until August!! She keeps asking when practice is!! Haha!!
Anyway, I am stopping by with a NEW RELEASE creation!! JONI, at Inktegrity, has come up with some MORE awesomated digi's!! Wait until you see this CUTIE!! You all remember SLUSSER.....don't you? ICE CREAM SLUSSER!!!!

See???? Told you!! Slusser has ALWAYS been one of my faves, so you can imagine how excited I was to see him with ice cream!!!! YAY!!! know me....I have to make him different colors!! What fun would it be otherwise??!! Be sure to get yours TODAY and make sure to visit the rest of the INKTEGRITY girls!!! They have some SWEET creations to share, I promise!!! Those girls have got MAD talent!! For sure!! Hope you will check back tomorrow, for ANOTHER , INKTEGRITY new release creation!! Thanks for stopping by!! Until then??? ENJOY LIFE!!!


Lelia Pierce
Ashley Scheffler
Jackie Randolph
Julie Elak
Kelly Santi
Diane Ulitsch
Jacquie Peifer (me)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Haha! The PIXIE PEAS, that is! YAY!! Here we are.....another PIXIE DUST STUDIO release!! I just LOVE it!! Kathy has the CA-UTEST images!! AND these? NO exception. I assure you!! KNow what else? The PIXIES have a challenge for you too?? Wait until you see their creations!!!! AWESOME!! I am tellin' you!! Well, this household of mine is a busy one this morning, so I will share the GOODIES with ya'!!

Your PIXIE challenge is to create something GREEN!!!

**Check out these FAB new images, available TODAY!!!

My challenge creation, with the SUPER sweet PEA POD!!!
**I even followed MERCY'S SKETCH, for this week!! YAY!!

OK, so I flipped it! What can I say! Haha! Be sure to check out the rest of the PIXIES , get your deets from the PIXIE CHALLENGE BLOG,and check out the PIXIE DUST STUDIO for a LITTLE surprise!! WOOHOO!! Have an AWESOME day and I will see you later!! I have a post to re-do for you below!! Haha!! I LOVE blogger, don't you? Kidding, kidding!! Thanks for hanging out with me and ENJOY LIFE!!


Oh where, oh where can you be? I finished this post late last night and it is missing? Hmph! What in the world?! So.......I will be back this after, with the WHOLE thing! BUT? While you wait? Here is the FABULOUS sketch challenge from INKTEGRITY!! Visit the CHALLENGE BLOG for ALL the deets!! Hope you can play along! This one was FUN!! I will uplaod my pic later, for I have to get Kyah ready for school and myself for work! Good thing I check these things each morning!! GEESH!! Have an AWESOME day!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ANOTHER ........


PIXIE PEEK!! Hey there all! Thanks for stopping back to see me!! Quick one for you, as I know you have other places to visit!! The rest of the PIXIES, perhaps? Either is another PEEK!! This is.........................


I am LOVING that color combo!! Give a click to see it closer! Hope you like it! How cute is this image? WAY....right? You can pick yours up TOMORROW!!! Just head over to PIXIE DUST STUDIO, to get it!!! I have ONE more stay tuned!! AND? Don't forget to page down for MORE daily posts!! See ya in a bit!



HAPPY WEDNESDAY!! How are you this bright and EARLY morning? You know what happens on Wednesdays.....don't you? Oh...come on! I DARE you to remember!! I know I am tired, but, I am sure you are awake to get this one!! It is WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY!! Want to know what else? Our AWESOME sponsor this month is............wait........did I tell you how excited I am about this month's sponsor?? Did, I? OOPS! Haha! Sorry...........our sponsor this month is..................THE GREETING FARM!!! Woohoo!! So, I hope you played along last week, to have a chance a that TGF prize!!!
OK, so this week we have a GREAT sketch, by the TALENTED Diedrich dude, JACK!! Thanks Jack for such a FABULOUS sketch!!

Now I know I mentioned yesterday that this week is a BIT crazy!! The reason why?? Kyah started her FIRST ever cheerleading practice, Monday night, and it runs ALL week!! At the end of the week there will be try-outs!! OH my, what have I gotten myself into? Haha!! If you thought she was FULL of drama before? I can't wait to see how much more DRAMA she has in her! Haha! She is SUPER excited though, so that is ALL that matters!! Anyway, I used TGF's Cheerleader Anya, for Kyah!! I am going to send this to her, to tell her how AWESOME she is and that she can do it!! Hope you like it and I hope you will play along!! Check out the DARE BLOG, for all the deets!! I will be back later with more FUN to share!! Be sure to page down for ANOTHER challenge!!**VISIT THE REST OF THE DAREDEVILS!!


Here we are! Another WILD FLOWER Wednesday! Can you believe it? WOW!! Time flies!! This week's challenge is a RECIPE challenge!!! Want to know what it is?.........................


Easy enough, right? Check out the WILD FLOWER PATCH for ALL the deets and to link your creation!! I DO want a chance to win? Right? Of course you do!! to work for me!! Hope you enjoy my creation; I used that AWESOME cupcake again!! I LOVE that one!! Have a FABULOUS day and I will see you later, for some MORE fun!! ENJOY LIFE!!!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

HOW ABOUT A PEEK???.......................................

Huh? Huh? Huh?? I have a SUPER sweet SNEAK for ya'!! Thanks for stopping by tonight, SO glad you could join me, for a QUICK Pixie Peek! Haha! Now, as you may know.....PIxie Dust Studio will have NEW images for you, on THURSDAY, April 15th!! WOOHOO!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! Ok....I know.....stop with the repeating....right? What can I's late!! least it is later than I had wanted it to be! Funny how that happens, isn't it? It is a busy week here, in the Peifer household!! However, I will have to share that with you all tomorrow!! If you would like, of course!!
Anyway.....check out ONE of the NEW Digi's, that WILL be available, over at PIXIE DUST STUDIO !! Meet BABY PEA!!!

CA-UTE.....right? Told you!!! Ok.......see you tomorrow!! LOTS of fun to be had!! Sleep well my friends and ENJOY LIFE!!!

**Hey....why not visit the rest of the PIXIES!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Woohoo!! Here we are!! It is FRIDAY!! How are you? Are you ready for the weekend?? SO much to do today!! The In-laws are coming today and I am taking the girls away this evening!!! It is going to be a GIRLS night out!!! Shhhhhh!! It's a surprise though!! Haha! I am taking them to see the Disney Princess's on Ice!! SO excited! This will be Kali's FIRST time!! I cannot wait to see their faces!! I will have to take some pics to share with you all!!
OK......wanted to share a QUICK one with ya'!! I was on FB one night, when I saw one of my friends had commented on AMBER INK! wanting to NOSE it up, HAD to check it out!! Haha!! You know me! Anyway.....OMGosh!! Guess who it was?? The illustrator, who made those FAB Hanna's!!! Now, I was SO amazed, that there she was!! Of course, I went to her site? AND.....had to become a FAN!!! She has some of those AWESOME sets that Hanna Stamps had carried!! Only thing though?? They were FREE!!! You heard me.......FREE!!! Oh wait....did I mention? You can get them INSTANTLY?? Yeah man!! They are Digi's!! And you know I ALWAYS CANNOT beat that!! You will have to visit her!! I SO can't wait to see what she illustrates NEXT!!! Since I HAD to get some of her SWEET Digi's?? Here is a creation for you!!! Hope you like it!! Make sure to visit her too!!
Alrighty, off to get ready for the day!! I will be back tomorrow, with some PICS and a SURPRISE creation!! Have an AWESOME day and THANKS so much for hanging out with me!! You guys are THE BEST!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

**I used the SUPER cute RAINY DAY set!! Now if only I was liking the lighting, as much as the Digi set!! Haha!! See you later!