Monday, June 29, 2009


Hey everybody!! How was your weekend?? I see my post went ok!! YAY!! This is a GOOD thing, because I am TRYING to get ready for vacation?? Therefore I will HAVE to schedule my posts, for the week!! So, this was a GREAT trial run!! WOOHOO!!! We are set to leave for Myrtle Beach on Friday or Saturday! NOT that I am any where NEAR ready for a bathing suit!! BUT....I am anxious to go all the same! My poor hubby needs a break!! Since I was SO busy and not home much, this past weekend, I have found out SO many things I NEED to share with you!! Ok....did that make sense?? get the gist, don't ya'? Haha! This post will be one of several this evening!! I am SO excited!! I think I am FLOATING!!!
Anyway...I will get to it!! Here is my FIRST excitement for you!!
A while back I stumbled onto this cute blog! They have VERY unique and quirky images, as described on their blog AND their challenge blog. When I visited them? They had a DT call out. So......I thought....hey, why not? I emailed them my info. I hadn't heard anything for quite awhile and I thought maybe they had decided to hold off. Guess what? They emailed me and asked me to be a part of their team! we are! I am SO sorry I do not have anything to show you tonight, but, I had just found out and had NO time to play with their images!! That being said? You will HAVE to stop back on WEDNESDAY, to see their FIRST challenge!!!
Alright....I will...see you in a bit, with some MORE excitement!! YAY!! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will stop back!! You guys are AWESOME!!!


Brandi said...

Congratulations again! You are on a roll! Big Hugs!



WickedPixie said...

Congratulations Jacquie! I am so happy for you and they are so lucky to have you! :-) Traci