Thursday, June 17, 2010


WOOHOO!! Back at the cafe again!! How have you been? Hope you are having a FABULOUS week!! The humidty has been KILLING us, but, today seems a LITTLE better!! I say a LITTLE, with emphasis!! Haha!! Well, I won't babble, for Kali is here with me and being VERY patient!! She has been going thru that seperation anxiety stage, SO, I cannot leave her with Eric!! She would, NO DOUBT, cry the entire time I was gone!! That is what we have been dealing with!! YAY!!
Anyway, I have a BEACH challenge to share with you!! As I had said before, I grabbed some crafting supplies to bring along!! That deserves a HUGE woohoo!! I was able to create something for this week's STAMPINSANITY challenge!! You will find the sketch below and be sure to check out the STAMPINSANITY blog for ALL the deets!!! I just LOVE being a GROOVY GURL!!! That being said, you will also NEED to visit the rest of the GROOVY GURLZ for some definite AWESOMENESS!!! I tried to get as close as I could to the challenge, however, I did not bruing the cuttlebug along, therefore I have squares instead of circles!!! That and the image I printed off, LITA, was a smidge TOO big!! I also used the OTHER WORLDLY LOVES sentiment set!! One of my FAVES, I might add!! Oh well, I had FUN anyway and I got CLOSE!! Besides, it is MY version right?? Hey, at least I got to use my Copics!!! OK....Kali wants to go!! I leave you with the challenge, MY version, and some more pics!! Have a GREAT day!! See you REAL soon and ENJOY LIFE!!!






Tuesday, June 15, 2010


WHEW!! Wow, we made it!! Sorry I have not posted before now!! The plan was to post EVERY day, at least a LITTLE something!! However, without an internet connection?? It's a BIT tough!! SO, although I am NOT happy about it, I am at the same internet cafe as last year! The last few days last year were a tad questionable, at this establishment!! I swear he charged me something different each day!! Oh well, I am on to them now!! Haha!! Anyway, it is worth it to connect with you all!! Missed ya!!
The drive down was not too bad and the kids were ALL super good!! Gotta LOVE that!! Well.....except for when Kyah got sick in the car!! BUT....even with that? Kyah handled it like a PRO!! Seriously!! That girl is AMAZING!! OK.....I am sitting here with Kali and the other two are with Eric! They are headed to the pool, while we are here! It would be TOO much to take all 3! For sure! Kali is going thru a BIT of a stage and CAN be times!! The terrible TWOS that Kyah missed out on?? Kali is making up for!! She has enough for BOTH of them! Haha!! Heck.....for ALL 3 of them!! Kade doesn't really seemed to be phased by that whole thing, thank goodness!!!
SO.......Kali is sitting across from me with a chocolate milk, her FIRST I might add, and I am here with my computer!! I wanted to visit with you all and share some pics from our first few days here! Hope you enjoy them and I will be back, hopefully tomorrow, if not DEFINITELY Thursday!! Because?? Just like last year, I brought my COPICS along for the ride and plan to create a few for you!! I even had to go to the local Walmart and buy a trimmer!! I could NOT bring my HUGE table top one and could not find the other one!! SO.......improvise! I KNEW I could at least buy a trimmer down here! I would LOVE to find a stamps tore though!! Anyone know of any in MYRTLE?? I HAD planned to cut everything ahead of time? Kinda make card kits up? BUT? We all know how that goes! I ran out of time and just CHUCKED everything in my bag!! I even brought some stamp sets along! It was easier with the NEW SU DVD cases I have now! I printed out some STAMPINSANITY images and put it all in my craft tote!! I cannot wait to get a little crafting time!! Just to relax a bit from the FUN of vacay, if that makes sense!! OK.......I will stop babbling and I will leave you with some pics!! Have an AWESOME day ad remember..........................ENJOY LIFE!!!

PS. I have LOTS more and will share more later, if you are interested!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hey there friends!! How are you?? I cannot believe it is Thursday!! WOW!! I have not visited with you since LAST week!! BAD friend!!! Well, it has been BUSY, as usual!! We have been cleaning up the house, so it will be nice and clean, while we are away!! I am SO ready!! We leave this Saturday.........EARLY!!! Unless Eric gets a WILD hair? Then we will probably leave Friday night!! MYRTLE we come!!! Woohoo!! Remember last year? I posted to you FROM the beach?? Well, you can COUNT on that this year too!! AND???? I plan on sharing MORE pics, WHILE we are there!! So, I hope you will visit!! Oh yeah.....I will have some creations for you too!! I plan on putting together some card kits to take along!! Gotta have SOME crafting, while I am there!!

Alright, I have ONE more day of work here, before we go!! I better go and get ready!! Kyah just got on the bus!! Before I head out though, here is.........


Sounds easy enough, don't you think? I hope you will join us!! My take is below!! I used one of the sentiments from the SI OTHER WORLDLY LOVES rubber stamp set!! I LOVE this set!! For ALL the challenge deets, head over to the STAMPINSANITY BLOG!!! While you are there, be sure to check out ALL the GROOVY GURLZ' creations!!! You know they will ROCK!! Have an AWESOME day and ENJOY LIFE!!


Thursday, June 3, 2010


Good morning friends!! How are you? Kyah and I are off to her 2nd grade "Fun In The Sun Day", so I will make this brief!!! Haha! Me? Brief? Yeah, right!! Well.....I will try!!
Today is Thursday, which means another GROOVY GURLZ challenge!! Woohoo!! This week's challenge is below, along with MY take on it!!




I used the AWESOMATED, new and FREE........SUMMER LOVIN' MADDIE!! You can get yours at STAMPINSANITY!! I LOVE her!! Isn't she GROOVY!!! I was also able to use some of my pieces of BASIC GREY DSP, that I had left!! Oh.....and let's not forget those COPICS!! Gotta use those COPICS!!! Alrighty, Kyah is given me the EYE!!! I hope you will play along with us; visit the STAMPINSANITY blog for ALL the deets!! While you are out and about, be sure to visit the rest of the GROOVY GURLZ!!! They have some SWEET creations to share!!! I promise!! They ROCK!!! Have a FABULOUS day and I will see you later!! ENJOY LIFE!!!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hey!!! Me again!! Imagine that!! A VERY sad WILD FLOWER PATCH post, here at Javablustamper!! I know I mentioned before about cutting back, with ALL that was going on!! Well, it was a VERY hard decision for me to make and one that was even HARDER to follow thru with!! I have had to step down from JEN'S awesome team, the WILD FLOWER KIDS!!! Oh my!! What can I say! I LOVE her, LOVE the team, and LOVE the images!! It is just NOT fair for me to stay on, when I cannot give 110%, they DESERVE that!! THANK YOU so much Jen and the team for including ME in your awesomeness!!! This will DEFINITELY not be the end of my WILD FLOWER creations, that is for sure!!
SO, now I am down to TWO!! I am SO bummed!! However, with all that was going on and the OTHER issues that have come our way!! My time is even MORE limited!! Not to mention there is a BIT of stress involved too!! BUT?? I am a MOM and we just DO IT!!! Haha!! Everything will work out!! Everything will calm down!! Somewhat!! Hey.....what's LIFE, without a few challenges here and there?? Right?? RIGHT!!! OK......I will leave you with a WILD FLOWER CHALLENGE!! Again, I am SO sorry I do NOT have a creation for you, BUT, I hope to have something for you over the weekend!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STOPPING BY!!!


So, let's see what you got? Be sure to head over to the WILD FLOWER PATCH, for all the deets!! Besides, you will NOT want to miss the DESIGN TEAM'S creations!!! They are AMAZING!!! See you tomorrow everyone!!!! Have a FABULOUS night, what is left of it!!


*****Want a GREAT chuckle??? I started this post at 6:3o this AM?? is NOW......9:00PM!!!!! Hmmmmmmmm.............................................

Hey all, how are you? LOTS going on here at the Peifer house, so I have not been here much!!! SO sorry! That will change here shortly!! I have to be getting off to work, but, I wanted to stop by and fill you in on the AWESOME challenge, going on over at the WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY BLOG!!!! You are NOT going to believe your eyes!! HUGE prize to be had over there!!! Want to see what the CHALLENGE is?? Check it out!!

Our very own SARA, gave us this INSPIRING pic!!! Cool, huh? I LOVE it!!! THANKS Sara, for this BEAUTIFUL inspiration challenge!!! Alrighty, .....................I am sorry I have NO creation for you, BUT, as I said? It has been RIDICULOUS!!!! I hope to get something done for you over the weekend!! Let's shoot for that!! A HUGE thank you to JESS for understanding my sitch lately!!! It has been a BIT stressful, to say the least!! OK, enough!! Haha!! Before you go? Check out the FAB prizes for this challenge AND have ALL month to enter YOUR creation!!! What? You didn't know? All the more reason to visit the DARE blog for ALL the deets!! Cannot wait to see what you come up with!!!

ONE lucky winner will receive:

TWO Kraftin' Kimmie stamps of Choice, sponsored by Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps!

This HUGE prize from Tamiko's:

1. Spellbinders Frameabilities Scalloped Edge Frame
2. 1/4" Scorepal tape
3. Sticky thumb adhesive tape
4. Memento Tuxedo Black Ink Pad
5. Robin's nest tear drops
6. Robin's nest dew drop
7. Robin's nest mini dew drops
8. 2-3 bags of Lion coffee (a little something from Hawaii)

A FREE Digital Image sponsored by Daredevil herself, Sara Henton

TWO Rubber Stamps from a newly released BabyBud Designs (manuf. by C.C. Designs) sponsored by Daredevil Krista VanTol!

ONE 4x6 Set of choice from The Greeting Farm

WHEW!!! It makes me DIZZY, just thinking about it!!! Haha!! I hope you ALL have a LOVELY evening and remember...............................................ENJOY LIFE!!! While you are doing that? Why not check out my fellow DAREDEVILS!!! They ROCK!!!