Monday, November 30, 2009


Hey there everyone!! QUICK, QUICK one for you!! I have to get to work!! Here is another SNEAK for you, from INKTEGRITY!!! I am just SO excited to be a part of their team!! Hope you like my creation, see you later with some SASSINESS, and have an AWESOME day!!! Thanks for stopping by!!

**This image is called the NORTH POLE SUNDAE!!!
Traci Vinson
Kelly Santi
Jeanette Cloyd
Tenia Nelson
Laura Nygaard
Melissa Craig
Creative Consultant:
Sheri Gilson
Guest Designers:
Mary Driggs (December)

Sunday, November 29, 2009



OK, girls and boys!! This is my LAST post, for today!! Haha!! I just wanted to share a CUTE creation, I made using the one of the NEW NUTSHELLS Digi Angels, from NUTCRAFTERS!!! Isn't she SWEET? She is ONE of FOUR, that you receive on a sheet, when you place your order!! They are called, Christmas Angels! All you need to do? Is print them out and color away!! Haha!! You know me and coloring!! know me and waiting?! SO....these Digi's are AWESOME, NO waiting!! Hope you like my creation and have a FABULOUS night!! See you bright and early tomorrow AM....for my SECOND, INK sneak!! Woohoo!! Thanks for checking back and ENJOY LIFE!!!


OMGosh!! You guys.......I LOVE this image!! Lindsay makes THE coolest Digi's!! No offense, now, don't get me wrong.......BUT.......with THESE digi's? Who needs Bellas?!! Haha!! WAY more to color here!! WOW!! Now, I am NOT talkin' about the Lulu's or the Ketto's, I KNOW they are a DIFF type of image, entirely!! However, the REGULAR Bellas? UH.....hello? NO comparison!! Lindsay....ROCKS!!! OK....I feel better....I just had to put that out there!! I LOVE having a SASSY GIRL to color....ya know? Alright, now that is out of the way, here is the FULL pic of my SSD SNEAK for ya'! I used the Daquiri Girl again!! You GOTTA' love her!! She is ONE of the NEW releases, set to be available to you, on 12/1!!! WOOHOO!! That is RIGHT around the corner!! CAN you believe it? This month has flown by!! In lightning speed!! Hope you like my creation and I thank you for stopping by!! I will be RIGHT back with another creation in just TWO minutes!! Haha! Don't forget to check out the rest of the SASSY 7!!! You KNOW they will have some sharing to do!!

Valerie Urtiaga
Cassie Knox
Lelia Pierce
Margie Cortina
Piali Biswas
Sara-Guest DT!!


GOOD morning friends!! How are you this fine Sunday!! Today is going to be a BUSY day for sure!! The whole camera thing has REALLY caused a domino effect!! Due to the camera thing, I got behind yesterday, and that caused me to stay up LATE!! That didn't help, when my son decided he wanted to get up and play at 3am!! The TWO combined created ME getting up LATE, conditions!! Haha!! I am....WAY later then I wanted to be!! I hope this thing gets straightened out here SOON!!!
Anyway!! I am SO, SUPER excited!! I don't think I have told you all yet, but, you may have noticed a NEW badge!!! Did you see the NEW DT badge, along the left had sidebar? YAY, YAY, and YAY!! I was asked to be a part of the INKTEGRITY, WINTER DESIGN TEAM!!! Woohoo!! I am SO honored to be a part of this TALENTED crew!! Not to mention.........on JONI'S AWESOME Design TEam!! I just LOVE Joni!! She SO rocks!! Thank you Joni, for having me!!
SOOOOO, this is my FIRST release with the INKTEGRITY girls!! Wait 'till you see ALL the girls' creations!! WOW!! All I can say is......OUTSTANDING!!! MY first SNEAK for you is MINT SUNDAE!!! I hope you LOVE it, as much as I do!! Don't forget to stop back.........I have QUITE a LOT more to share today!! Probably one this afternoon and one this evening!! PLUS? There is tomorrow too!!! MAN!! We are going to be BU-SY!!! Hope you will join me.....I can't wait to share with you all!! Have a FABULOUS day and ENJOY LIFE!!!!***Why not go and say hello to the REST of the INKTEGRITY girls!!
Traci Vinson
Kelly Santi
Jeanette Cloyd
Tenia Nelson
Laura Nygaard
Melissa Craig
Creative Consultant:
Sheri Gilson
Guest Designers:
Mary Driggs (December)


Hey there everyone! Better late then never....huh? Well, I have a NEW camera, as I mentioned before! I am just a BIT undecided, at the moment! I am not sure if I like this one! Haha! I HAD a Sony, Cybershot, which was old and DID get a lot of use. I NOW have a Nikon, Coolpix. I am thinking this is better? The megapixels are higher and so is the zoom. However, one thing that is interesting, is the uploading to my computer. It is MORE time consuming and definitely diff!! Hmmmm! Needless to say......the jury is still out!! SO...I apologize for the delay! the days and posts go will see why!! Haha!!
Since I was thrown a BIT behind, by this whole camera issue.....I WILL POST MY NUTCRAFTERS' creation tomorrow!! I will post that and another SASSY SNEAK and......a SURPRISE SNEAK!! Woohoo!! SASSY STUDIOS will have a NEW release on 12/1!! Cannot wait, for you to see ALL the SASSINESS!! I hope you like today's sneak, as much as I do!! I just think she is SUPER cute!! You know you want to buy her a drink!! Her name is DAQUIRI!! She was SO fun to color up!! KNow what else is AWESOME about her? You can use SO many sentiments with her!! How TOTALLY awesome is that? Ok......stop babbling....right? Here is MY Sassy DAQUIRI!! Have an AWESOME night!! Could you all let me know what cameras you all have!! AND? What you think of them! Tahnks for stopping back and ENJOY LIFE!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Hey there everyone!! Happy Saturday to you!! All I can say is....THANK goodness for the Black Friday and Saturday sales!! My camera would NOT work last night, so.......I had to get a NEW one!! Thanks to ALL the sales that is!! I went this AM and got a NEW one and it was the LAST one they had!! WHEW!!! SO......I will be back, after my SECOND Thanksgiving gathering!! We are getting together with Eric's family today!! SO.......I will be back!! I can't wait to see the pix, from this NEW camera!! I got a Nikon and the battery is charging as we speak!! Have an AWESOME day and THANK YOU so much for stopping by!! SO sorry everything is a bit behind, due to this whole camera thing!!! BUT....I promise it will be worth the wait!! Worth waiting for the SASSY sneaks and I believe the pics are going to be better, then they were with the OLD camera!! YAY!! Gotta love that!! See you later, ENJOY LIFE!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009


HI there guys and gals!! I say guys.....because.....hopefully my dad has caught on to this and is checking it out! Haha! How was your Thanksgiving? I hope you all had a WONDERFUL time!! SO sorry for the LATE post and I am sure you already know it, is FREEBIE FRIDAY!!! Wendy, over at Digital Delights, has a SUPER cute one for you too!!! I SO wish I would have had time to create something to show you!! I had ALL intentions on doing so, however with the whole Thanksgiving thing, it did NOT get done!! Not to mention that whole BLACK FRIDAY, stores opening at midnight, thing!! Haha!! Lesson number ONE..........NEVER attempt to go to ToysRus on Thanksgiving night!!! ATTEMPT....being the key word!! Haha! You should have seen that place!! People were parked OUTSIDE the parking lot....along the road? They were parked UP on the curb, in between trees! They were parked ACROSS the street, at the park!! GEEZ!! Let's not leave out the fact that, they had a LINE around to the back of the building; the far end, of the back of the building!! Know what that line was for? To get IN!! Needless to sister and I? We headed to Old Navy!! At least that was better? Thanks to their ad being marked with the INCORRECT, opening time!! Granted.......the line to check out was INSANE? To the back of the store? BUT....that is to be expected!! Even I am not that delusional!! Were we REALLY missing out on something?? MAN!! Who knew that EVERYONE in Lancaster county, preferred to stay up late and shop........ versus getting up early!! Huh??! WHO knew!!
OK.....sorry about that LITTLE rant!! You know me! Here is what YOU, don't want to miss today!! Check out this FREEBIE, being offered at the DIGITAL DELIGHTS SNR GROUP and PCP PAGE!!! Woohoo!! Make sure to go pick yours up!! Have an AWESOME day, hope you get LOTS of bargains, and I will see you later this evening for a SUPER, SWEET, SASSY sneak, as promised!! Haha!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Align Center

How are you today? Are you getting ready to attend your family gathering? OR.....gatheringS, as the case may be! You you have like TEN places to go? All in ONE holiday? ACK!! Isn't that ALWAYS interesting....trying to make it everywhere AND spend quality time with your loved ones, while you are there!! I say......good luck with that!!! Thankfully......our family does NOT have to do that today!!! Thanks to EACH of our families, planning SEPERATE events!!! WOOHOO!!! It just doesn't feel like MUCH of a holiday, when you have to travel 5o MILLION places, in ONE day!! YAY!!! Now.....let's just hope we are that lucky on Christmas! Haha!! Alrighty, just want to say that I TRULY appreciate you stopping by!! Let alone visiting me on a holiday!! You gals ROCK!!!
SO....the reason you are here is for some eye candy....right? Well....I don't know about eye candy, BUT, I do have a DIGITAL DELIGHTS challenge creation for you!! FIRST, I have a pic of the sketch, so you can play along!! THEN is MY version of the sketch, using SHINE YOUR LIGHT PIPPIN!!! Isn't he THE cutest?! There are SEVERAL Pippin Digi's!! All the better to collect them!! If you check out my left hand sidebar? You will notice that Wendy is offering an AWESOME sale, over at DIGITAL DELIGHTS!!! What better way to get your own PIPPIN!!! Woohoo!! sure to visit DELIGHTFUL SKETCHES and play along!!! You will find ALL the deets there!! Want another reason to play??............................

**Sketch #12!!

**MY version!!

**You remember RILEY....right? Did you know he moved? Yepper, he now resides in Kansas City!! He is moving up and getting out there!! hea not only has a NEW home? He also has a NEW website AND blog!! You will definitely want to visit him!!! AT........

**One CLICK and you are there!!! Haha!! Just CLICK on their name above!! OK.....want to know why I have directed you to visit the moose? Well, that is our sponsor, of course, AND? They are offering up THREE, count them......3 WOOD MOUNTED this challenges WINNER!! YAY!! Thanks RILEY!!!
OK.....I am done!! I got a BIT lengthy, huh? At least it was worth your visit!! Haha!! Have an AWESOME day and I will see you back here for some SASSINESS!!! Gotta have that!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING and ENJOY LIFE!!!

Cindy Royal-Senior DT
Lisa -Senior DT
Lisa V
Wendy Hall-Illustrator

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


**GASP** I almost forgot!! SO sorry! The winners of MY Rusty Pickle Sneaks......are......

TAMMY- The Moon image!!!
EVE- The Bear image!!!

Thanks to EVERYONE who came to visit!!!
Be sure to email Heather at ..

To claim your prize!!!




I'm BAAAAACK!! Haha!! How was your day?! Mine was a LONG one for sure!! So glad tomorrow is a holiday!! Speaking of.......HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours!! I wish ALL of you a WONDERFUL and BLESSED holiday!! Thank you SO much for your encouragement and support!! I am VERY thankful for your comments and visits!! Heck...I am thankful....for YOU!!!

SO, enough with the mushy stuff, huh? remember pop quizzes....don't you? How about a POP challenge? Woohoo!! Lindsay. over at SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS, loves Disney!! honor of the PRE-release and the ACTUAL release, of The Princess And The Frog??? She has decided to do a POP challenge!!
The challenge begins today and runs through Dec 11th (the full release date, the Disney movie, will be in all theaters!!!) your SASSY entries must be in no later than
Midnight pst Dec 11th

What is the challenge, you may ask?!?! Well, of course, that would help now wouldn't it?! Your challenge is to make a card or project inspired by the film, The Princess And The Frog. It can be New Orleans inspired, frog inspired, princessy etc!! Let your imagination be your guide!! The only requirement is you must use a SSD image somewhere in your creation. You can head over to the SSD Blog to grab a FREEBIE, compliments of the FABULOUS Lindsay!! You will also find some SASSY 7 inspirations!! Woohoo! Alrighty!! Thanks for stopping back and I can't WAIT to see what you create!! Again, HAPPY THANKSGIVING and have a WONDERFUL time with your family and friends!! ENJOY LIFE!!

**Here is mine!!**PS.


Hey there everyone!! How are you? I have to make this FIRST post QUICK this morning! SO sorry!! I have a SNEAK for you from THE RUSTY PICKLE!! AND? It is WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY, of course!! How fun is that? TWO reasons to visit today? Well, I actually have THREE, but, that will have to wait a few hours!! I must go into work for a few and will have another post for you, when I get home!! Ok? GREAT!! Hope you will stop back!!
This week's DIEDRICH DARE, is brought to you by Jack!! Jess' son has an AWESOME one for you this week!! Check it out!!
While I was creating MY version, I thought I would sneak this NEW image from THE RUSTY PICKLE!! Woohoo!! LOTS of prizes to go with this FIRST release!! You can check out the DEETS....HERE!!! Now, This post is FULL of prizes!! There is also a PRIZE, this week, from WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAYS!! Can you beat it? NO way!! You can check out the DEETS for that PRIZE.......HERE!! Hope you will play along and hope you like my SNEAK!! Gotta LOVE that TEDDY!!! OK....gotta go!!! I will see you later!!! PROMISE!! ENJOY LIFE!!

Design Team


Monday, November 23, 2009


Hey there friends!! How are you this WONDERFUL Monday morning? Hope you had an AWESOME weekend!! Today's post is ALL about the SNEAK PEEKS!!! The RUSTY PICKLE, sneak peeks, that is!!

Thank you SO much for joining me for this very first Rusty Pickle release!! YAY!! We are doing 3 days of Sneak Peaks; then the images will be available for purchase in the store!!
Hope you ENJOY!!

Each day there will be 2 of the 6 New Release images showcased!!

Lots of Image Prizes

Guess what?!! There are going to be several prizes given away and here is how you can get them. On Wednesday the DT girls will be choosing Random winners, for the image they showcased, in each of their Sneak Peak Posts!! You know what that means right? You can do the math, I know you can! Haha! We will all be giving away 2 images each!! WOOHOO!! That is a LOT of prizes!! All you have to do is leave a comment on our Sneak posts and you will be entered to win!! COOL, right?! You bet!! The winners will be chosen on Wednesday!!!!

Grand Prize
Want to Win the Entire Set of images plus 3 images of your choice from


To win, all you need to do is Become a Follower of The Rusty Pickle Store/Blog and leave a comment there too!! Now, don't NEED to leave comments on the DT girls Posts, as well.

Runner UP Prize
How about winning the Entire Set of New Release images?!
All you have to do is Become a follower of the Rusty Pickle Store/Blog and Leave comments for the DT girls on their Sneak Peak posts for Monday Tuesday, and Wednesday this week. Alrighty then, I think I have given you ENOUGH info!! Why not get started?! HAVE FUN!!! and??? ENJOY!!! Here are my SNEAKS, for you!! Hope you like!! Have an AWESOME day!!


**OK, now here is where you will want to visit!!

Design Team


Friday, November 20, 2009



GOOD MORNING!!! How are you? I am SO excited!! It is FINALLY here!! What?.....You may ask? Well.....NEW MOON, of course!! Come cannot expect me to believe you had NO idea?! Haha!! I know better!! I am ALSO excited to be involved in the NEW MOON blog hop, brought to you by TWILIGHT TUEDAYS!! Thanks for coming here from ERICA'S blog!! If you did not come here from ERICA'S? I have a map of the TWILIGHT HOP. below!!!

I am sure you have seen some AMAZING creations, by this point!! Guess what though?! There are PLENTY more to see!! Believe me!! I know!! These ladies are out of this world, talented!! Heck, I was SO looking forward to this? I made TWO creations for this AWESOME event!!

Check them out!!! I used my ARTFUL INKABLES, FICTIONALLY INSPIRED set for both of my creations!! LOVE that set!! The FIRST one was made with VAMPIRE ROSALIE, from SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!!! Isn't she PERFECT?! I KNEW I was using this image, as soon as I got wind of this hop!! Of course....the DP? Is Basic Grey EERIE!! Now, as you are looking at this? I have to give a HUGE shout out to my friend, TAMMY!!! THANK YOU Tammy!! She saved me!! I was OUT of black cardstock? She hooked me up....AND? She even brought it over to my house!! What a woman!!! I SO appreciated that visit she made!! WOOHOO!!

OK....the second? Can you guess the image? Seriously? Didn't you get yours? This is one of the EXCLUSIVE Digi's that THE GREETING FARM put out last weekend!! At least I think it was last weekend! Haha!! Anyway, hope you got yours!! I HAD to use this image!! I LOVE Alice!! She is SO funky and stylin'!!! How could I NOT use this Digi? Haha!!
Alrighty, I hope you enjoy your hop and I hope you GET TO THAT MOVIE THEATER!!! I can't WAIT to see the NEW MOON release!! I also, can't wait to hear what you think of it!!! Make sure to head over to DONNA'S blog and continue your journey!! Have fun and ENJOY LIFE!!!

Starts at Twilight Tuesday – 1. Tonya – 2. Laura – 3. Jennifer O. – 4. Pam – 5. Jen del Muro {Guest} – 6. Dani – 7. Tamara Bennett – 8. Cathy – 9. Dina – 10. Makeesha Byl {Guest} – 11. Beth – 12. Sarabeth {Guest} – 13. Mindy Baxter – 14. Tia – 15. Jami Bova {Guest} – 16. Eve – 17. Monika in VA – 18. Lois Bak – 19. April D. – 20. Stephanie {Guest} – 21. Leigh Ann Baird – 22. Jeri Moody – 23. Juanita – 24. Amber Goble {Guest} – 25. Jen S. – 26. Sammi – 27. Tracey F – 28. Corinne aka Rinne – 29. Jodi Collins {Guest} – 30. Margie – 31. Cheryl – 32. Kathy – 33. Holly – 34. Jodi Ann Lee {Guest} – 35. Rebecca – 36. Kathy J – 37. M.E. Driggs – 38. Randi – 39. Jessica Diedrich {Guest} – 40. Erica – 41. Jacquie – 42. Donna Schnees – 43. Julee Tilman {Guest} – 44. Donna W. – 45. Heather Lee-Reppen – 46. Jackie R. – 47. Joni – 48. Joy Kennedy {Guest} 49. Alison – 50. Jacquie N. – 51. Monika Davis – 52. Julie 53. Beate Johns {Guests} Ends at Twilight Tuesday –


Hey there!! Just a QUICK one for you!! Stoppin' by to let you know that you NEED to get to the DIGITAL DELIGHTS, PCP Page or their SNR Page!!! Wendy has an AWESOME freebie to give you!!! I made a creation , so you can see how SWEET it is!! OK....what are you waiting for? Go get yours!! Thanks for stopping by and have a FABULOUS day!!! ENJOY LIFE!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Well hello there, my SASSY friends!! How are you today? It's Thursday!! We are almost there! How has your week been going? Ours has been QUITE busy!! Did I tell you the Kitty story?

Well, I will try and make this brief, I promise! HAha! We had found a kitty, hanging around our yard, so of course I had to try and take care of it!! Haha!! I put food an water out where it was hiding, under our deck. Well, it couldn't get to the food and water I normally keep out front!! Then of course it began to get colder over night, and I made a little box for it! I used an old piece of rug and some blankets. When it started to drizzle, I moved it to the front porch! This POOR animal is SO mal-nourished, it is sickening!!!! If you have ever seen Animal Planet's Animal Rescure episodes, you know what I a saying!! You can see EVERY bone! Anyway, my heart was breaking for this little thing. Since we were not sure how healthy it was or if it was carrying any contagious diseases, we decided to take it to a vet. We could NEVER bring it in, if we didn't! Let me tell you, that is a story in itself!! There is NO one out there to help these POOR neglected animals!!!! I must have called everywhere, including our own vet, which I assure you we will never go to again!! Now, don't get me wrong, I UNDERSTAND that if these Vets saw EVERY stray, they couldn't stay in business!! That I am sure of, because there are a TON!! However, I know in the dental field, there are clinics where Dentists volunteer. They volunteer to help those less fortunate, because they NEED care too! Well, my friends? Animals are the same!! Would you believe I even called ORCA and the ASPCA? From what I have learned, they ONLY allow you to surrender the animal, NOT help it!! OK...I opened a HUGE can of worms and cannot keep it short!!! So I will wrap it up!! Haha!! Imagine that!!
To make a long story short, the kitty was NOT a kitty, she is abour 10 yrs old!! I was SO shocked, she weighs oNLY 5 lbs!! The vet we took her to was VERY nice and helped her out a lot!! She was given a dose of flea meds and we were told NOT to let her in for a few days or so. So......we shall see!! She is SO sweet and must have been someones pet!! I am going to post some signs, in our neighborhood, and see what happens. If no one has lost her? Then we will take care of her!!

Anyway!! Sorry about that!! That is ONE subject I am passionate about; stray, neglected animal!! Alrighty, the reason why you are here is to see what the DARE TO BE SASSY challenge is, right? Well, here it is!! The challenge is to create a recipe card! Cool huh? Head over to the SASSY STUDIO BLOG, for all the deets!!! Hope you will play along!! Sorry I bored you with my little babbling!! Haha!! Make sure to visit the other SASSY challenge girls!!! Have an AWESOME day!! There will be LOTS to share tomorrow, so stop back!!! I will have the DIGITAL DELIGHTS freebie Friday and you know what else there is!! Don't you? It is the MUCH anticipated, NEW MOON release and there are several diff hops to go along with it!!! Cannot wait 'till tomorrow!!! We are going to have a BLAST!!! See you then!! ENJOY LIFE!!

**My challenge creation!!

**The other SASSY challenge girls!!!
Lelia Pierce Margie Cortina

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


GOOD MORNING!!! GOOD MORNING!!! WOOHOO!! All I can say is......I did it, I did it!!! Haha!! I did an easel card!! Can you believe it? That is our challenge this week, for WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAYS challenge #11!!! I gotta tell ya'.....when I saw this? I FREAKED, juuuuuust a little bit!! Haha! Judging by my reaction, you can ONLY assume, that I have NEVER done one of these!! AND??......That would be correct!!! can imagine my surprise when I was finished and it looked like it does below!! WOW!! I thought to Jacquie....that wasn't SO bad and....why did you get SO worked up!! I mean.....seriously!! I was that put off by the idea? I actually made this at 2:00 this morning!!! Nothing like putting things off 'till the last minute, huh? Anyway, now that you have read my silliness, hope you like my EASEL creation!! I used my Tatiana Ketto stamp, from Stamping Bella! Although I DO love this stamp? I don't know that I should have used it!!! That, my friends, is another story!! Since I can tend to be wordy? AND? Talk your ear off? I will leave it for another day!! Haha!! Suffice to say, I had a BIT of a bad experience there and that is the truth of it!! KNOW you want to make an EASEL card, now don't you? Head over to the WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY blog and check out today's FEATURED DAREDEVIL, Randy!!! She is AWESOMATED, without a doubt!! That and you will want to get the info for posting/uploading your creation and such!! I know I said this week was a week of FIRSTS? I think this counts, don't you? Hope you will join us this week and can't wait to see what you create!! Heck, now that I know how to do this? I MAY just have to make another!! Have an AWESOME day and join me tomorrow for some MORE fun stuff!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

**Go ahead and click on these pics, for a better look!!


Jessica Diedrich
Sandra MacLean
Rebecca Ednie
Lisa Hjulberg
Kim Ross
Jacquie Peifer
Heather Schlatter
Debbie Lee
Darla Wilson
Cassie Larson

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hi, again, everyone!! Sorry I had to post an run earlier!! BUT......I am back!! Although short, I AM here again!! I just wanted to stop back and tell you a little story! My girl Heather, of HEATHER"S HEAVENLY STAMPATIONS, sent me an email several days ago. She asked me to be on a NEW DT, that she is the coordinator for!!! I was SO honored and QUITE surprised, to say the least!! I just HAD to say YES!!! Thank you Heather, for thinking of me and for liking my creations, as much as I do!! Haha!! So......without further babble.....the NEW DT I am on is....THE RUSTY PICKLE!!!! Although, they are starting out with a 1 month trial, it will be SUPER to work with their AWESOME team!!! I look forward to working with them all!! WOO HOO!! Those RUSTY PICKLE girls are SO talented!! Can't wait to share my creations and see what they all come up with!! Should be an EXCITING month all!! Hope you will join us!! to create some more things to share!!! Have a FABULOUS night!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

The Rusty Pickle Girls