Sunday, July 12, 2009


YAY!! I am HOME!!! Whew!! What a drive! Know what though? We made it, again, in under 10 hours!!! Although this WAS awesome, it is still a LONG drive!!! They REALLY need to work on a SUPER expressway!! Haha!! OK......I don't have much time, on this FIRST post of the day. I have just opened the twins play area, so they have more FREE roam!! UH-OH!!! They got used to it at the beach and were not happy to come home and be confined! So...........I now have gates ar either set of stairs!! YIKES!!! Well.......we will see how this goes!!! Haha! As I was saying, make sure to stop back!!!! I have some SASSINESS planned for you all!! I am playing catch up, so I hope you will be patient with me!!!! Thanks!! You guys are THE BEST!!!
Alrighty!! is the 12th. That means that Wednesday is the 15th!! WOOHOO!! Another release from Marie at THE GREETING FARM!!! She is SO SUPER talented!! She has MORE AWESOMENESS for you AGAIN this month!!! AND.......another FABULOUS VSN and release party!! A BIG woohoo for that too!! Head on over to the CLUB ANYA BLOG for all the deets!!All that being said......I have a GREAT sneak for you today!!


Isn't he SWEET?!!! You just HAVE to LOVE him!!!

***PLEASE stop back for MORE, later this afternoon!!!! So glad you visited!!! Thanks for all your AWESOME comments too!!! See you later!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!

Hey.....why not visit the rest of my SUPER Teammates!!! They have some SUH-WEET sneaks to share with you too!!

Janna Hull
Jessica Diedrich, Club VP/DT Coordinator
Joni Wilson, Guest Designer
Kristine Moldenhauer Biseth
Traci Porter


Mary Giles said...

He is super cute and I love that you worked in the Dirty Rodeo papers. Great card!

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

What a handsome lil guy! He's too too cute!
Wonderful boyish looking card! Love it :*)

Georgia Ehrmann said...

Super Cute! Welcome back home...hope the twins don't tire you out with all their new found freedom!

Jessica Diedrich said...

Love it jacks!!! welcome home!!!!

WickedPixie said...

He is SO cute! Great use of the Dirty Rodeo papers, too! :-) Traci