Monday, July 6, 2009


Hey ladies!! How are you? Hope you all had an AWESOME 4th of July weekend!!! Well, we made it here!! Not to mention that we actually made it in record time!! 9 hours to be exact!! My husband was SO in shock!!! WOOHOO!! It always seems like QUITE the drive, on the way here! However, once you are here? You NEVER want to leave! I just LOVE it here in Myrtle Beach!!
Alright, so my husband thinks I am nuts to be posting and such, while we are on vaca!!! I told him he just didn’t get it!! Haha!! He says……”ahh, just do whatever it is you gotta do”!! So that much? He is good with!!! I wanted to schedule my posts before we left! Hmph, what a joke that was!! What was I thinking? Huh? Seriously!! WHERE was I coming up with time for that? Who knows!! So… I am…… the glass vaca table, typing!! I took my pics, at least, before we left! I am going to prepare this and then visit our local Java Joe’s! I understand a SUPER nice family owns it? AND they offer FREE internet, along with a GREAT cup of JOE!! YAY!! So…..I will be able to visit with you! KINDA!!! Haha! I won’t bore you with a whole lot of family stuff, but, Kyah was asking to go to the pool last night………at like MIDNIGHT!!! You should have seen her, SO excited!! Then SO deflated……when we said no!!! Poor girl! That’s ok…she is on the beach, as I type this!! I am doing this, while the twins nap.
SOOOO??? Guess what I have for you today? Can you guess?? ………Of course NOT!! There I go again!! Being SILLY!!! I am SO excited to show you the first, in several, SNEAKS of 2 NEW releases!! You got it, 2 NEW releases from SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS! Lindsay has some AWESOME ones for you, I promise!! You must know, though, that this is JUST the beginning!! For now? There will be 2 releases and they will be available to you on 7/9!!! I have the FIRST one to share with you today!!! I just LOVE her! Her name is……..ROCKIN’ ROXIE!!! COOL, huh? I had SO much fun coloring her up and I knew as soon as I saw her which DP I was going to use!! Hope you like her!!! You will be able to HAVE her, yourself, on the 9th!! Can’t go wrong with those Digi’s, now can you!! Make sure to visit the rest of the SASSY girls!!! They are WAY talented, so you know that they have MAJOR eye candy for you!!! Thanks for stopping by and I will have MORE for you tomorrow!!! Let me know what you think, won’t you? Hope the weather is nice where you are!! Happy Monday!! Remember………..ENJOY LIFE!!!

Deb Kapsiotis
Jen Young
Lelia Pierce
Margie Cortina
Piali Biswas

**I'll be visiting Java Joe's tomorrow AM, with another post for you!!!


pinky said...

Wow that image is excellent, will definitely need it! Hope you have a great holiday at the beach, you lucky lady, though it will probably be hard work with the twins!

Valerie said...

SO adorable!!!