Wednesday, July 22, 2009


POST #2- PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR A LYC CHALLENGE AND NEW RELEASE!!!! again!!! So...did you read the first post from today?? CUTE robots!!! Alright, since we are on the CUTE subject? You just gotta LOVE Laddie Ian!!!! Don't you? He is THE cutest!! Now..........if you think he's cute?? Just wait until you see what I have for you on FRIDAY!!!!! WOOHOO!!! A HUMONGOUS, yeah that's what I said, HUMONGOUS..........Club Anya SURPRISE!!!! So, stop by to check it out!! I can't wait to share!!!! Oh yeah.....that AND Friday is Farm Fresh Friday, over at The Greeting Farm Blog!!! YAY!!! LOTS going on!!! is my creation!!! Hope you like and I'll see you tomorrow!!! Want to know what's on for tomorrow? Take a look at JAVABLU'S SCHEDULE, over on the left hand sidebar!!! It's NEW!!! Have an AWESOME day and ENJOY LIFE!!!!!!


Lelia Pierce said...

I love the wee laddie (said in my best Irish brogue)! Great job Jacks! :O)