Monday, July 27, 2009


Haha!!! It STILL is MOnday, isn't it?? Sorry I am getting here SO late!!! What can I say?? The day just got away from me!!! GEEZ!!! One minute it is 7am and the next? It is NOW, 10:18pm!!! So......anyway!! I STILL have a creation to share with you all!!! IF you still want to see it!! Haha! That and I have updated the, JAVABLU'S SCHEDULE, if you are interested!!! WOOHOO!! LOTS going on this up coming weekend!!! This weekend is going to be PHENOMENAL !!! To say the least!! Hope you will be around!!! EVERYTHING is happening on SATURDAY, AUGUST 1st!!! I will tell you about ONE of the happenings, today!! Don't worry, I will remind you later too!! Haha!! You know me.......I can NEVER contain myself!!! it is:

You are ALL cordially invited to
Sassy Studio Designs
Once Upon a Time Masquerade Ball
online blog party!
In celebration of our August 1st release!!!

We are going to have challenges and games with lots of prizes.
We hope you will join our Ball and chat with our sassy seven, our 3 guest designers as well as Lindsay!!!!!

UK London time - August 1st 6pm - Midnight
USA EST - August 1st 1pm - 7pm
USA PST - August 1st 10am - 4pm
(this is Lindsay's time and when she refers to times this is what she goes by)
Hawaii - August 1st 7am - 1pm
Melbourn Victoria Australila - August 2nd 2 am - 8 am

(we have a very international following! and we definitely want to try and allow as many of them to join us as possible so there would be as little confusion as possible I tried to post as many of their time zones as possible.)

******VISIT THE SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS BLOG FOR THE REST OF THE DEETS!!!!! are NOT going to want to miss this one!!! Believe me!!! It's JUST like a fairytale!!! To go along with this announcement? I have ANOTHER preview for you!!! Now, since the SASSY images are digital? You can make them as large or small as you want!!! AWESOME!! For this creation, I made my Princess a fuzz bigger, so you could see her better!!!! Heck....MORE room to color!!! Alright....without further babble, here is Princess Penelope!!! I wasn't TOO sure about the layout? You know how that is!! I wanted the image bigger, but, it didn't allow for a whole lot of other creating space!! Let me know your thoughts, ok? Hope you like her!! Hope to see you back here tomorrow!!! I will be going over ANOTHER, HUGE bash!! Thanks for stopping by and have an AWESOME night!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!!


Valerie said...

beautiful card! I can't wait till Sat. PARTY time!

Jessica Diedrich said...

You are rockin' these digis, Jacks! LOVE your sassy lil' chicks and how you dress them up so awesome! Hope you're doing well!

WickedPixie said...

What a beautiful card Jacquie! :-)Traci

Kim said...

These Sassy's you have been making are AWESOME Jacquie! Beautiful work! Can't wait to see your Anya for the day! I'm sure it's beyond beautiful!!! Hope you are doing good sunshine! Miss you lots!!! School has been keeping me away from blogland but only 2 more days and I will be back to crafting and blogging FULL-TIME! WOOT WOOT!!!
Hugs~ Kim