Thursday, July 30, 2009


**POST #2

Hey there everyone!!! Another BUSY day for you, here!!! This is my first post for today and I will be back later today with another!! SO I hope you will stop back!!
OK......SO.....all I have to say is, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYA!!!! WOOHOO!! The countdown is ON!!! Saturday is ALMOST here!!! I hope you signed up for CLUB ANYA and THE GREETING FARMS', Happy Anyaversary Blog Hop!!! We are going to have SO much fun!!! I can't WAIT to see all your creations!! you are...what you all have been waiting to see!!! Here is Birthday Anya!!!! She is being released on August 1st, over at The Greeting Farm!!! I just LOVE her!! Ok....last thing?? Did you notice the matching DP?? YAY!!! That too will be available on August 1st!!! Hope you like my creation and don't forget to visit the rest of TEAM ANYA, for some MORE awesome sneaks!!!! See you all later!!! Have a GREAT day!! ENJOY LIFE!!!
Jessica Diedrich, Club VP/DT Coordinator
Janna Hull
Kristine Moldenhauer Biseth
Traci Porter


kadie said...

Jacquie Jacquie!! This card is GORGEOUS!! One of my all time faves. I love the layout, coloring and that paper, oh that paper!! I can't wait! Awesome card, Dearie!

WickedPixie said...

Beautiful, Sweet card Jacquie!! I agree with Kadie - Fabulous layout, wonderful coloring, and that paper is pretty awesome!! :-)Traci

Sparkplug17 said...

She's so precious! I love the rhinestones.

Rosette said...

Such a beautiful card Jacquie!! Can't wait to see more :))

Heather Schlatter said...

Hey Jacquie girl!!!

Just a very quick minute to let you know I have not forgotten about you!!!! I have so missed coming by to comment and I am still alive and by the way your comments over the last little while have not gone unnoticed and you have made me smile every time you left one!!!

Plus yes I still do have a Birthday Card for you and I made it before your Birthday when I was at Janna's visiting, but I told you before I never ever get to the post office so RAKS are so hard for me!!!! I admire you so much with your RAK ability and I wish I was more like you see even when I do put somthing together for someone it takes me months to get it in the mail!!!!

I have missed you girly and Twinkling and I just wanted you to know that!!!

I love your Anya Birthday card the paper and everything are so so so so cute together!!! I was at Janna's when the new releases came in the mail and I just loved them all!!!!

We are leaving in the AM for Colorado to visit my family and Friends so I hope I get to visit again when I get back!!!!