Wednesday, December 16, 2009


WOOHOO!!! It's Wednesday!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Wednesdays!! Know why? Because it is WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY, of course!! You know......the DIEDRICH DARE? It is SO fun seeing what those Diedrich kids come up with next!! Ya' know? know what else? Gee I am epecting you all to know a lot today, aren't I? Haha!! As I was saying, just think......NEXT week at this time? At 2 o'clock in the morning? It will be THE day before Christmas Eve!! WOW!!! Can you believe it? I cannot!! Are you ready? I am NOT! Guess I best get moving on that...huh?
Alrighty.....this week's challenge is brought to you from the SERIOUS challenger himself....Jack!! WHEW, thank you JAck!! You are ALWAYS so good at this challenge thing!! I tell ya'! This week was especially challenging for ME!! Because? Well......because I am SERIOUSLY crooked!! Haha!! So.....getting something, straight, on a ribbon? UH....hello? NEVER gonna happen!! BUT....guess what?? It DID!!! YAY!! I couldn't believe it!! Haha!! I can;t wait any longer!! I just HAVE to share it with you!!

SO? What do you think? Do you like it? I used my Unity stamps for this one!! They are SO versatile!! I know, I know....I say that about a LOT of stamps!!! Don't I? What can I say!! I am SO sorry, I can;t tell you what set this is from. Unfortunately! It is from a Stamp Kit Of The Month, I just don't know what month! At the moment anyway!! The sentiment is from that Hey Chick set, which I think has been combined with another set now.
Make sure to visit the DARE Blog and check out this week's featured DAREDEVIL, Debbie!! WOOHOO, way to go Debbie!! You are SO FABULOUS!! Oh....another thing, you know this is DDSC15 and you should use that label, when uploading. Guess what else?? We have a PRIZE this week!! Donated by the LOVELY and talented....Randi Wall!! Thank you SO much Randi!!

ONE lucky participant in this week's DARE
will receive a SWEET PEA stamp and a handmade creation from RANDI WALL! Be sure to play this week, because you know you want that PRIZE!!! I know I would want it!! Haha!! OK, I think I babbled enough for one Wednesday! Thanks for sticking with me and have an AWESOME day!!! See you a BIT later for a NUTCRAFTERS Challenge!!! Thanks SO much for stopping by I REALLY appreciate it!! ENJOY LIFE!!!



Anonymous said...

Adorable card!!

Pam Varnell said...

Beautiful Jacquie. Love your colors and your cute image. Hugs!!

Jacqueline said...

Beautiful card hun!! - love the warm rich colors! The partridge family stamp is from the march KOM :D great work! Hugs!

Jacilynn said...

gorgeous! Great Card.

Darla said...

Great job Jacquie! Love that sentiment with the partridge family, and I love the papers and colors! You kept them straight too. Happy Holidays to you!

kris said...

Wow!!! Love the bold colors... and great image to use... super lovely! =D hugs, Kris

Rebecca Ednie said...

such cute little birdies! I love how you used the sketch. great card!

Shesjetlagd said...

Such cute little birdies!! Cute card! :)