Tuesday, December 8, 2009



Hey, hey, hey!! You want to be part of the SASSY 7 , don't ya'? Now.....don't ya'!! You KNOW you do!! If I am right? Then.....you are running out of time!!! Check out the DEETS below? AND.....get on it!! Get that SASSY groove on and apply!! Best of luck to all of you!!! Wait.......ONE more thing!! Remember.....you can't make the team....if you don't try!!!! Have an AWESOME day my friends!! I will be back after bit, with some RUSTY info for ya'!


Some of our current members are going to stay on and take a leadership role, but there will still be a need for 7 sassy ladies to take on the role of The Sassy Seven Design Team!
The term will be only 3 months starting 1/1/10 and ending 3/31/10

SO lets start with the requirements. What will you have to do while a member of the SSD Design Team?!?!
1) - you will be assigned challenges there will be only 1-2 required of you each month (it will be a rotating schedule 3 people will be assigned to each challenge)
2) - you must do a minimum of 2 cards per image you are assigned for each release. (however there is flexibility...you only get as many images as you say you can take on, with a minimum of 1. so if you take one image you do 2 samples, if you have a ton of time and can do 10 images you would have to do 20 samples so it is based off of what you say you can do)
3) - you must do 1 extra project per week. This project can be done with any of our past images or you can even participate in extra challenges you were not assigned to.
4) - you must post all of your SSD creations on PCP, SCS and your personal blog
5) - you must be able to participate in our release events on every 1st and 15th (of course if you have something important i can work with you but the point is to plan to participate and communicate with me if you cant)
If you do only the minimums it will be 9-10 projects/month

So what do you get for being a part of this DT?!?!?
When you sign on you will get any 5 SSD images of your choice for Free to get you started with.
you will then get new release images twice a month. how many you get is based on how many samples you can do. You will then get 2 more Free SSD images each month.
You will get a 30% discount on all digi images or digital products you wish to purchase during your DT term
and you will get a 25% discount on all card scents
there will also be bonus opportunities to get extra images on occasion.
So what do you need to do to apply for the dt?!?!?
....well it is simple.
Shoot me an email at sassystudiodesigns@yahoo.com.
Give me your name and state or country.
A link to your blog as well as any online galleries you are a part of.
Give me a brief Bio about you as a crafter, as well as any experience you have with other Design Teams. And if you've never been on one, no worries we don't mind.
Along with this information I need 3-5 images attached in jpeg format please. Make these your best most creative and innovative projects. If you do more than just cards, show us. The only requirement with these photos is, you must make one creation using the image I am giving away for Free below...thats it!!! how great is that So no matter what you get a Free image, who can beat that! And she happens to be one of my favorites!!!! and our Best Seller so far since we opened! so just go to the SSD blog for the free image here http://sassystudiodesigns.blogspot.c...t-round-2.html

The Deadline to apply for the DT is December 15th 2009 at midnight PST