Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hey there everyone! How are you? Just checking in with you all! SORRY I was NOT here last night!! SO much happening here and SEVERAL things kept me from being here!! My husbands' truck went into the garage and of course it is snowing!! Haha! Eric had off last night and hardly EVER does, so he wanted to take the kids thru the Hershey Park Sweet lights!! That is a drive thru thing with TONS of lights to see!! The kids LOVED it!! Then, since the snow was coming, I had to get out and TRY to finish the Christmas shopping!! Then on the way home from that? Stop at the grocery store, since I MAY not have a car!! You have NEVER seen so many people, at the grocery store, at midnight!! Who knew?? Let's just the time I got home it was after 2am!!!
AND...Now? Eric is out shoveling, before he has to go to work! I am TRYING to get the kids geared up to go out in the snow!! Not that I REALLY want them out there, just getting over colds and having YUCKY noses!! Eric doesn't get much time here with us, so he thinks that being out for a LITTLE won't hurt!! WELL, we shall see!! Haha!! I WILL BE BACK!!! OH....until then, come and visit me at SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS, for SASSY SATURDAY!!! OK.....see you in a bit! I will have LOTS to share!! SO sorry for the delay!! Have an AWESOME morning!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jacquie--brr it's cold here too but not much snow yet!! I hope you are staying warm and not getting buried!