Friday, December 4, 2009


Hi again everyone!! How was your day, or should I IS your day?! Haha! Kyah just got home from school and we are trying to get ready for tonight. I just wanted to stop in and share my school project with you all!! I was VERY excited with how it turned out. Let me give you a BIT of background first though....K?
To make MY long story short, which doesn't usually happen, I will start off with telling you I am Kyah's classroom Pep Rep. What that means is that I am her classroom mom, basically. I assist the teacher with gathering volunteers and supplies for parties and such. Let's just say that I have applied for this position, since Kindergarten! I guess I am lucky that I got it this year and she is only in SECOND grade. Apparently every year the school holds a breakfast, of sorts, for the bus drivers and they have a bus drivers appreciation day. I think that is REALLY nice, actually, since they do get our kids safely to and from schooll! Ya' know? Anyway, as the class Pep Rep, it is my job to create a placemat for one of the bus drivers. Supposedly EACH class must do one. SO...... I had to make one and have it in, by today!!! YIKES!! I wasn't really sure what they wanted and everyone told me different things, but, the thing I heard most was that it didn't matter; just do it!! Haha! Well, I procrastinated a BIT.........OK.....a LOT!! I just wasn't sure what I wanted to do and of course, it had to be as nice as all the other mom's!! Right???.......RIGHT!!
Well, I will stop babbling and let you be the judge!! I am really rather pleased with it!! I was surprised!! I printed the bus from a coloring pages website and I got the bears from WHIMSIEDOODLES!! It was AWESOME how fast I received my Digi's!! That is the GREAT thing about Digi's!! Instant gratification!! That and the fact that WHIMSIEDOODLES is SUPER fast!! Thank you SO much!! I thought the bears were the BEST bet, since there are ALL kinds of kids and I wanted to cover everyone!! If that makes sense!! Hope you like it!! HECK, I hope they like it!! Most of all I hope the bus driver, who gets it, likes it!! to find something for this child of mine to where tonight!! WOOHOO!! Hope you all have as much FUN as we do tonight!! Thanks for letting me share my FIRST school project, as Kyah's Classroom Pep Rep!! Wish me luck!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

**PS. I took several pics and I couldn't decide which to share, so here they ALL are!!


Danni said...

Adorable! Reminds me of the magic school bus..

Tammy said...

This is soo fun!!! It turned out fantastic!

Heather Schlatter said...

Jacquie this is awesome I love that School Bus and I love the coloring you are doing maybe the new camera show cases your great coloring better than your old camera did this is totally great and turned out wonderful!!!!