Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hey...how was your dinner?? Haha!! Ok.....so..it took me a bit here,but,......I am back!!! With MY version of this week's Madelynn's Twinkling Tuesdays Challenge!! This week's sketch comes to you straight form her brother, Jack!!! Way to go Jack!!! LOVE it!!! Now.....I hope you played along, for when I am done here??? I am off to visit ALL of you and check out your AWESOME work!!! Can't wait to see it!!! I decided to use my NEW PCS, Kiki Kitty set!! You just have to LOVE it!!! Not to mention, when it is a gift from your hubby?? It makes you LOVE it all the more!!! Oh...and it does help if you have kitties, like I do!! This set is one of the stamping things I got for Valentines day!!! Thanks HONEY, You are THE BEST!!!
I thought I would use this tonight, since for the next few days??? I have LOTS of ANYA'S & IAN'S to share with you!!! Because, you know what this weekend is, right?? Don't you?? Come on now!! It is the BIG release for CLUB ANYA, from THE GREETING FARM!!! YAY!! So much to share with you all!! I just CAN'T wait!!! SO excited!!! Don't forget to head over to Club Anya and enter their Sketch Contest!! You could win the NEW Stamp set, that is being released on the 15th!!! Hey....want another GREAT reason to check out Club Anya?? All this week, they are introducing you to their PHENOM Design Team!! In fact, today they featured Janna!! She is such an AWESOME and SWEET girl!! So talented...you are just going to LOVE her; you will be blown away by her talent!!
GEEZ.....I am getting carried away!!! Sorry girls!!! I am just SO excited, what can I say!!! Now...there are two more things I need to SHARE with you, before I show you my card!!! One, I dedicate this card to my fellow TWINKLETTE, Heather!!! This one is for you girl!!! Brown!!! Your FAVE!!! Hehe!!! Hope you enjoy!!! Ok.....for all of you?? The inside scoop?? She is not a friend to BROWN!!! As a matter of fact?? She is DEEPLY allergic!!!! Or so she says!!! Haha!!!
Ok....last thing....before my creation is revealed (even though it is a simple card!!). You will all notice that I have FINALLY placed a Copyright on my photos!!! This is due to the WONDERFUL help, I received, from my girl CASSIE!!!! She too is a fellow TWINKLETTE!!! If you don't believe me, check out her CHEERY card she posted, for this week's challenge!! You NEED to let her know, how much you DIG her stripes too!! You can see it by clicking her link, below. She was SO SUPER nice to help me last night!! She showed me where to go to create the watermark and literally WALKED me through it!!! SHE ROCKS!!! Thank you SO much Cassie!!! I am FORTUNATE to have you as my friend!!! I LOVE it!!! Of course, I did have to be different and make mine a shade of turqoise!!! Haha!!! It had to match ME, now didn't it?? I bet you ALL are laughing at me, aren't you?? Oh well!! At least you can't say I am not different, right?? Or that I don't have fun!!!
Anyway!!! There I go again....on a tangent, who would have guessed!!! Sorry!!! Hope you like my SIMPLE card!!! And make sure if you played along. that you labeled your card with MTTSC13, so we can find it!!! We LOVE to share!!! Speaking of sharing.....make sure to visit the other TWINKETTES, to see there FAB creations!!! You WILL NOT be disappointed!! I am honored to be a part of their team and you will see why!!

**Here are the Twinklette's and you can view this sketch in my first post, from earlier this evening!! So glad you stopped by and ENJOY LIFE!!!!


Cassie said...

This is so stinkin' cute girl!! I love that kitty and her cute cupcake! And what great detail to use that DP with it too! And I really, really loved the way you did the ribbon!

Christi Flores said...

OMG Jacquie this is adorable!!!!!

Jessica Diedrich said...

Hey Jacks! WHAT an adorable card! I LOVE it! Jack is here w/ me actually and wanted me to type a few words right out of his mouth:

"Hi it's Jack. I like how cool it is. I like the cat and the red diamonds. I like the cupcake too. Thanks for making my sketch!"

Rebecca Ednie said...

Very cute kitty! Love the coloured watermark. Now I am going to have to impose on the sweet cassie for one of my own! Though I would choose pink!

Katie Cotton said...

super cute! Great job!!!

Heather Schlatter said...


Literally girl do you hate me??? Do you want me off the team because I am dead or somthing???

What the Heck girl???

I thought we were becoming friends, but now I am not sure I want to be your friend.

Now my challenge to you is to make a card dedicated to me that has absolutely no brown whatsoever on it!!!!!

Come on I dare you you can do it!!!

Other wise I am going to find a way to hack into your blog and change that background that about puts me into anaphalactic shock every time I come to your blog!!!!

If it were not for the Brown Free glasses I have recently found I would have to quit visiting altogether!!!!




Oh P.S.
Love the stamps I get to be a quest designer for Pink Cat later this year.


Heather Schlatter said...

Oh Yea I forgot to tell you simple or not (and this is only with my Brown Free Glasses on) I love the card you did a great job with KiKi!!!


Janna said...

Jacquie I love it!!! I think the brown sets the whole card off! Amazing!!! The kiki kitty is so cute and you did a great job of coloring him in! How sweet that your husband got it for you!! And I love the theme of sweets you created with the image, chocolate paper and the popscicle paper!!! BTW the watermark looks awesome!!!