Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hey there my DARING friends!! How are you? What is new? How is your week going SO far? Any plans for the weekend? Haha!! GEESH....will she NOT stop with the questions? Haha!! Sure I will!! After I ask.......just ONE more!! How would you like to win some PAPER MAKEUP rubber? Seriously? Who would not? Haha!! Here is the deal!! Check it out!!!

The Whimsical Wednesday, DIEDRICH DARE has something EXCITING for 2010!! The FIRST week of EVERY month will hold a PRIZE for ONE lucky player!! WHAT?....Say WHAT? That is right!! EACH month our DAREDEVIL CHALLENGE will be sponsored and for the FIRST challenge of EACH month......we will have a GIVEAWAY, from that SPONSOR!!! WOOHOO!! So.....this month's SPONSOR is none other than.............................

YAY!! Thank you SO much Katie!! honor of this sponsorship? Katie was AWESOME enough to give the DAREDEVILS an image to create with!!! AWESOME is that? Want to know what else is SO cool? Katie is giving ONE of you, some PAPER MAKEUP rubber!! What, What, What? Yepper!! Just gotta' play to WIN!!! if ALL of that is not the COOLEST? You now need to check out this week's challenge!! An INSPIRATION CHALLENGE!!! Madelynn has chosen a VERY appropriate inspiration!! Take a look and YOU tell me!! PERFECT, or what?!!
Madelynn LOVES this makeup kit of her mom's!! SO.....hope you will play along!! LOTS of GREAT colors in there!! want a chance to win....right? Now, why not head over to the WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAYS BLOG and visit our Featured Daredevil, Jacqueline!! She has a FABULOUS creation to share with you all!! OH......wait!!! Before you go? Take a look at MY version of this challenge, below!! I used Praying Madelynn, from PMS!! COOL, huh? Thanks for stopping by and have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!! I will see you later, with some serious SASSINESS!! WOOHOO!! ENJOY LIFE!!

Cassie Larson
Darla Wilson
Heather Schlatter
Kris Palakiko
Jacqueline Nordaune
Jacquie Peifer(ME)
Jessica Diedrich (A.K.A. Mom)
Kim Ross
Randi Wall
Sandra MacLean
Val Urtiaga


Katie Cotton said...

jacquie!!!! This is gorgeous!!! I love it!!!

Jacqueline said...

Soooo beautiful Jacquie! I LOVE the pink wings and all the amazing details on your card! Great sentiment too!! Great work hun!! :D

Valerie said...

love your card girl! you did a great job on this weeks challenge WTG!!!

Cassie said...

so sweet! i love all the sparkle that you've been using lately!

kris said...

Gorgeous!!! don't you just LOVE Praying Madelyn?!?! i loved coloring her up! Love the your layout and awesome colors... =D hugs, Kris

Sparkplug17 said...

Very pretty!

Danni said...

Beautiful card!!

Heather Schlatter said...

Oh my Jacquie this is gorgeous too I love the pink, green, blue, and purple color combo you did a great job on this!!!!

What works good for you we need to just set a date and have that Blind Date phone call!!!! Then I am sure we will not be able to get off the phone afterwards LOL at least that is how it has been for me and all my other Pretend Stamping Friends.

Love this Jacquie my fairy did not come in time from PMS but I got this one and will be using her on the next few challenges!!

Great job on this miss Jacquie


Kim R. said...

I love your colors. This is so pretty. GREAT job!!

Jessica Diedrich said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS Jacquie! The colors are perfect and so is the bling! This was a fun one, huh? I'l be sending you the sketches today for the rest of the month. Thanks!!!

Rebecca Ednie said...

She's so pretty Jacs! I wondered why she had no fingers! Mitts, of course! The card is just lovely. Wish I could have played.

Randi said...

So beautiful Jacquie! Love all the 'make-up' colors you used!! Gorgeous shades!! So perfect for the challenge!! Hope the New Year is treating you good!! Best wishes for a wonderful year!!

Darla said...

Beautiful job Jacquie! Love the bling and all the details. You do wonderful work!

Shesjetlagd said...

Really gorgeous!! :)