Monday, January 11, 2010


Hey there everyone! How was your day? Hope you had a GREAT one!! Ready for some excitement? Well....excitement for me, anyway!! I just wanted to stop back and put a LITTLE bug in your ear!! Haha! NO? How about a LITTLE ink splotch then?!
I wanted to come back and let you know that I have decided to hold a COPIC CLASS! WOOHOO!! I have been kicking it around for awhile, heck I even checked into venues. It is just a WEE bit pricey to rent out an area to hold it, ya know? SOoooooo, I would like to see how much interest there is. I am thinking the MIDDLE to the END of March. Whatcha' think? Are you with me? Haha!! If you live IN or NEAR Lancaster, Pennsylvania? I hope you will join me! As you all know, I LOVE to share!! What better thing to share, then my LOVE of COPICS and how to use them!! Leave me a comment or email me at!! Once I have a better idea of how many of you would like to join me, I will have BETTER details!! on the look out for a tab, up top there, for CLASS INFO!!!

Thanks for checking back in with me and sharing in my excitement!! Have an AWESOME night and I will see you tomorrow!! ENJOY LIFE!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh girl, I totally wish I lived closer to you!! I mapquested it only to find you are over 6 hours away. :-( I hope you have a great turn out!! HUGS!!

Nancy said...

I too wish I lived would be so much fun!!

Jen Shults said...

Oooh! This is fun! I wish I lived near you... I'd come be your assistant! I go for certification in February... I'm really excited. :D I hope your class goes well and fills up soon!