Friday, September 11, 2009

IT'S AN HONOR..................

To be sharing this SNEAK, with you!! It has been such an honor to be a part of the FIRST ever, TEAM ANYA!!! Marie and Jess are such AWESOME girls to work with, along with the rest of my team!!! The images we have had to work with??? Hello? Can we say.......AMAZING!!! Oh my....and Marie just keeps them coming!! How could ANYONE possibly decide which ones they want? Heck......I HAVE to have them ALL!!! Haha!! Anyway......I just wanted to say THANK YOU for including me, on your team!!! I am SO sad that this is my LAST release party with you all!!! Ok........I am tearing up here ladies!!! AND??? Babbling again!!! Imagine that!!! Alright! The set I am previewing for you today, due out on the 15th, has to be one of my ALL time FAVES!!! Seriously!!! Here is why!
A few years ago, when I got back into stamping again, I learned that SU had put out a Girl Scout set. Now......I know I should NOT be mentioning another company here, but, you HAVE to understand, just HOW excited I truly am!! OK, By the time I had gotten back into the groove, it had been retired for some time!! Well, when my daughter went into Kindergarten, I became a Girl Scout leader and knew I NEEDED this set!! Let's put it this way, IF you could find it?? You could NOT afford it!!!!!!! Those lucky women who were fortunate enough to have it? Wanted 75$ or more for it!!! Hello?? I ask you......WHO has that kind of money to spend on ONE stamp set???? Let alone, when you have kids!! want this stamp set, because you HAVE a daughter. However, because you have a GS daughter (and other kids), you can't afford to spend that. At least JUSTIFY spending that!! Haha!! Needless to say.......I did NOT get the Girl Scout set!!!!!
Sooooooo, imagine my HUGE surprise, when I saw this set!!!! OMWord!!! This set is 10000000, trillion times CUTER than the other set!!! WAY BETTER!! Not to mention, it incorporates Girl Scouts AND Boy Scouts!! YAY!! Now that I have a boy too?? PERFECT!!! I just have to give a GINORMOUS shout out to Marie for this!!!! THANK YOU MARIE!!! I LOVE this set!! Hehe!! Ok.......I am done!! I babbled again, didn't I!! What can I say?? It had to be done!!!
Without further is my preview of The Cute Troop!!! Brought to you, as if you hadn't figured out by now, Club Anya and The Greeting Farm!!! Haha! Hope you like my creation!! I'll see you back here later this evening for another Sassy post!!! Thank you SO much for reading my LITTLE story and for stopping by!!! Have an AWESOME day!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!**Now make sure to check out the rest of the team for more AWESOMATED Sneaks!!!


Jessica Diedrich, Club VP/DT Coordinator
Janna Hull
Kristine Moldenhauer Biseth
Traci Porter
Joni Wilson
Rosette Camilleri


WickedPixie said...

Hi Jacquie! Sweet card!! :-)Traci

Heather Schlatter said...


Great job on this I just love love love it!!! You guys are all rocking the Girl Scout/ Boy Scout Set!!!

I love the images and the layouts I have seen today!!!


Christi Flores said...

OMG how cute!!!

Georgia Ehrmann said...

What a super card... all the girl scout colors!! Love it and a big congrats on snagging the set! Now it can take you thru all those scouting years...
Wonderful creation Jacquie!!! Have a great weekend with the family!

Georgia Ehrmann said...

Hey Jacquie,
That image you asked me about is from Lily-Boo Too (the house)... hope that helps!

Kim said...

Great story, I looked for the scout set too and gave up when I saw the price! Super cute card! Love the background papers and colors.

Cassie_lu said...

what a great idea for a stamp and a card. yours looks great.

Cassie said...

i love that red haired girl scout you created!!
hope you are well!!