Thursday, May 20, 2010


Darn things!!! I am SO sorry I did NOT come back ,as planned, last night!! However, my Mr. Kade, decided to have MORE hives!! We REALLY thought he had kicked them and that we were pretty sure what the culprit was!! He JUST went off the Prednesone, however you spell that, and there they were!!! I am sure you have guessed, I slept with him last night, on the couch, out of WORRY!!!! I gave hin the Benedryl and it did seem to help!! BUT? No crafting or computer time for me. That has been hard to come by lately, I MUST admit! Therefore, I have decided.....with LOTS of thought and SADNESS, that I NEED to cut my responsibilities AGAIN!!! I hope that you will PLEASE hang in there with me thru this!! You know I ALWAYS give 110% and it is only fair to the DT's I am on!!! Until my son is thru all this, I will have to be fair and use my crafting time WISELY!!!! Haha!! Imagine that?! I will have SOME time? So......I do not want to give up all together!! SO...stay tuned as I go thru this NEXT phase and I THANK YOU all for your thoughts and prayers!! Have an AWESOME day and I will see you later today for these FABULOUS creations!!


Hope you will join me!! I also NEED to share a WONDERFUL, new release with you!! Check oiut what is available NOW.....TODAY......from PIXIE DUST STUDIO!!! Kathy is simply AMAZING and so are the rest of the PIXIES, so be sure to check them out today!!! LOVE ya all and ENJOY LIFE!!!