Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hey all!! I have LOTS to share with you all, again today!! Oh...don't worry....it won't be AS busy as yesterday!! Haha!! Still a BUNCH though!! Thanks for joining me today!! I have a share for you this morning , then I will be back this evening with some more!! Have to work today and then I will be back, after dinner!!! I only have a few minutes here, before I have to get Eric up and get out the door!! So nice to sit here and type this, with Kade sitting beside me!! He is watching Mickey and I am typing to you!! Got kyah on the bus , Kali and Eric are STILL sleeping!! Whew!! Everyone is accounted for and it is QUIET at the moment!! I probably shouldn't say that!!! You know my luck, Kali will get up crying and wake Eric up before he is ready! OK...we will think positive.....right? Right!! Ok...on to my creation for this morning, 'nuff babbling!
I Have a SUPER cute Heart Fairy for you, from THE WILD FLOWER PATCH!! Jen just has the SWEETEST images!! AND...the best part? They are Digi's? So you get them right away!! Woohoo! No waiting on the mailman!! YAY!! You get to play....instantly!! Who doesn't LOVE that? Anyway......The WILD FLOWER PATCH will have the Heart Fairy available tomorrow!! Hope you like my creation and I will see you this evening with some Pixie Dust and Inktegrity!! I hear Kali fussin', so I must be going!! Hope you can stop back later! So AWESOME to chat with you this morning!! Have a FABULOUS day and ENJOY LIFE!!
**I'll bet if you visit the rest of the Wild Flower Kids (haha) they will have some creations to share!!


Jen Shults said...

This is just beautiful Jac! I love what you made for this!!! Your layout on this is fantastic and your coloring!! WOW!

Danni said...

This is super cute! Love her expression!

Sheri Gilson said...

Super cute!! She is darling!!

Jessica Diedrich said...

OMG! This is ADORABLE!!!!!! I think she may be one of my fave cards from you EVER and that's saying somethin!!! WOW-everything about this is just amazing, jacks! missed you-we HAVE to catch up!!!!