Monday, May 4, 2009


Hey there ladies!!! How are you?? SO sorry, I didn't realize it had been SO long since we last visited!!! I have been a card creating freak!!! Haha!! Ok....maybe not freak!! least I am different!!! Haha! Before I get started on my, possible tangents, I have a few shout outs!! I HAVE to say CONGRATS to the FANTABULOUS CASSIE and HEATHER for making the Inky Impressions DT!! And Cass, you had made TWO others!! WOW!! YOU go girl!! You guys ROCK!!! And I can't forget, my AWESOME girl JANNA, she was published in The Stampavie Magazine!! You are SO TALENTED!!! SO honored to call you guys my friends!! If you have a chance gals, you NEED to visit them, their links on on my sidebar!! Now I know there was some other news I had to share, but, I will have to dig for that email!! Hehe!
Alright, so I have been having issues with my camera using abilities!! ARGH!! With a capital, "A", !! My pics had gotten better, once I got my AWESOME Ott-Lite. However, I just don't have that professional flare, that you all have. So....just as I have been practicing with my Copics?? I have with my camera. It was raining today, but, it was still pretty bright outside. I took my creation outside, to try to capture a great pic that way. I ended up inside, then outside again. When I was looking at the pics on my computer, I tried to play with them a little more. Much to my excitement?? I found the contrast settings and such!! What do you know?? VOILA!!!! Will you look at this pic?? YAY!!! Now I just need to keep practicing with all those settings!!! HOpe you like my Anya Princess!!! I just LOVE those stamps, by The Greeting Farm!!! Just you wait 'till this next release!!! You are going to have a blast!! If you think that Blog Hoppin' Bash was fun?? Head on over to the CLUB ANYA BLOG and check out what we have in store for you!!!! I just cannot WAIT for you to see the NEW releases for MAY!!! Marie is AMAZING!!! She just keeps giving us stamps that are CUTER and CUTER!!!
Now....I do have several more creations to share with you, but, they will have to wait until next time!! One last thing, though, before you go. I have been wanting to share this with you and keep forgetting!!! My dear friend, Sarah, gave me this award last week!! Thank you SO much Sarah!! SO GREAT of you to think of me!! You guys should visit her!! She has AWESOME creations for you to see!!! The deal with this award is that you have to pass it on to 5 people!! That is ALWAYS SO hard for me!! You ALL are FABULOUS!!! If I must.......I have listed the people below!! Have a WONDERFUL day!!! Stop back SOON!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!!

**Here are the 5 people, I would like to have this award!!! I just wish I could give it to everyone!!


kadie said...

Jacquie, your princess Anya card is gorgeous!! I love what you did with those BG papers!! I can't wait to see what else you've been working on. And yes, you have been missed...I checked in last night and didn't see a new post so I was SO glad to see you today! And thanks SO much for passing this sweet award on to me! I am honored. YOU make me smile :)

Maria said...

Congratulations to Cassie, Heather, and Janna! Whoohoo! Such talented ladies!

Your card is adorable Jacquie! You did a beautiful job coloring the image and I think you picture taking abilities are great! OTT lite do help. . I can't do without it. Love the pretty dp that you used on your card.!! Awesome job!


Meli Palmer said...

This card is stunning!

Cathy said...

Your princess is so adorable!! I love this card!! Amazing!! Congrats on the award and congrats to Heather, Cassie, Janna and the other ladies as well.

Hugs, Cathy

Sarah said...

Love the's absolutely gorgeous!! Glad you like the award too!!

Kimmie said...

She's so very sweet!

Janna said...

WHy are you so sweet to me!!! You are just an incredible friend and I am so glad I got to know you! You are amazing!!! THank you so much for the award and the shout out! But your card is just stunning! Wow Jacquie! I love the beautiful coloring, you ahve come such a long way! And that crocheted flower is beautiful!!! I just love it!!! You are so incredible! I hear you about not being around much! I am really trying to do better!