Saturday, February 28, 2009


Hey there ladies!!! How are you?? Since it is Friday night, I just have a QUICK post for you!!! So SORRY! Eric got home early from work and well.......need I say more!!! We really don't see much of each other lately, now that I have gone back to work!! Kyah was SO excited when he came home!!! So...they are parked on the couch watching The Little Mermaid!!! How SWEET!! I gotta tell ya!!! A dad who watches Disney with his daughter!!! Let alone a Disney Princess movie!!! That's MY man!!!
Ok...sorry...I got a little misty there!!! Haha!!! Here is my latest Anya creation. She is a TRUE princess!! This is in honor of the final day for you to get your entries in for their DT call!! So...what are you waiting for!! Alright...that will be the last reminder!!! Anyhoo....This is my Princess and Kyah wanted to share HER entry, in the Kids contest, going on over at Club Anya!!! I have a link on my sidebar, if you are interested!!! Hope you all are FANTABULOUS!!! I will see you later this weekend, K?? more thing! I used SU CS and layered some Bo Bunny paper, my Sistah Carri had sent me, during our last Bella Sistah round!! What do you think Carri??? I just LOVE that paper!! I used my Prisma and Copic markers, along with my Spica marker!! I used some white organdy ribbon, I picked up at Joann's, and what was left of my K&Co green bling!! I REALLY dug that bling!! I used Stickles on the wand, so it would look different than the Spica glitter. Anyway, I finished this card with my Justrite stamper and Nesties!!! I got my Justrite stamper from my AWESOME friend Cheri!!! Thanks SO much Cheri!! She got it for me, when we exchanged gifts at Christmas time!!! I LOVE to share and so does she!! I think this is the first I have gotten to use it!! HOpe you enjoy! I'm out of here!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

**I did have others to share,but, Kyah and I had a BLAST tonight and we just HAD to share!!!!


Erin said...

Wow, your daughter is a great artist already.

Danni said...

I love Kyah's card!! So fun! And yours is awesome too! Great job!

Jessica Diedrich said...

Your card is FABULOUSSSSSSSS!!! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kyah's! Wow! Kyah I love all those buttons and fabulous coloring. You are a little rockstar!!!

Debby said...

How old is Kyah? Wow really really cute! And like I said before you really just keep getting better and better.

Christi Flores said...

Kyah's card is awesome and so is yours!!!

JenMarie said...

Oh how CUTE!!

Kim said...

WOW what fabulous cards here Jacquie! Miss. Kyah you did a fabulous job with your Miss. Anya card...she's so beautiful (just like you sweetie)!!! Thank you so much for letting your mom share your creation! Jacquie you must have so much fun playing with Kyah making card together...I hope one day to have a little girl to share my hobby with! :)
Hugs~ Kim

Heather Schlatter said...

Hey Jacquie,

Sorry I have been MIA for a while!!! My blog explains all the horriblness of it all!!!!

I love your kids cards she did a great job!!! I wish I had had the time to let my girls do the challenge because I am forever stamping up Anya's and Ian's for them to color and cut and do stuff with!!!

Tell your daughter Great Job!!!


Janna said...

Jacquie!!! Kyah is just too, too amazing!!! She blows me away!! i can't believe how talented she is! I lvoe her card and all the texture and the coloring is beautiful! Wow! Your card is stunning too! You do such a great job of laying your cards out and incorporating paper and accessories! Awesome coloring as well! Eric is such a great dad! How awesome!!

BTW, love your new profile pic!


Unknown said...

Two marvelous cards!!! How fun that your daughter stamps with you. And I just saw over at Club Anya the fabulous news.....CONGRATS Girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Great cards...both of them. Better watch out mom because you have a lot of competition right under your own roof.