Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Was that from Sesame Street??? I can't remember. Anyway.....Hey everyone out there!!! How the HECK are you???? I have MISSED you!!!! MAJOR!!!!! I hope you and your families are WELL!!!!! I think my family is FINALLY well!! Haha!!! I have spent the past several weeks being ill and treating the ill!! I am telling you.......ENOUGH already!! Am I right???? I had THE WORST stomach pain, EVER!!! I am SO glad that is over!! Of course it made its rounds thru the family and I was the LUCKY one to get it TWICE!! Can you believe it??? First colds and then the stomach BUG!!!

OK, SO SORRY!! I hopefully will not do that again! You know, the whole going MIA thing!! So, how are you?? Really?? Fill me in!!! LEave me a comment and let me know WASSUP!!!!
Alright, so it has begun!! I have officially started sending out my Christmas surprises!!! MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THOSE MAILBOXES!!! You never know where I might send SOMETHING to next!! Who knows???? You know me, I LOVE to share!!! Elves, reindeer, and St.Nick!! Cards, Ribbon, and brads, YEAH!!!! I thank you all for visiting with me!! I hope you will come back soon too!!! I have made it my goal to post a HELLO to you all, EVERY DAY!! NO MATTER WHAT!!
Well, I have been working hard, so I'd have lots to share with you!!! And, I leave you with my creations.......hope you like them!!! Please let me know what you think! Which one is your FAVE?? You could even just say HELLO!!!! Have a WONDERFUL evening!!! Until later...........ENJOY LIFE!!!!!

****Taylored Expressions!

***Stampin UP!


...........Now, off to visit all of you!!! Can't wait to see what you have been up to!!!!


Anita said...

Yeah! You are well. I am still fighting the bugs but lucky have missed the stomach bug. I love all your projects and I can't choose just one. If you haven't seen all the fun with Stamp Simply challenges, go there to see all the wonderful blog candy.

Candy said...

Hi there!
So glad to hear you are all finally well at your house. Poor you to get sick twice.
I love all of your cards but saw up and personal the work you did on the wee house and that was extra fun!!
Keep well - we missed you.

bsgstamps4fun: Barb Gault said...

Glad to hear that you and family are well again. This has certainly been a rough Fall for so many families, on e thing after another.

Your cards are wonderful, I especially like the gingerbread house, so bright and shiny. Well done!

Jetstudio Designs said...

I was wondering what you've been up to. Our family is fighting the cold that is going around! It seems to be lingering.

I like all your cards, but I think the purple one is my favorite.

Hope your feeling better soon and that you can all stay healty!

Chrissy D said...

That is the electric company. ;) You sure have been busy creating! Love all of your projects!

Shannon Roberts said...

Hey YOU!! Don't you just love this month; barely anytime as a mom to even sleep; LOL!! You have been busy! Great cards!! I so need to get busy & finish my Christmas cards!

Meli Palmer said...

AHHH they are so cute! I love the gingerbread house. Natalie is going to a birthday party on Saturday where each of the girls gets to make a mini house. It should be cute!
Thanks for the get well wishes on my blog. You make me laugh. And I like chicks who make me laugh.

Sarah said...

Glad that you and your family are feeling better again (that really sucks that you got sick twice)!! Love the new cards that you made (they are all very cute)!! Take care!!

Brandi Parshley said...

Hi....Big Bird! I think that's who it is! Glad to see you're back and feeling better! Isn't this a terrible time of the year for all that!? Love all the cards! The Unity one is my fave...gorgeous colors!

Kim said...

Hi Jacquie! I hope you and your family are all feeling better and getting the buggies out of your house before the holidays begin! :) AWESOME have been a busy bee!
Hugs~ Kim