Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Post #1- WOW!! AN AWARD!!

Hello everyone, how are you?? I wanted to show you the award that Janna gave me! AWESOME, right?? She is SO talented, so this is quite a surprise and an honor!! You have to go and visit her corner of the world at! I promise you wil spend some time there!! SO many BEAUTIFUL creations!! Thank you SOO MUCH Janna!!

**Now, I am supposed to give this to 5 people that inspire me and are very KREATIV!! That is SO hard, because I think there are so many people who are deserving of this award!

**So, I am giving this to those who should have received it and haven't yet!! Well, at least I am going to try anyway!! If I didn't give it to you, it's not because you DON'T deserve it, it's because you already got it!!! Hehe!!


**These ladies are VERY,VERY talented and are a HUGE inspiration!! Their creations are AMAZING and I hope you will go and visit them as well!!

~I'll be back with some more exciting news!!


Christi Flores said...

This is so sweet! Thank you. :) I'll try to post it on my blog tomorrow.

Chrissy D said...

Awe! Thank you Jacqui!!! You are SO Kind! Thanks for thinking of me!!! I will post it on my blog tomorrow too!