Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hi there everyone! How are you? Hope you all are well!!! Sorry it's been a while!! I am usually a positive person, but, this week I found it a little hard!! There was a lot going on and Kyah had her issues with school this week. However, I do feel a little better now, since I spoke to her new reading teacher. I think I just let myself get too worked up over things sometimes. Ya know what I mean? Ok, enough of that stuff! A big thank you to my Bella Sistah, Carri!! She sent me the COOLEST cards!! That was an AWESOME surprise and I really needed that! Thanks!!So, what's new with all of you? Anything exciting? By the way, you NEED to check out the blog candy my sistah friend Cheri is offering, check it HERE!!!

Ok, how do you like the card?? I made this for a special girl; can't tell you who though, 'cuz she didn't get it yet! It's probably still in the mail. I just had to share it though!! I LOVE Pinkcatstudio stamps!! You should see all the cute ones they have to offer!! Seriously! I have really gathered quite a collection, hehe!! The Tweet set is calling my name though! Haha! I hope you'll take a peek at them, I think you would love them too!! Go see Mandy at LIMELIGHT PAPERCRAFTS, she carries PCS! She carries that and SO much more! Besides, she is SUPER nice too!! Oh yeah, she is having AWESOME specials and giveaways for World Card Making day!! You HAVE to check out her blog for the details, HERE!! Alright, I think I filled you in on what's going on.
I would like to pose a question to all of you and get your input. I have been the BG paper collector lately!! Haha!! Me? Nah!! YES!!! Anyway, I keep them in plastic drawers and I would like to label the outside of them. I just am not sure of the best way to go about it. I had them labeled before, but, today I ripped the labels off. Why, you ask? Some of the new 12x12 sheets I got could coordinate with each other. Now, keep in mind, that before they were labeled by pattern, sort of speak. One was labeled flowers/nature, one was labeled stripes/polka dots, one was labeled kids/baby, and so on. You get the picture, right? Well, I just wonder if I should do it by color family, but, what if you come to a sheet that could be stored with several different families. Ugh!! That's what I get for over organizing!! Right? I just wonder what all of you do. Oh and another thing. I am just not sure which black or brown ink I should get for coloring. I have gotten several opinions on this and I CAN'T decide!! Are there certain ones you use for certain things? Fill me in!! Would you? I have tried the Stazon and the Versafine.
One last thing and I promise I'll stop going on and on! I would like to purpose an image swap!! What do you think? I am going to compile a list of those stamps that would be suitable for this. I will post it during my next visit, ok? If you are interested in swapping, just email me!! I love to share, you know that, and I love to play with new images! Don't you? I think it is fun to swap!! So, I will post all that next time!! Thanks so much for stopping by, it means so much!!! I will leave you with some pics of my stamping area!! When we found out we were having twins, we had to change the play room into the nursery, again. We moved everything downstairs. I figured my stamping area would get smaller, very much smaller!! However, take a look!! I think I actually made out on the deal!!! I am so excited with how it all turned out!! Just wanted to show you where I do my stuff!! LOL!!! Take care all!!! Until next time...........ENJOY LIFE!!!

Recipe: Pinkcatstudio stamps,Versafine onyx and Prisma markers,SU Black,Vanilla,Taken with Teal, & Ballet Blue CS,CB embossing folders, & Turqoise Stickles.


Cassie said...

that is some serious stampin' space - love it!! as for the paper, i did mine by color over a year ago. if it had multiple colors i just threw it in the pile of the color i noticed first. then i separated the colors into solids and prints.

dylansmommy said...

What a great space and the kids right there with ya is perfect too!
Enjoy! We are looking for new house that has a basement and I already have ideas of how I want my space to look!

Jacqueline TresBella said...

That's a great stampin area. My paper is organized kind of. I really can't explain. It's by event or person. Anyway, I'm always surprised at what I find. Too bad you don't live close we would all come over and play!


Debby said...

Cute card and great stamping space! Do you do workshops? I have nothing to offer for organizing your paper. All of my dp is stacked in a basket. I have to dig. I do however love the Memento Rich Cocoa and Tuxedo Black. Nice crisp image and no bleeding. And lastly I would love to do in image swap.

Brandi Parshley said...

I'm so drooling over your space...I love it! I would be up for an image swap! I'll keep checking back to see what happens!

Shannon Roberts said...

I am soooooooo totally jealous!! You made out sistah! I am waiting patiently when I can have my own space & that the boys will leave my stuff ALONE!!!! Hey?? A girl can dream right? MWAH!!!

Kim said...

LOVE your card! The blues are beautiful! And your craft space...holy cats...I need that kind of a room! :) Someday...when our house gets built! Have a GREAT weekend and talk to you soon!
hugs~ Kim

Kim said...

Oh yes....I forgot to add....I am trying to find a way to organize my paper too....right now they are in piles on the bowflex machine (nope...don't use that except to put all my craft supplies on...ha ha!)
Hugs~ Kim

Anonymous said...

Love the card. So jealous of the crafting space...maybe someday. For now hubby just has to look at the mess. My papers are pretty much sorted by color~if I remeber, and I would love to be in on an image swap so definitely count me in.

Danyel aka Nelliebella said...

Super Fancy! I love the colors!

aka Nelliebella

Ice Escape said...

Holy Cow that is an awesome space!! Tons of room to spread out. Youve done a great job organizing too.
I store all my paper by color (and sometimes if I have a lot by manufacture) I keep my paper in the tall steralite totes that I find at walmart for about 5.00.It works for me 9and my very small space) You can see it here...


Mandy said...

WOWZERS! I am SO jealous of your great space! When can I come over?? And what a CUTE card!!!

Meli Palmer said...

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS CARD. Seriously. Those colors are divine. The stamp adorable. The colorING perfect. In love. Yes, I am IN LOVE.

And your stamp die for. Love how your kids have their own tiny spot. Fab girl, just fab!

Love ya and hope you have a totally delicious weekend!! :o)