Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Why, hello there all!! How are you?? First I would like to say....thanks for understanding my messed up posts and such, the past few weeks!! I do apologize for that!! I am in a BIT of a transition!! As I have said, in previous posts, I have been working a lot more and NOT getting a whole lot of sleep!!! Ha! SO, I have NOT had as much time to create! That being said, you ALL know that I am HONORED to be on the DT's that I am on................AND...............I give %110!! Since these changes in my schedule have effected that, I have not had my regular posts or projects!! Although a tough decision to make, I decided I should NOT be on as many DT's, if I just don't have the time! It is only fair to the other talented ladies and the AWESOME illustrators!! Ya know? All that being said, I have stepped down from 2 DT's!! One I have already finished up with and the other will finish the end of this month!! I feel terrible having to do that, but, it is NOT my style to do things......HALF!! I just wanted to keep you all in the loop and let you know that my messed up scheduling of posts, that have not worked by the way lately, and my LACK of creations for some.........WILL change!! I have lightened the schedule!! So, thank you for bearing with me and thank you to the DT's I am on, for understanding!!

OK.....I am done!! Haha!! I actually came here to share with you!!! Todays' INKTEGRITY FAIRY is below!!! Joni has created such SUPER sweet FAIRIES!!! Take a look..........

This is ROSE FAIRY and she is available NOW, over at the INKTEGRITY STORE!! SO many possibilities for this cutie!! Alrighty.........not a lot of sleep the past few days, so I will be on my way!! OH yeah.....before I go.....hope you will join INKTEGRITY for another HUMP DAY CHALLENGE, you can find the sketch BELOW and the DEETS at INKTEGRITY!!! Have a GREAT rest of your night, thanks for listening to me and I will see you tomorrow!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!