Saturday, October 4, 2008

WCMD At An End-Final Post!

Well all, I was going to post one more card, but, alas I don't think I will. Thank you so much for joining me tonight! I appreciate all of you!!! Hope you had a great WCMD!!! Hope you made lots of cards!!!! Don't forget to leave your comments in ANY of the posts, from today!!! Pick your FAV and tell me what you are interested in receiving!! Good luck to you all and you have until MIDNIGHT!!! I will post the winner after MIDNIGHT!!! My Kyah will choose the winner!! All your comments and thoughts are welcome; I look forward to reading them! I also look forward to sharing a surprise with you!! Have a fantastic rest of the weekend! Until next time...................ENJOY LIFE!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Darn Jacquie I was looking forward to another great card. Oh well!! Guess I will have to keep coming back to your blog. My favorite of the three is the Moose Card. Thanks for all the fun!!


Rosette said...

Jacquie I sent a comment for this post earlier.. did it come?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacquie..just wanted to drop in and shoot the breeze for a minute. I know that you have been very busy today with all of these card preps going on but I think busy is usual for you. I just loved getting your card in the mail-my whole family admired that one. Talk to you soon.
Hugs :)

Carri D said...

oh man I missed it all. the whole day! I had a sick one and he left me NO time to play at all. Great cards Jacquie, and I hope you had fun on WCMD.