Thursday, November 19, 2009

Well hello there, my SASSY friends!! How are you today? It's Thursday!! We are almost there! How has your week been going? Ours has been QUITE busy!! Did I tell you the Kitty story?

Well, I will try and make this brief, I promise! HAha! We had found a kitty, hanging around our yard, so of course I had to try and take care of it!! Haha!! I put food an water out where it was hiding, under our deck. Well, it couldn't get to the food and water I normally keep out front!! Then of course it began to get colder over night, and I made a little box for it! I used an old piece of rug and some blankets. When it started to drizzle, I moved it to the front porch! This POOR animal is SO mal-nourished, it is sickening!!!! If you have ever seen Animal Planet's Animal Rescure episodes, you know what I a saying!! You can see EVERY bone! Anyway, my heart was breaking for this little thing. Since we were not sure how healthy it was or if it was carrying any contagious diseases, we decided to take it to a vet. We could NEVER bring it in, if we didn't! Let me tell you, that is a story in itself!! There is NO one out there to help these POOR neglected animals!!!! I must have called everywhere, including our own vet, which I assure you we will never go to again!! Now, don't get me wrong, I UNDERSTAND that if these Vets saw EVERY stray, they couldn't stay in business!! That I am sure of, because there are a TON!! However, I know in the dental field, there are clinics where Dentists volunteer. They volunteer to help those less fortunate, because they NEED care too! Well, my friends? Animals are the same!! Would you believe I even called ORCA and the ASPCA? From what I have learned, they ONLY allow you to surrender the animal, NOT help it!! OK...I opened a HUGE can of worms and cannot keep it short!!! So I will wrap it up!! Haha!! Imagine that!!
To make a long story short, the kitty was NOT a kitty, she is abour 10 yrs old!! I was SO shocked, she weighs oNLY 5 lbs!! The vet we took her to was VERY nice and helped her out a lot!! She was given a dose of flea meds and we were told NOT to let her in for a few days or so. So......we shall see!! She is SO sweet and must have been someones pet!! I am going to post some signs, in our neighborhood, and see what happens. If no one has lost her? Then we will take care of her!!

Anyway!! Sorry about that!! That is ONE subject I am passionate about; stray, neglected animal!! Alrighty, the reason why you are here is to see what the DARE TO BE SASSY challenge is, right? Well, here it is!! The challenge is to create a recipe card! Cool huh? Head over to the SASSY STUDIO BLOG, for all the deets!!! Hope you will play along!! Sorry I bored you with my little babbling!! Haha!! Make sure to visit the other SASSY challenge girls!!! Have an AWESOME day!! There will be LOTS to share tomorrow, so stop back!!! I will have the DIGITAL DELIGHTS freebie Friday and you know what else there is!! Don't you? It is the MUCH anticipated, NEW MOON release and there are several diff hops to go along with it!!! Cannot wait 'till tomorrow!!! We are going to have a BLAST!!! See you then!! ENJOY LIFE!!

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WickedPixie said...

Jacquie, I am sending good thoughts your way for the kitty (even if she's grown I think "kitty")! Thank you so much for being such a kind person and trying to help her!:-)Traci

Dragonlady said...

Hi Jacqui,

Well done you for persevering to get the cat sorted. Wish there were more people like you around to help them out.

Hugs Ali x

Wendy Hall said...

Good for you Jacquie!! I am a bit soft when it comes to animals too!! We found a little bunny rabbit under our porch a few months ago!! It was so frightened and lost that we took it in!! We named her Bella and she now has her own 6ft x 8ft run with hutch!! She is certainly spoiled but it just breaks your heart. How anyone can mistreat such animals is beyond me!!
Sorry that was a long comment!!