Monday, November 9, 2009

HI there everyone!! Happy Monday to you!! Stopping by QUICK to share a DIGITAL DELIGHTS sneak!! This SWEET Digi will be released on November 12th!! So....make sure to stop back then, for the REST of my creation!! I can't wait to share it with you!! Now, since this is ONLY day ONE of the sneaks, you will want to check in with the rest of the Delightful Divas thru the next few days!!! They will have some eye candy for you, I promise!! I have listed below, today's SNEAKY Divas!! Haha! If you ever want to see who is up, for a sneak? Just visit DIGITAL DELIGHTS and Wendy will set you on the right path!! OK, can you guess what this is?? Well? Can you? See you back here tomorrow!! I have a GREAT line up for you this week!! I will be posting my schedule, finally, along the left sidebar; this evening!! Not to mention some NEW pics!! Have an AWESOME day and I am SO glad you visited today!! ENJOY LIFE!!!


Cindy - Royal Things
Rosalien -
Card Fun

PS. DIGITAL DELIGHTS is also featuring this week's Cupcake Craft Challenge!! So go check that out too!!!


laos348 said...

That sneak looks intriguing - can't wait to see the whole thing!