Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hey there everyone! Better late then never....huh? Well, I have a NEW camera, as I mentioned before! I am just a BIT undecided, at the moment! I am not sure if I like this one! Haha! I HAD a Sony, Cybershot, which was old and DID get a lot of use. I NOW have a Nikon, Coolpix. I am thinking this is better? The megapixels are higher and so is the zoom. However, one thing that is interesting, is the uploading to my computer. It is MORE time consuming and definitely diff!! Hmmmm! Needless to say......the jury is still out!! SO...I apologize for the delay! the days and posts go will see why!! Haha!!
Since I was thrown a BIT behind, by this whole camera issue.....I WILL POST MY NUTCRAFTERS' creation tomorrow!! I will post that and another SASSY SNEAK and......a SURPRISE SNEAK!! Woohoo!! SASSY STUDIOS will have a NEW release on 12/1!! Cannot wait, for you to see ALL the SASSINESS!! I hope you like today's sneak, as much as I do!! I just think she is SUPER cute!! You know you want to buy her a drink!! Her name is DAQUIRI!! She was SO fun to color up!! KNow what else is AWESOME about her? You can use SO many sentiments with her!! How TOTALLY awesome is that? Ok......stop babbling....right? Here is MY Sassy DAQUIRI!! Have an AWESOME night!! Could you all let me know what cameras you all have!! AND? What you think of them! Tahnks for stopping back and ENJOY LIFE!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the card!! The colors are really great! Of course this image has gone on my must have Sassy Studio list!! Blessings and Hugs!

Tammy said...

I think this is so great! I think I need one of these right now.