Friday, November 27, 2009


HI there guys and gals!! I say guys.....because.....hopefully my dad has caught on to this and is checking it out! Haha! How was your Thanksgiving? I hope you all had a WONDERFUL time!! SO sorry for the LATE post and I am sure you already know it, is FREEBIE FRIDAY!!! Wendy, over at Digital Delights, has a SUPER cute one for you too!!! I SO wish I would have had time to create something to show you!! I had ALL intentions on doing so, however with the whole Thanksgiving thing, it did NOT get done!! Not to mention that whole BLACK FRIDAY, stores opening at midnight, thing!! Haha!! Lesson number ONE..........NEVER attempt to go to ToysRus on Thanksgiving night!!! ATTEMPT....being the key word!! Haha! You should have seen that place!! People were parked OUTSIDE the parking lot....along the road? They were parked UP on the curb, in between trees! They were parked ACROSS the street, at the park!! GEEZ!! Let's not leave out the fact that, they had a LINE around to the back of the building; the far end, of the back of the building!! Know what that line was for? To get IN!! Needless to sister and I? We headed to Old Navy!! At least that was better? Thanks to their ad being marked with the INCORRECT, opening time!! Granted.......the line to check out was INSANE? To the back of the store? BUT....that is to be expected!! Even I am not that delusional!! Were we REALLY missing out on something?? MAN!! Who knew that EVERYONE in Lancaster county, preferred to stay up late and shop........ versus getting up early!! Huh??! WHO knew!!
OK.....sorry about that LITTLE rant!! You know me! Here is what YOU, don't want to miss today!! Check out this FREEBIE, being offered at the DIGITAL DELIGHTS SNR GROUP and PCP PAGE!!! Woohoo!! Make sure to go pick yours up!! Have an AWESOME day, hope you get LOTS of bargains, and I will see you later this evening for a SUPER, SWEET, SASSY sneak, as promised!! Haha!! ENJOY LIFE!!!