Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hi, again, everyone!! Sorry I had to post an run earlier!! BUT......I am back!! Although short, I AM here again!! I just wanted to stop back and tell you a little story! My girl Heather, of HEATHER"S HEAVENLY STAMPATIONS, sent me an email several days ago. She asked me to be on a NEW DT, that she is the coordinator for!!! I was SO honored and QUITE surprised, to say the least!! I just HAD to say YES!!! Thank you Heather, for thinking of me and for liking my creations, as much as I do!! Haha!! So......without further babble.....the NEW DT I am on is....THE RUSTY PICKLE!!!! Although, they are starting out with a 1 month trial, it will be SUPER to work with their AWESOME team!!! I look forward to working with them all!! WOO HOO!! Those RUSTY PICKLE girls are SO talented!! Can't wait to share my creations and see what they all come up with!! Should be an EXCITING month all!! Hope you will join us!! OK....off to create some more things to share!!! Have a FABULOUS night!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

The Rusty Pickle Girls


Cassie said...

hip hip hooray! i know you'll be a real asset to the team!