Wednesday, August 5, 2009


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Good morning everyone!! How are you? I am a LITTLE stiff!! WHEW!! I had to sleep on the floor last night!!! Now.......I know I am not that YOUNG? BUT.....geez!!! Kade decided he still isn't ready to sleep in his bed!!! This whole transition thing is CRAZY!!!! He has made up his mind he is going to sleep.......right by his door!! On the FLOOR!!!! ACKK!!!
Ok......anyway...enough whining, right?! Haha! This is one of a few posts today!! Lots going on this week and next!! I am not even finished packing!!! Friday is coming QUICK!! track again!!! Haha!!
Today I have a boy card for you, from Modern Sugar Blvd! I told you I was on that kick!!! It is created with an image called, Growing up!! I thin this guy is SO super cute!! How appropriate for my Kade, huh? Ok....maybe he is STILL too young yet for this!! BUT???? Hey...maybe one of Kyah's school friends would like this?! Anyway, I hope you like it!! Have an AWESOME day and don't for get to check out the post below!!! See ya later!! Thanks SO much for stopping by!!


Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

Adorable lil boy card! Love the dp!

I know what you're going thru!!! We got "big boy" twin beds for both our boys! 3yo is loving it! 5yo wants me to stay with him... I finally compromised with him - you stay in the bed, I'll sit in the rocking chair! It worked! Thank Goodness ;) LOL!

Happy Wednesday to you :*)

Cassie said...

maybe you should just put the mattress on the floor by the door!

i already told you how much i adored this card - but i'll say it again! *wink*

kadie said...

This is ADORABLE!!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today, Jacquie! You're always inspiring to me too but I saw that someone already gifted you the blog award, so I didn't want to double up. You're always a ray of sunshine to me! HUGS, Girlie!