Monday, August 31, 2009


Hi there!! Late night posting going on tonight!! Haha!! What is new?? LOTS new here!! Well....coming up anyway!! I will have several posts and I hope you will visit them all!!! With this post, I would like to share an ANYA creation, that I don't think, was ever shared here!! Well, not as much as I can find anyway!!! Haha!! So.....without any further is the Circus Anya, I had posted on Club Anya, a while back!! She is SO cute!! I had found some AWESOME Circus DP, at Mike's, and it was PERFECT for this!! Hope you like!! See you back here, with MORE creations to share!!!

** Stay Tuned for some Sugar Sweetness!!


Jessica Diedrich said...

She's adorable, jacks! LOVE little Circus Anya...she's too cute!