Monday, August 3, 2009


Alright ladies!! What's new?? I have another one from MODERN SUGAR BLVD for you today!! I have to say that this one is definitely one of my FAVES!!! Hands down!! So, as promised I have the schedule up for you , along the left sidebar. I will be leaving on 8/7 for Myrtle Beach again! WOOHOO! Well, kinda woohoo!! I have SO much to do, JUST to get ready!! I will be doing my best to schedule some posts, while I am gone! Well....either that or my brother in law is going to see what we can do about getting internet down there!! Keep your fingers crossed for me!!
Ok.....before I go? I just wanted to thank Meli and Natalie for sharing their birthday giveaway idea with Kyah and I!!! Kyah doesn't know yet, because I wanted to surprise her! She has been having a BIT of a problen with sharing ME, with the twins!! Now, don't get me wrong!! She is AWESOME with them!! She just doesn't get enough MOM time with me!! Also, EVERY time I get something in the mail? She says...."Where is mine"?, "Didn't I get anything"? She ALWAYS looks SO bummed out, when there is nothing for her!! Haha!! You should see her!! Poor kid!! She recently received something in the mail, from my friend Cass and her son? You should have seen her!!! Jumping up and down? You would have thought it was CHRISTMAS!! That and the time my friend Cheri sent her some things? WOW!!! She couldn't understand why SHE was getting stuff in the mail!!! Haha! Therefore, all this being said? I can't wait for her to get some cards in the mail!! Even if it is JUST one!!! I hope you all will play along!!! The DEETS are above, in case you paged down past them!!!
Alright...I am finished!! Haha!! Here is my SUGAR creation! I used the NEW, I've Got Style Gal!!! Hope you like it!! Thanks SO much for stopping by and hope to see you next time!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!


Christine said...

Very cute from July's GDT to August's GDT. I love the way you colored her and the DP that you used. Beautiful!


Georgia Ehrmann said...

Love your card Jacquie(as always)! E-mail me your addi and I will send Kayah a card

Georgia Ehrmann said...

oops... I meant to spell Kyah!

Tammy said...

What a cute card and I love the stamp. I'm going to go check the Sugar out!

Cassie said...

oh - she turned out wonderful!! i'm harvesting this one to share over at MSB!!

Valerie said...

TOO cute! this is one of my favorite images!