Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hey there girls!! I want to start off by saying.........


WOOHOO!!! My little girl is 7 years old!!

Ok.....moving on!! Sorry it took me a bit to get here today!!! We had a bit of a TIFF today!!! MAN.....everyone wanted to get out there and do something!! Just not ALL wanted to do the SAME thing! Haha!!! After all the words were flying and all the looks? The decision was made to take a walk along the beach.'s cloudy down here and could rain at any time!!! GEEZ!! All that carryin' on!! getting to visit with you? NOT a priority for everyone else!!! They JUST don't get it!! Again I say.....GEEZ!!! Alright....enuff of MY whining!!! Haha!!! I wanted to share another preview with you, from SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!!! Can I get a huge, WOOHOO??!! Lindsay has SO many SWEET ones for you!!! That's why this release is called THE SWEET SHOPPE!!! AND?? I call them THE SWEET SHOPPE GIRLS!!! Here is another preview for you...........of ......Sweet Cotton Candy Girl!!! Isn't she SUH-WEET??!! Just have to have her, in your collection!! Those DIGI'S are THE BEST!! Instant FUN!!! Seriously!!! How can you go wrong? addition to the NEW release? You KNOW there has to be a party!!! SO???? Wait 'till you see what's up this time!!! Check out the SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS BLOG, for ALL the DEETS!!!! Although I will be on my way home, a 9-10 hour drive, with good traffic?? I will be checking the emails, frequently!!!! Hope you are there and hope I get there at SOME point!! You will NOT want to miss it!!! Prizes and fun will be had by all!!! OK.......I am getting that eye again!!! Off to the outlets, for some rainy day fun!!!! Have an AWESOME day and I will try to be back, as promised, with an ANYA post for you!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

***Don't you just LOVE those leg warmers??